Jurijs Velikanovs - RAC Attack 101 - How to install 12c RAC on your laptop


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Jurijs Velikanovs - RAC Attack 101 - How to install 12c RAC on your laptop

  1. 1. RAC Attack introduction
  2. 2. How do you learn new features? o Learn theory o o Courses o o Books/Blogs/References Conferences Learn on a project o Hands on o Limited time o May not be the best solution at all o May not be the best way to learn (but very efficient)
  3. 3. Reasonably good way to learn o Learn theory o Check the theory o Implement on a sandbox o Play with features o Check edge cases o Use for a project o Get back to a sandbox to repeat, troubleshoot, solve ongoing issues
  4. 4. What is RAC Attack? o A set of step by step instructions on how to get Real Application Cluster installed on your laptop using Oracle stack of software o Oracle Virtual Box 4.x o Oracle Linux 6.x o Oracle Database 12c o VNC Viewer o Putty (or other SSH client)
  5. 5. What is RAC Attack? o A Project of the Oracle Professional Community o Anyone can contribute to it o Main instructions hosted under wikibooks.org racattack 12c o Main forum/coordination under freelists.org racattack o RAC Attack is going to be present on most major Oracle Conferences in 2014 o Many local Oracle User Group running events o Excellent networking opportunity
  6. 6. RAC Attack isn’t just about RAC o Most importantly it instructs you how to o o On your laptop (there is no better sandbox) o o Create the most complex infrastructure In minimal possible time After you build the RAC Attack you can create infrastructure to install a sandbox for virtual any product
  7. 7. RAC Attack teach you to: o Create VMs o Create multiple virtual networks o o o Local to your laptop (available Internet connection (can Local to VM o Shared to all VMs Setup DNS/DHCP services (advance) o o be switched on/off) Create different storage types o o offline) BIND/ALL VMs/SCAN Clone VMs
  8. 8. Most importantly you can customize your RAC Attack implementation the way you want 
  9. 9. Few important points/advice o Hardware Any platform that could run Virtual Box Windows (recommended 64bit), Mac, Linux …. o o RAM: 2 nodes RAC => 8GB There are rumors that it is possible to install on 3GB (10g) o o Implementation time o o ~45 GB of HDD space 2-4 hours, depending IO speed and issues First time follow the instructions exactly
  10. 10. RAC Attack future o Recently implemented 12c on Virtual Box o There are plans to implement advanced workshops (great learning opportunities) o Recent/future events o German Oracle User Group 2013 o Oracle OpenWorld 2013 o UKOUG Tech 2013 o RMOUG (coming) o Collaborate 2014 (coming) Yury coordinate it o …..
  11. 11. RAC Attack summary: o Excellent sandbox platform o Excellent networking opportunity o Conferences o Facebook o Twitter