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Alanis S. is the creator of this presentation to fulfill the requirements of a middle school humanities course on ancient civilizations.

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  1. 1. Mayans By: Alanis
  2. 2. Mayan Building structures
  3. 3. Mayan Temple This is a Mayan temple in Yucatan Mexico. Mayan Temples usually have Steep Bases with stairs on each side and sky roofs. These temples were usually built for religious purposes. Some temples have also been built for astrology.From Manuel Pacheco as found at
  4. 4. Palace of the Masks The Palace of masks is located in Kabah, Yucatan, Mexico. This Palace is completely covered in masks that represent the rain god, Chac. This Palace also is know as Codz Poop, which means Rolled Matting.Image courtesy of Crafty Lady 37 as found at
  5. 5. Mayan Pyramid This Picture was taken in Guatemala. Pyramids were built for two purposes; sacrifices and Sacred Ceremonies. Mayan Pyramids are decorated with beautiful murals. One of the most famous pyramids is the pyramid of the sun. The pyramid of the sun is 210 feet tall.Image courtesy of Tomas Abreu as found at contest/entries/49424/view/
  6. 6. Tikal Tikal was once the largest city in the Mayan classical period and might be the oldest Mayan city. Tikal has nine groups of courts and plazas. In the main religious area temples and palaces covers about 500 acres. The tallest building is a temple that stands at 229 feet tall.Image courtesy of Canadian Museum of Civilization Coporation as found at
  7. 7. Mayan Ball Court This picture was taken in Riviera Maya. Mayans played the Mesoamerican ballgame for over 3000 years. This game was played by using a rubber ball (sometimes a skull was used) and trying to get it into the hoop. You could you any part of your body except for your hands These ball courts were not only used for the ballgame, they were also used for musical performances and festivals. A motified game is still played in some populationsImage courtesy of Jill K. Robinson as found at court-full.jpg
  8. 8. Mayan Culture
  9. 9. Mayan Diets This picture was taken in Guatemala. In ancient Mayan times most of the Mayans ate corn as the main part of the meal. Corn was also a very important part of their meal. Mayans bent corn ears over when they were ripe so thatImage courtesy of William Bossen as found at they can dry and be persevered until the next harvest season.
  10. 10. Ancient Mayan Warrior This picture was taken in Riviera Maya, Mexico. The Mayans did not use horses or chariots as their weapons instead they used armor that could be used from a distance. Those tools included; bow and arrow, blowgun, spears, axes, knives and atatls (spear throwers). They did not wear helmets but they did have animal skin shields. The chiefs were know for being dressed in animal print ropes and head dresses. They were also known for body painting of religious insignia.Image courtesy of Jesus Oranday as found at
  11. 11. Mayan Calendar The Mayan calendar uses three types of dating systems,: the long count, the divine calendar and the civil calendar. Out of all three only the civil calendar has a direct relationship to the length of 365 days in a year. The civil calendar had 18 months which had 20 days in them and five extra days.Image courtesy of Melting Plots as found at
  12. 12. Mayan Doctors Mayan doctors us a blend of mind, body, science, religion, and ritual on their patients. These doctors were called shamans. Shamans practice sorcery and had to have a vast knowledge and skill about things medical related.Image courtesy of Jamie Frater as found at
  13. 13. Human Sacrifices Mayans worshiped many gods. Some of the many gods they worshiped are the sun god, the rain god, and the corn god. They offered human sacrifices to the gods on pyramids. Even now they still practice human sacrifices inI some parts of the world.mage Courtesy of Caitie Mathis as found at
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