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paradigm shift of donor communications

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  • Rouseau: A purely voluntary deed is certainly something I like doing. But when the recipient uses it as a claim on further favor and rewards me with hate if I refuse, when he insists on my being his perpetual benefactor just because I initially took pleasure in helping him, then charity becomes burdensome and pleasure vanishes. There is a kind of contract, indeed the most sacred of contracts, between the benefactor and the recipient. These are not explicit conditions but they are the natural consequence of the relationship.
  • A drunken stranger who comes up to you in the street and rambles on at you, you just want him to get out of the way as soon as possible.


  • 1. A Paradigm Shift: Next Practices Lynne M. Wester @donorguru CASE III Inspire
  • 2. Involvement vs. Commitment
  • 3. We innovate not for the sake of being different but because it challenges us to move forward and shed the old guards of the past while challenging conventional wisdom.
  • 4. Too Much Looks Like Everything Else
  • 5. Creativity + Implementation = Innovation “The Bad Clip Art Slide”
  • 6. Why Not?
  • 7. TAKE A RISK
  • 8. FAILURE • For every failure we had we had spreadsheets that looked awesome. • “ If anything goes bad then I did it. If anything goes semi-good then we did it. If anything goes real good then you did it.” – Bear Bryant
  • 9. Who Are You?
  • 10. Decision Time
  • 11. WE NEED: • More imaginative and courageous communications • All we need to do is to write brilliantly, package it superbly, and to present it in a way that will captivate, thrill and inspire
  • 12. WE MUST NOT:
  • 13. INSTEAD:
  • 14. Changing the Face of Communication
  • 15. • Powerful • Emotional • Phenomenal
  • 16. THANK YOU! • Lynne M. Wester • @donorguru • Friend Me! • Connect with me! • www.donorrelationsguru.com • wester@yu.edu