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Photo gallery of the Ancient Celts
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Photo gallery of the Ancient Celts


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Created by Anna H. to fulfill the requirements of a middle school humanities course.

Created by Anna H. to fulfill the requirements of a middle school humanities course.

Published in: Spiritual, Technology

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  • 1. Photo Gallery of the Ancient Celts By: Anna H.
  • 2. Location• This is the Ancient Celtic Flag. A lot of different flags are in the Celtic flag because the Celtic’s moved from place to place. They were always moving around.
  • 3. Location• In the middle section of this map (the maroon colored section) is where the ancients Celtics lived. The Celts lived in mostly Eastern Europe, Greece, Spain, and Northern Italy. Western Europe would include England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland.
  • 4. Clothing (apparel), Art• This is what the Chief’s of the Celtic people wore almost every day.• The wheel was a very popular thing that the Celts made. The Wheel was used by many races but mostly the Celts.
  • 5. Clothing• This is what the Celtic everyday people wore. They wove their own clothes. Although this is easy technology for use, this was very hard for them. The Celts clothing was always bright colors, they used berries, seaweed, and plants as their dye.
  • 6. Tools• The Celts used a lot of tools, the most common was the sword.•• The Celts used a lot of sharp tools including the sword, ax, knives, etc.•••••
  • 7. Transportation• The Celts moved around all of the time. They were never in one place for a long time. They moved by foot a lot. They rode horses as well.
  • 8. Facts about the Celtics• The Greeks encountered the Celts around the sixth century B.C. and called them Keltoi.• The Celts were called the Hidden people (that’s what Keltoi means)• There were no written texts from the ancient Celts.• The Celts first appeared in 500 B.C.• Celtic Warriors were described as resembling the Roman God Pan for the way they lime their hair and make it stand. It was probably a battle tactic to make them look intimidating.• Sometimes the Celts fought naked.
  • 9. Bibliographies• First picture of Celtic Clothing)• (second picture of Celtic clothing)• (First picture of Celtic Tools)• (second picture of Celtic tools)• ( the celtic map)• (this is the Celtic flag photo)• (Picture of Celtic Art)