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Sustainable Cities
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Sustainable Cities


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Joana Garoupa (Siemens) apresenta o European Green City Index no Greenfest …

Joana Garoupa (Siemens) apresenta o European Green City Index no Greenfest

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  • Reference database : For all 180 references a reference database is planned – but no final decision how to set it up, when to start, and who will take care of it
  • Transcript

    • 1. Sustainable Cities
    • 2. Megatrends pose urgent challenges to cities
      • Since 2007, 50% of the world’s population lives in cities
      • Cities are responsible for around 75% of the world‘s energy consumtion
      • Cities directly or indirectly account for 60% of world's water use
      Increasing scarcity of natural resources Increasing Mobility
      • An overloaded power grid caused a 3-day electrical blackout in New York City in 2003 which led to economic costs of about 1 bn US dollars.
      Growing pressure on Infrastructures
      • Until 2030, 90% of the world's population growth will occur in cities
      Demographic Change
      • Traffic congestion on city streets in Western Europe doubled between 2006 and 2010
      • Cities account for roughly 80% of worldwide greenhouse gas emissions.
      Climate Change
    • 3. Sustainable City
    • 4. References of Siemens solutions in cities Energy and Environmental Care Metropolitan Security Traffic & Public Transportation Financial Services Ligtning Building technology Public administration Education Water / Wastewater Healthcare Sports Venues, Fairs & Sites Airport / Harbor
    • 5. Siemens is partnering with various city initiatives SlimCity Initiative * * tbc
    • 6. Siemens research series “Sustainable Urban Infrastructure”: A contribution to the debate Megacities London Munich Dublin Vienna Trondheim US Mayors European Green City Index
    • 7. How green are Europe‘s cities? The European Green City Index provides answers.
      • Independent research project conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) in cooperation with Siemens
      • Comparison of 30 major European cities from 30 countries in terms of their environmental performance and policies
      • Allow key stakeholders to compare how their city performs in comparison with their peers
      • The index scores all cities across eight categories and 30 individual indicators
      • 16 quantitative indicators measure how a city is currently performing - e.g. energy consumption, recycling rate,…
      • 14 qualitative indicators assess the cities’ environmental aspirations or ambitions - e.g. commitment to reduce CO2 emissions, to increase share of renewable energy, …
      How this was achieved? Objective
    • 8. What Makes the Index Different?
      • Complete set of indicators for all cities
      • Independently researched
      • Covers all official or business capitals
      • Aggregated scores, not just benchmarks
      • Transparent methodology and scoring
    • 9.
      • Riga, Latvia
      • Rome, Italy
      • Sofia, Bulgaria
      • Stockholm, Sweden
      • Tallinn, Estonia
      • Vienna, Austria
      • Vilnius, Lithuania
      • Warsaw, Poland
      • Zagreb, Croatia
      • Zurich, Switzerland
      The European Green City Index assesses 30 major European cities from 30 European countries
      • Amsterdam, Netherlands
      • Athens, Greece
      • Belgrade, Serbia
      • Berlin, Germany
      • Bratislava, Slovakia
      • Brussels, Belgium
      • Bucharest, Romania
      • Budapest, Hungary
      • Copenhagen, Denmark
      • Dublin, Ireland
      • Helsinki, Finland
      • Istanbul, Turkey
      • Kiev, Ukraine
      • Lisbon, Portugal
      • Ljubljana, Slovenia
      • London, UK
      • Madrid, Spain
      • Oslo, Norway
      • Paris, France
      • Prague, Czech Republic
    • 10. 16 quantitative and 14 qualitative indicators in 8 categories were assessed
    • 11. Overall ranking: Scandinavian countries score best, Copenhagen comes in first overall
    • 12. The Range Within Europe
    • 13. Main Findings: What Else Matters
      • History
      • Size
      • Popular Engagement/Civil Society
      • Natural Resources
    • 14. Lisbon in Perspective
    • 15. Siemens Solutions for the categories Green City categories Soluções Siemens City Cockpit Requalificação do Parque Escolar Eficiência energética em edifícios / Contrato de performance Tratamento de água (filtração) SipLink para navios carga Environ-mental Govt. Air quality Waste and land use Water Transport Buildings Energy CO 2 SipLink para navios de cruzeiro E-vehicles Autocarros Híbridos Cidade – zona acesso controlado Int. de sistemas; parques, transp. públicos, controlo dinâmico de vel. Sistemas supervisão de tráfego
    • 16. The European Green City Index report and website
    • 17. Three further green indices will follow in 2010 – Latin America, Asia and Africa Latin America Green City Index African Green City Index Asian Green City Index