Module 1 Intro To Blogging And Google

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Module 1 of my online business seminars, covering the basics of blogging, the importance of Google and an introduction to Wordpress.

Module 1 of my online business seminars, covering the basics of blogging, the importance of Google and an introduction to Wordpress.

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  • Go into more detail later on in the course


  • 1. Online Business Seminars
    Module 1
    - Introduction to blogging and Google
  • 2. Who Am I?
    My name is William Lee.
  • 3. Who Am I?
    I grew up in Dubai, in the U.A.E
    Dubai when I used to live there.
  • 4. Who Am I?
    I grew up in Dubai, in the U.A.E
    Dubai today.
  • 5. Who Am I?
    After university, got a job with Philip Morris International
    Creators of the Marlboro Brand
    Brand executive, Marlboro
    But no, I don’t smoke.
  • 6. What Have I Done?
    Creator of!
  • 7. What Have I Done?
    Creator of!
  • 8. What Have I Done?
    Top 10 food blogs in Malaysia
    Google: “Malaysia food blog”
    Google: “Food blog Malaysia”
  • 9. What Have I Done?’s Website Traffic
  • 10. What Have I Done? in the newspapers
  • 11. What Have I Done? on NTV 7
  • 12. What Have I Done?
    Creator of Online Business Malaysia
  • 13. What Have I Done?
    Web Designer
  • 14. What Have I Done?
    SEO results of clients
    Search Engine:
    Search Term: ‘Banana Café’
    Position: 1st
  • 15. How I Make Money Online
    Online Advertising
    Affiliate Products
    Web Design Services
    Personal Coaching/ Seminars
  • 16. What Is A Blog/ Blogger?
  • 17. Who Or What Is A Blogger?
    ““a person who keeps and updates a blog”
    But it’s not that simple.
  • 18. Who Or What Is A Blogger?
    There are 3 types of blogs
    The personal blog
    The business blog
    The professional blog
    Each serve a different purpose and make money online in different ways
  • 19. The Personal Blog
    Based on the life of an individual, celebrity or figure head in society
    Blog content can consist of very personal or casual posts, e.g.
    What that person ate for dinner
    Their stance on a political/ economical matter
    Stories, jokes and events
    Day to day life
  • 20. Personal Blog Examples
  • 21. Personal Blog Examples
  • 22. Personal Blog Examples
    Alec Baldwin
  • 23. Personal Blog Examples
  • 24. The Business Blog
    A blog setup on behalf of a business
    Posts will mostly be official in manner
    Press releases
    New products
    Answer customer complaints/ feedback
  • 25. Business Blog Examples
  • 26. Business Blog Examples
  • 27. Business Blog Examples
  • 28. The Professional Blog
    Blogs for a living
    Makes money off his or her blog
    Blogs on a specific niche subject
    Sells products or services via their blog
    Content is informative in nature
    Tips and tutorials
  • 29. Example Professional Blogs
  • 30. Example Professional Blogs
  • 31. Example Professional Blogs
  • 32. Example Professional Blogs
  • 33. How Do People Blog?
  • 34. The Blogging Platforms
    There are 2 sets of blogging platforms
    Free blogs ( (
    Self hosted
    Wordpress installation
  • 35. Free Blogging Platforms
  • 36. Free Blogging Platforms
    Free to host your own domain name and blog
    Fast and easy to setup and start blogging
    Great for beginners
    Inflexible design and usability
    Can be shut down at any time (you don’t own it)
    Is less professional (domain name, design etc.)
  • 37. Self Hosted Blogs
  • 38. Self Hosted Blogs
    Design can be customized in any way
    Wide selection of functionality
    More professional (design + domain name)
    You own the site
    Need some technical knowledge to install and run
    Not free (hosting and domain must be purchased)
  • 39. An Introduction to Wordpress
  • 40. Self Hosted Wordpress
    Wordpress is the most widely used blogging platform on the Internet
    Some of the world’s most popular blogs/ websites run Wordpress
    Wordpress is open source and free
    Wordpress is well supported
    Forum support
  • 41. Self Hosted Wordpress
    It helps with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    Easy to add galleries and media
    Simple, clean designs
    Can be turned into member sites
    Directories can be added to it
    But most of all…
  • 42. GoogleLoves Wordpress!
  • 43. Wordpress Dashboard
    This is the ‘control center’ of your blog
    Here you add posts, control themes and other functions
    We refer to it as the ‘backend’ of your site
  • 44. Adding Posts
    Adding posts can be done through the dashboard
    Functions similar to a word processor
  • 45. Appearance and Themes
    Changing the look and feel of your site is simple via themes
    There are thousands of free themes online to use
    Adding functionality can be done through ‘widgets’ and ‘plugins’
    There are thousands of plugins to increase functionality of your website
  • 46. Appearance and Themes
  • 47. Appearance and Themes
  • 48. Appearance and Themes
  • 49. The Importance Of Google
  • 50. Google Search Statistics
    A picture paints a thousand words.
  • 51. Google Search Statistics
    Google’s traffic to OBM is almost 90%
    It is the main source of search for most Malaysians
    It is the main source of search for most of the world (excluding China)
  • 52. Google Keyword Tool
    The Google keyword tool displays total monthly searches for keywords
    Shows potential customers for a website/ online businesses
    More than 2 million searches for ‘fishing rods’ are done each month!
  • 53. Google Paid/ Organic Search Results
    Paid Search Results
    Paid Search Results
    Organic Search Results
  • 54. Google Paid/ Organic Search Results
    Google paid search advertising is a multi-billion dollar business
    Most targeted online advertising avenue
    Allows you to capture ‘searchers’ and make them into ‘buyers’
    Users can control their daily budget
    Not widely used in Malaysia
  • 55. End Of Module 1