Transition from School to Work

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This is an example of a presentation I created for my boss at my internship. I didn't do any speaking but I helped put together this entire presentation with my boss. This shows that I understand how …

This is an example of a presentation I created for my boss at my internship. I didn't do any speaking but I helped put together this entire presentation with my boss. This shows that I understand how to use Microsoft PowerPoint. I also understand how to set up and clearly organize a PowerPoint for a speaking engagement. I'm also knowledgable in recruiting and searching and therefore I can help assist people in making the transition from college to career.

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  • 1. Transitioning from School to Work:
    What They Never Told You About Getting A Job
    Lynn Hazan
    President, Lynn Hazan & Associates, Inc.
    Executive Search Firm for Recruitment in Marketing and Communications
  • 2. From Student …
  • 4. Return on Relationship Investment
    Career long relationships starting now
    Trend will continue
    Shelby Story
  • 5. What do you want to do?Do you want to work in…
    Public Relations
  • 6. Reality Check-Candidates
    More candidates apply for all jobs
    Overqualified candidates seek lower level positions
    Stiff competition
  • 7. 21st Century Skills
    • Creativity & Innovation
    • 8. Critical Thinking & Problem Solving
    • 9. Communication & Collaboration
    • 10. Productivity & Accountability
    • 11. Leadership & Responsibility
    • 12. Technology Literacy
    • 13. Flexibility & Adaptability
    • 14. Initiative & Self Direction
    • 15. Social & Cross Cultural Skills
    • 16. Information Literacy
    • 17. Social Media Literacy
  • Who are YOU???
    Write your story in six words –
    The Hemmingway Challenge
    © 2011. Lynn Hazan & Associates.
  • 18. © 2011. Lynn Hazan & Associates.
    Anyone Can Tell a Story
    For Sale. Baby shoes. Never worn.
    Write down your story in SIX words
    Who are you TODAY?
  • 19. What makes you Special?
    What Makes you Unique?
    Why should I hire you?
    © 2011. Lynn Hazan & Associates.
  • 20. What is your UPS?
    *Use this to prepare your resume’s summary statement
    © 2011. Lynn Hazan & Associates.
  • 21. A Timeline in Chocolate
    The job description is about the present
    The interview is about the future
    The resume is about the past
  • 22. In hiring, past performance is a good indicator of future performance.
  • 23. Resumes
    Highlight Accomplishments
    Quantify and Qualify as much as possible
    Case Studies/Stories
    Tell your story
    © 2011. Lynn Hazan & Associates.
  • 24. 10 Boilerplate Phrases That Kill ResumesAccording to career expert Liz Ryan
    Results-oriented professional
    Cross-functional teams
    Superior (or excellent) communication skills
    Strong work ethic
  • 25. 10 Boilerplate Phrases That Kill Resumes
    Met or exceeded expectations
    Proven track record of success
    Works well with all levels of staff
    Team player
    Bottom-line orientation
  • 26. Objective Statements:Why we don’t like them
    • Recent MBA/MSIMC graduate seeking position in social marketing that enables me to make a positive contribution to an organization.
    • Looking for a position where I can build bridges from companies and their products to new and prospective customers
  • Summary Statements:
    The hook
    Make the reader want to learn more
  • 27. What is the purpose of an interview?
    Let’s brainstorm…
  • 28. ● Determine candidate’s fit for job
    ● Determine job’s fit for candidate
    ● 3 R’s: Resume, Rapport and Relationship
    ● Connect with corporate culture
    ● Progress to next steps to get hired
  • 29. Before the interview
    With company:
    1. Research: Website, LinkedIn, Facebook, Alumni
    2. Check out competition
    3. What is company known for?
    4. How do you fit?
  • 30. True Life Stories You Won’t Believe! Candidate…
    ●Asked for food
    ● Took off shoes
    ● Was sloppily dressed
    ● Swore 3 times
    ● Wore strong perfume- I almost passed out
    ● Knew nothing about our company
  • 31. Interview Protocol
    ●Know title and name
