TYPS Conference Workshop- Youth Centres as Social Enterprise


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  • But how will you pay for this business? Imagine if you had an idea that did not generate any money? How would you pay for that idea? That is a non profit….
  • Youth Friendly environmentYouth directed and involved To improve the economic, social and personal prospects of youthTo develop and provide a cutting edge Technology Centre To provide a recreational facility and high quality programs and drop in activities that will meet needs of all youthTo provide accessible, Youth community-based, culturally relevant and supportive projects, programs, access to leased space at Fusion- for other community service providers, services and professional and peer counseling, to address a wide range of youth issues and needs To support cooperative and collaborative
  • Food ServicesYouth are certificated in safe food handling, knife skills and meal preparationMultimedia ProductionAllows us to really engage youth in our state-of-the-art facilities, primarily the Mac LabDigital Recording and AudioYouth are taught the basics of music production from an industry expert, and record each others workComputer ProductionParticipants learn the components of a computer, and are taught how to fix computer problemsYouth can take home computers that they make
  • Youth rebuild donated computers into working systemsHands on experience in hardware and software repairHealth and Safety trainingApproved Ontario Electronic Stewardship collection site of E-waste for Oxford County
  • A professional sound engineer is available, upon request, for a feeYouth also provide sound and equipment support to community events such as Harvest Fest, Canterbury Festival and Battle of the Bands
  • Sense of responsibility for actionsEmployment Aptitude since they gain certification and exposure to the principles of business and workIntegrated within the Community and sense of belonging More likely to get help for addictions or mental problems since the programs run from the buildingSense of social responsibility Higher-risk youth that come to the centre don’t get exposed to drugs… more likely to overcome their issuesLearn to respect and socialize with a broad social base as these kids are all very different from one another… they don’t get that at school
  • TYPS Conference Workshop- Youth Centres as Social Enterprise

    1. 1. Youth Centre as a Social Enterprise
    2. 2. WELCOME!
    3. 3. Fusion Youth CentreOur Vision is To be the leading youth service facility where youth want to beOur Mission is that Youth directed initiatives will guide our Team to provide a fun, safe and inclusive environment where youth know they belong and are empowered to make positive changes in their livesThe Mantra –Where Fusion YOUTH are Priority ONE
    4. 4. How did Fusion begin?• Town of Ingersoll asked its youth what they needed in the community• To give youth a voice, they created the Youth Action Committee What does your town or youth centre do to give youth a voice in your community?
    5. 5. Youth Action Committee  Formed September 2005 from a Youth Forum  Youth organization designates & Community members  2 youth liaisons from the Youth Advisory Council  Deputy Mayor sits on committee  Takes action with the youthMission Statement “The Town of Ingersoll Youth Action Committee will collaborate with theYouth Advisory Council to plan and implement civic strategies that respond to theflexible needs of youth. We will work cooperatively to improve the well-being ofchildren and youth in the Town of Ingersoll and surrounding area.”
    6. 6. Time to think business… In your groups, come with a business idea and be prepared to answer the following questions:1. What is your business idea?2. Who would be buying your product or service?3. What makes someone want to choose your business over another one that is similar?
    7. 7. Where does Fusion get its money from anyways?Town of Ingersoll• Owns, operates and funds 60% of Fusion’s $850,000 operating budgetGrants & Donations• 15% comes from grants, community groupsFacility Leases and Rentals• 25% comes from Facility leases and rentalsSocial Enterprise• generate 10% of annual operating budget
    8. 8. What is a social enterprise? •Operates like a business •Instead of profits going back to owners revenue is directed towards social or environmental goals •Example of goals could be: -helping the homeless or hungry -using less pesticides -providing employment experience •Some social enterprises can have more than one goal
    9. 9. Types of social enterpriseYouth Centre Youth Centre A catering A clothing A business A businessoffers rents out its business only company only donates money makesprograms space for hires uses fabrics back into the moneyfree of meetings employees made by community bycharge with impoverished donating $1 for intellectual African women every cookie disabilities they sell-youth get -programs can -people with a -African women -some of the -the ownersprograms, run longer disability get can send their money a of thebut are because some job experience children to business businessworried they of the costs are they couldn’t school because makes is keep theprograms covered by get before and of the money donated to a profit for they are making themselveswill stop renting their can now work non profit in selling their and otherwhen a grant space to other part-time their community fabrics shareholdersends people (other owners)
    10. 10. Examples of Social Enterprise ReStores are building supply stores run by Habitat for Humanity affiliates that accept and resell quality new and used building materials. Shopping at a ReStore is a socially conscious decision, as funds generated are used toPatagonia makes equipment for “silent sports” fund Habitat homebuilding(ones that do not require gas such as hiking, projects.skiing, biking) and much of the profit is used toeducate people about and to addressenvironmental problems.
    11. 11. Social Enterprises at Fusion• Multimedia Production – Engage in our state-of-the-art facilities, primarily the iMac Lab• Digital Recording and Audio – Learn the basics of music production and recording• Computer Skills – Learn the components of a computer and how to fix computers – Provide computers and repairs to people in our community – Collect E-waste for recycling
    12. 12. Rebuild IT• Youth rebuild donated computers• Hands on experience• Hardware and software repair• Health and Safety training• E-waste collection
    13. 13. iMAC LabGraphic Design & Video Editing• Learn how to use IMAC computers• Learn graphic design programs• Create videos, art, and music using programs such as Final Cut, Adobe Creative Suite and Garage Band
    14. 14. The Recording Studio• A state of the art recording studio that is available to youth and the community for: – recording opportunities – individual youth and band practice – Music lessons• Youth are trained in the use of recording console and software• Youth also provide sound reinforcement for community events
    15. 15. Youth Café• Nutrition Program• nutritious meals are offered daily to youth for $3.00• staff and youth work together to create creative snacks during the Snack Shack hour• Menu planning, grocery lists, and cost breakdown are some of the daily life skills youth learn in the cafe
    16. 16. Benefits for YOUth• Access to training and experience to help get a job• Ability to try a variety of things without worrying if you don’t like it or if you aren’t good at it• Meet new people• Earn some money• Money for programs
    17. 17. Success! One youth has already started their own business at Fusion Received funding from Summer Company Started Business summer of 2010
    18. 18. Back to business In your groups, think again about the business idea. You now have to turn your idea into a social enterprise! Remember the social enterprise chart and try not to settle to be a socially responsible business. Be prepared to answer these questions:1. Explain your business and how you will make money.2. What is the social or environmental purpose of your business?3. Who will benefit from the social or environmental purpose of your business?
    19. 19. What is so exciting about social enterprise?• It means that you can solve even the toughest problems in your community- or the world!• It means that business is not just about making money- business can do good too.• It means that youth centres do not need to chase money (grants, fundraising, donations) because you can generate your own funding!
    20. 20. For more information! OnlineVirtual Tourwww.FusionYouthCentre.ca