Ancient Aztec: Clothing, Art, Architecture
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Ancient Aztec: Clothing, Art, Architecture



A presentation created by Carmen L. in fulfillment of the requirements for a middle school humanities course.

A presentation created by Carmen L. in fulfillment of the requirements for a middle school humanities course.



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    Ancient Aztec: Clothing, Art, Architecture Ancient Aztec: Clothing, Art, Architecture Presentation Transcript

    • Online exhibit BY: Carmen L.
    • Aztec clothingInformation: This is a picture ofsix ladies. This picture isactually to show how theydressed up and how theirclothing looked like. Thewomen were responsible formaking the clothing for men.The way they would makeclothing was that they woulduse cotton ( by twisting it) andfivers (onto a stick) after thatthey would use a clay spindleand whorl to make a thread. Thecotton they used was generallymade for clothing but insteadthey would sometimes use afiber called ayate fiber. Theayate fiber they used was madefrom Maguey Cactus.
    • Aztec sacrificeThe Humans believed that everyyear a thousand people would diebecause they sacrificed themselves.The Aztec sacrificed themselvesbecause they believed they owed ablood debut to the gods. Humanswould also you some sort ofmaterial to cut themselves orsacrifice. Not only did the humanshad to be sacrificed also the animalshad to be sacrificed. Each of the 18months there would be a ritualsacrifice. The victim would bepainted part of the ritual, after thatthey would place the victim on theslab where their heart would beremoved and held up to the sun.After that the body would bethrown down the stairs of thetemple/ pyramid.
    • Aztec Capital cityThis is a picture of Aztec’s capital city.This capital city was part of Aztecempire. This pyramid was the thirdlargest city in the world. It was alsobefore the Spanish conquest. Thereason why the Aztec created thetemples and the pyramids is toworship their gods. This pyramid wasdevoted for this god named Ehecatl.Ehecatl was the wind god and so theAztec people believed that Ehecatlblew the wind in four directions torestore the earth, so they decided tobuild their temples round so it wouldnot prevent the wind flow. This godrepresented one of the forms of thegod Quetzalcoatl. The Aztec peoplebelieved that Ehecatl
    • Aztec ArtThis picture shows you the Aztectotem Statue. The arts that the Aztecmade was not only useful (to theAztecs)it was also for religious craft. Alldifferent sizes of the pottery or designswere meaningful to the Aztec cultureand religion. Some of the designs werecommonly placed on the pottery. Thedesigns meant to depict or to payreverence to specific Aztec gods oralso to represent and Aztec tribe.When Aztec people work with pottersthey would shape the clay with theirhands or carve it. To make colors forart they would use vegetables, insects,shells, and minerals. If the color wastoo dark they would add some type ofoil to make the color brighter.
    • Aztec weaponThis is a picture of one of the ancientweapons. This weapon was the mostpopular infaact the Aztec warriorswould keep on improving the atlatl.This weapon was the most imprortantdevelopment used in Aztec warfare. Itwas also known the “spear thrower”.The way the weapon helped the Aztecwarriors was that they would “gainleverage in order to acheveiie greatervelocity when throwing spears”. Theweapon was capable of going morethan 100 meters. The weaponsbecame more and more powerful theSpanish conquistadors feared theweapon more than any other weapon.
    • Aztec CalanderThis is a picture of a calendar stone.People say that this is just not onecalendar; they said that it was twomore calendars. One of the calendarsis called the xiuhpohualli, this calendarhas 365 days. The calendar “describesthe days and rituals related to theseasons”. Another calendar is calledtonalpohualli or the day count. Thiscalendar has 260 days and they saythat it is the sacred calendar. Thereason why they called thetonapohualli a sacred calendar isbecause it was a divinatory tool. Thiscalendar divides the days and ritualsbetween the gods.
    • This is a picture of the Maya writingsystem. The reason why Maya systemhas to do with Aztec is that peoplebelieve that the Aztec people learnedhow to write from the Maya becausetheir writing system looked like it wasfrom the Maya System. The paper theywrote on was made out of agraveplant fiber. The Aztec literature waswritten down in books, which lookedlike a folded fan, and those thingswere called codices.
    • Aztec farmingThis is a picture of a men working. TheAztec daily life was very simple. Themen did farming, building, homes,weapons, craft work and war. What Isee in this picture is that he isharvesting the wheat. I’m guessing heis harvesting it before the goes bad.One of the famous types of farmingwas called Chinampas. There were alot of different types of farmer incentral Mexico. You could call them aslabourers or specialists. Laborers werebasically works as farms with hands oreven slaves and the others who wereresponsible for the community.Specialists would know what seedswere the best and how it should workand on what land and fertilization
    • Aztec totem poleThis is a picture of a totem pole. WhatI see in this picture is big sliver –grayish statue and that it has symbolson it faces. What I also see is big hatson them. Actually one specific totempole represented one god. The totempoles were made from the Aztecs andit was not only made for one specificgod it was also for offerings the godthat presinted rain.
    • Aztec WarriorsThis is a picture of four warriors. WhatI see in this picture is each four ofthose people has a shield and eachone of the shields has a differentdesign or pattern. I also see somethingin the back of their necks that therethis long tall pole thing in the back. Ialso see that they have the sameweapons.
    • Aztec Eagle WarriorThis is a picture of an eagle warrior.When becoming an Aztec Warrior theyall have to be at the age of 17 or older.The Aztec warriors were expected tobe brave and noble. The Aztec warriorswho showed that they were the mostbravery and fought well became ajaguar warrior or an eagle warrior. TheAztec eagle warrior and Jaguar warriorhad to wear helemets and uniforms.The jaguars skins would be the colorthe whole entire body would be andthe eagle would have to wear feathershelmets and an open beak.