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An overview of the software maintenance support applications from SolidSource

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SolidSource Portfolio

  1. 1. Software maintenance tools and services<br />Application Portfolio<br />
  2. 2. Application Portfolio Overview (1/2)<br />SolidFX: Solid Fact Extractor<br />Static analysis of large C/C++ programs (&gt; 10 MLOC) (C/C++)<br />SolidSX: Solid Software Explorer<br />Visual analysis of metrics and dependencies in software stacks (C/C++, Java, C#)<br />SolidCD: Solid Code Clone Detector<br />Detection and management of code duplication (C, C++, C#, Java)<br />SolidTA: Solid Trend Analyzer<br />Analysis of development trends based on the change history stored in versioning systems and on software metrics computed on specified snapshots (CVS, Subversion – off the shelf; GIT, PVCS, CM Synergy, ClearCase– with customization).<br />
  3. 3. Application Portfolio Overview (2/2)<br />Maintenance(ISO 9126)<br />Understand<br />Modify<br />Verify<br />SolidCD<br />SolidTA<br />SolidFX<br />SolidFX<br />Assess and monitor<br />Improve<br />SolidFX<br />SolidCD<br />Enforce (rules)<br />SolidCD<br />SolidFX<br />SolidSX<br />Support<br />
  4. 4. SolidFX – Solid Fact Extractor for C/C++<br />The Solid Fact eXtractor (SolidFX)is a standalone, non-intrusive solution for analyzing industry-size projects written in the C and C++ programming languages. SolidFX uses proprietary technology to analyze even the most complex C/C++ code bases efficiently and robustly.<br />SolidFX offers detailed design extraction, as well as predefined analysis scenarios and metrics to measure C and C++ code quality, maintainability, modularity, and defect potential -- all at your fingertips to allow you to code faster, cleaner, safer.<br />The SolidFX framework provides several tools that can be used together or separately:<br /><ul><li>a fact extractor that can parse, type check, and analyze the full C and C++ languages;
  5. 5. easy configuration tools for several compilers (gcc, Visual C++, Kyle C), and platforms (Linux, Windows, Solaris, Mac OS);
  6. 6. a fact database that manages a wide range of static information: syntax, semantics (types), preprocessor, metrics, patterns, and dependency graphs;
  7. 7. several easy-to-use tools for quick, automated analyses: structural metrics, dependencies, call graphs, class information;
  8. 8. several visualization tools for source code, call and dependency graphs, class diagrams, software metrics;
  9. 9. an Integrated Reverse-Engineering Environment that combines all the above .</li></li></ul><li>SolidSX – Solid Software Xplorer<br /> The Solid Software Xplorer (SolidSX)is a standalone Windows application that gives insight into the structure of large software systems. SolidSX creates high-quality visualizations that simultaneously show the structure, dependencies, and metrics on all types of source code elements (files, classes, methods, fields, etc.). By using hardware-accelerated graphics, SolidSX is able to display large amounts of information in a clear and concise manner and provides fast and easy exploration through large source code bases.<br />SolidSX can extract and visualize call graphs, class inheritance, type usage, field accesses and various code metrics, such as method complexity and number of casts. Explore large databases of tens of thousands of elements in real time, from packages to individual variables, using hardware-accelerated graphics for high quality presentation and smooth navigation.<br />SolidSX works as a standalone Windows application, but also comes with a plug-in to seamlessly integrate into Microsoft Visual Studio. By integrating into Visual Studio, you can navigate between source code and visualization with the click of a button. (NOTE: Requires Visual Studio 2008 Standard edition or higher.)<br />SolidSX is extremely easy to use. Just point and click in a simple, intuitive interface. Ready to use in less than 5 minutes (including installation).<br />Instead of displaying the code textually, SolidSX represents the software system graphically. The human visual system is known to have a high data bandwidth and throughput, and SolidSX uses this property to convey large amounts of information to the user by creating novel, high quality visualizations of the software. In that sense, SolidSX is better suited to gain code insight than classical text-based approaches.<br />
  10. 10. SolidCD – Solid Clone Detector<br />The Solid Clone Detector (SolidCD) is a standalone application for detecting and managing source code duplication in software. It can be used to analyze large projects and detect code that has been cloned (e.g., via cut-n-paste operations) during development. Identifying such code fragments is of great importance for:<br /><ul><li>Facilitating development and maintenance;
  11. 11. Reducing the application memory footprint.</li></ul>Fast and scalable<br />SolidCD can analyze thousands of files in a matter of minutes*. It uses caches for preprocessed information, so the second time it runs even faster. In many scenarios it can be executed on the fly, enabling quick and timely assessment of code duplication (e.g., before committing code to a versioning repository). <br />*) The recorded end-to-end analysis time of the Azureus code stack (Java application with 3240 files 28MB) on a Intel® Core™2 Duo CPU @2.2 GHz with 4GB RAM was 75 seconds.<br />Tolerant to variations<br />SolidCD does not look only for exactly duplicated code fragments. Most of the times when code is duplicated, developers perform some modifications such as renaming variables or inserting/deleting some code. SolidCD is able to cope with such modifications, while still recognizing the modified piece of code as a duplicate. Additionally, SolidCD pinpoints the actual differences in the code, so developers can easily assess the required refactoring effort.<br />Informative<br />SolidCD can be used both by developers, architects and project managers. The detailed code views enable developers to precisely locate the duplicated code fragments; the visual overview enable architects to assess the architectural implications of duplications in order to initiate and prioritize refactoring; the aggregated duplication metrics enable managers to take informed decisions regarding maintenance and to trigger timely actions.<br />Configurable<br />The clone detection engine of SolidCD can be configured for various detection strategies and accuracy levels, to suit specific analysis contexts and needs.<br />Easy to integrate<br />SolidCD can be integrated in the build environment via a command line interface. In this way the clone detection operation can be executed in batch mode, for example together with the nightly builds.<br />
  12. 12. SolidTA – Solid Trend Analyzer<br />The Solid Trend Analyzer (SolidTA)is a stand-alone, non-intrusive solution for monitoring and investigating software trends. SolidTA is able to extract and present a number of standard and proprietary metrics, allowing the user to assess the evolution of various software quality indicators for industry-sized software repositories.<br />SolidTA presents the analysis results in an intuitive, visually appealing way to enable users to discover trend correlations and make decisions based on factual data.<br />SolidTA supports a wide range of data sources and analyses. SolidTA offers novel software trend analyses based on well-known software metrics (LOC, cyclomatic complexity, object-oriented metrics), as well as an innovative family of evolutionary coupling metrics. <br />SolidTA is flexible. It supports CVS and Subversion repositories containing software projects written in any programming language, and is extensible with software analysis and visualization plug-ins for languages-specific code analysis and metrics for C/C++/Java/C#, such as those provided by the SolidFX C/C++ analyzer. SolidTA can integrate other sources of information, such as Bugzilla databases and other defect tracking and test reporting systems. Support for GIT, PVCS, CM Synergy, and ClearCase repositories can be provided on demand.<br />SolidTA is highly scalable. It can be used to track the evolution of projects with tens of thousands of files, containing code contributed by hundreds of developers, covering a span of up to 20 development years.<br />
  13. 13. Contact<br />SolidSource B.V.Luchthavenweg 81.144A5657 EA EindhovenThe Netherlands<br /><br />Tel : (+31) 040.203.4290 <br />Fax : (+31) 040.203.4295<br />Mobile : (+31)<br />For detailed information on our solutions, products and services you can also contact us  <br />