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Better support for external libraries.

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  • Much of the code we are maintaining in Drupal today isn’t actually Drupal specific.
  • All these are functions or libraries that are either external libraries or that could very easily be part of an external library. None of them is Drupal-specific.
  • Recently we found a series of problems with Drupal’s OpenID implementation. We should share our implementation with other projects to minimize these sorts of glitches.
  • It would be not just beneficial to use more of other project’s code but to also make Drupal’s code available to other projects where it makes sense. Consider this example. I have written a PubsubHubbub subscriber and hub in a non-Drupal specific manner. In a nascent technology like PubsubHubbub it is crucial to share on the lowest common denominator: in this case, PHP. It was actually easy to write the library Drupal independent, but it was also a pain not to be able to rely on Drupal’s convenient library: drupal_http_request(), valid_url(), check_plain().
  • I couldn’t use any of the useful Drupal helper functions like check_plain() although they’re is no reason why they would be Drupal specific.
  • The application layer on the web is getting shaped by more and more standards and common best practices. We can’t afford to have a Drupal-only implementation for all of them. We need to get better in integrating with non-Drupal specific code. Let’s open the doors.
  • Write Less Drupal Code

    1. 1. Let’s write less Drupal code. Alex Barth (alex_b)
    2. 2. Much of the code we are maintaining isn’t actually Drupal-specific.
    3. 3. jquery.js aggregator.parser.inc valid_url() filter_xss() check_plain() drupal_parse_info_format() jquery.once.js drupal_http_request() drupal_depth_first_search() password.inc
    4. 4. Some of these don’t seem to be a big deal: check_plain()
    5. 5. Others do: openid.inc (609 lines)
    6. 6. PubsubHubbub
    7. 7. If I had had check_plain() drupal_http_request() valid_url() my code would be shorter now and I could have written it in less time.
    8. 8. RSS/Atom parser RDF parser OAuth Activity Streams Saman Pub/sub Ever more jQuery for UI Some existing challenges that will benefit form good external library support:
    9. 9. <ul><li>Allow modules to share external libraries by adding them to the search path: sites/all/libraries (Libraries module) </li></ul><ul><li>Move non-Drupal-specific code into a separate include file(s) - make them externally available? </li></ul><ul><li>Use drush_make to package modules with external libraries. </li></ul>(Some) solutions