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2012 socialmediawebinar

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  • This video contains content from NBC Universal, who has blocked it on copyright grounds.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NO0R2Z23gUs


  • 1. Integrating Social Media into a Comprehensive Stewardship Effort Lynne M. Wester Director of Stewardship and Donor Recognition Yeshiva University @donorguru
  • 2. ROAD MAP • Introduction to Social Media • Steps to create your Social Media plan • Social Media tools • Bringing it all together
  • 3. WHAT IS SOCIAL MEDIA? “Social media is the ongoing conversation of the planet. It is the source of news. It is the connector to the giant multi-celled organism called planet Earth. As time goes on, social media is my home on the internet. It is my home page, the place where I spend the most time. It is where I do business. It is where I hang out with friends. It’s where I find out about new movies, television and other products. It is my diary. Looking back on my wall, I have a history that is far richer than any diary or journal.” Kurt Sonderegger, VP Marketing, Ploom, http://www.ploom.com
  • 4. “Social Media is Like a Cocktail Party: Listen Then Respond” Photo Credit: The Dana Files
  • 5. Define your strategy: 1. Who is your intended audience? 2. Where is your audience? 3. Engage your audience in 3-4 platforms and cross- promote. 4. Continue to build relationships and engage in conversation.
  • 6. Internal Stumbling Blocks
  • 7. Managing Identities
  • 8. FACEBOOK Incorporating Twitter Showing and Sharing Video Starting a conversation Promoting Alumni
  • 9. Donor Badges
  • 10. • Great for event promotion and creating “buzz” • Can create a twitter name and/or hashtag for your event. • Hashtag is a favorite tool of conferences and event organizers and a great way for twitter users to organize themselves. • Hashtag usage can be tracked in real time by using services like Twitterfall.com, Hashtags.org or Twilert.com. • Retweet function allows “followers” to easily spread the message about your event in real time.  Hootsuite  Twtvite  TwitterCamp  TwitterPoll  CalTweet  TwitPics Twitter
  • 11. TITLE
  • 12. • Great place for video marketing • Pre-interview keynote speakers for a conference • Viral invitation from alumni, dean or university president or official for reunion or homecoming celebration.
  • 13. • Overlay ads redirect users to your site where they can buy tickets to your event. • YouTube’s Promoted Videos feature attract viewers and subscribers to your channel, by displaying your video ad in search results and in related video content. • Shared videos on other social media channels.
  • 14. FOURSQUARE • Point out traditions • Tell a donor story e.g., the XYZ science building • Share little known facts • Share information about landmarks, buildings, and addresses • Address questions • Offer rewards and badges to encourage exploration of the campus • Share traditions of the school • Receive advice from alumni
  • 15. Calendaring
  • 16. Sharing is Caring
  • 17. Sharing is Caring
  • 18. Staffing Models Full time social media professional Team/Staff Sharing Part time position within already developed department Outsourcing
  • 19. Questions? Comments? Lynne Wester wester@yu.edu www.donorrelationsguru.com Friend me on Facebook Follow me on Twitter @donorguru