    ●Correct directions
    ●Mirror client
    ●Professional Dress
    ●Thank you letter within 24 hours
  • 32. Do’s & Don’ts of Interviewing:
    ●Arrive on time
    ● Establish rapport
    ● Demonstrate by work and deed your fit
    ● Bring extra resumes & samples
    ● Show enthusiasm
  • 33. Don’t:
    ● Oversell yourself or be desperate
    ● Undersell yourself/sabotage yourself
    ● Go to an interview hungry
    ● Be haughty or arrogant/over confident
    ● Be too casual
    ● Turn statements into questions
    ● Lie!
  • 34. Tough Questions?-Not really
    Real interview questions--practice your answers!
    ●How do you resolve conflict?
    ●Describe a time when you had to work as part of a team. What was your role and what was the outcome?
    ●Describe your work ethic.
    ●Do you have any questions for me?
  • 35. Conversation and Dialogue
    • Be actively engaged
    • 36. Ask probing questions
    • 37. Yes/No answers = Conversation Killers
  • Frame the Process: Storytelling at its Best
    Problem or need
    Opportunity or challenge
    Strategies and tactics
    What you did with results
  • 38. Paired Share:
    Why you should hire me!
    Make it interesting.
    Time: 1 minute each
  • 39. Portfolio
    • Chronological order, most recent first
    • 40. Consider electronic portfolio –
    • 41. Writing samples: press releases, pitch letters, communication plans, newsletters, fact sheets, backgrounders
    • 42. Creative Samples: copywriting, art, design
    • 43. Spec Work
    • 44. Projects
    • 45. Add online
    © 2011. Lynn Hazan & Associates.
  • 46. Resume, meet Technology
    Keep resume on mobile device
    Add resume to LinkedIn as SlideShare presentation
    Create free Visual CV on or
    Online Portfolio
  • 47. Key to Networking
    • Build lifelong relationships
    • 48. Build within/outside companies
    • 49. Join professional associations, online social networks
    • 50. Build horizontally & vertically
  • Social Networking Options
  • 51. The C’s of Social Media
    - Community
    - Connections
    - Conversation
    - Constantly changing
  • 52. Make Sure You Are Discoverable
    - Easy to contact from your LinkedIn page:
    Via email address
    Link to blog
    Phone number
    - So that hiring managers AND recruiters can find YOU
  • 53. Refresh your content
  • 54. Invitation to join LinkedIn
    Dear Lynn,
    I look forward to meeting you and learning from your presentation tonight at the AMA meet up. I'd like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.
    Thanks, Patricia Sorenson
  • 55. Recommendations
  • 56. Create your own group
    Professional associations
    Alumni groups
  • 57. Professional Associations
    Charities and Causes:
    • Volunteer and get involved
    • 61. Networking
    © 2010. Lynn Hazan & Associates.
  • 62. Create Content on SlideShare
  • 63. Join the AMA LinkedIn Group
  • 64. Twitter
    Search for potential employers’ pages
    Follow them and participate in their conversations
    Post articles relevant to your career path
    Keep tweets appropriate and timely
    Build your personal “brand”
  • 65.
  • 66. Facebook
    Add a professional profile picture
    Delete inappropriate and/or unprofessional content from high school and college
    Fan employers pages
    Follow them regularly
    Keep in touch with former classmates- easy way to network
  • 67. Present Your Best Self
    Add content you feel comfortable showing your boss
    Block or delete inappropriate content
    Update regularly
    How visible do you want to be? [Privacy Settings]
  • 68. Tip:
    Update your LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook status with one click
  • 69. Online Job Boards
    Mass- decreasing effectiveness
    Niche- targeted- higher usage
    De facto
    Aggregators- capture jobs-increased use
  • 70. © 2011. Lynn Hazan & Associates.
    Strategy for Job Search
    Set a goal-what kind of job
    Plan A, B, C
    Corp, Agency, Not for profit
    Do your Research
    Get active in organizations
  • 71. Where the Jobs Are
    • Agency: good point of entry, very competitive, internships very helpful
    • 72. Corporate: minimum 3-5 years’ experience, small departments
    • 73. Entrepreneurial Sector
    • 74. Non-profit: cause/issue-oriented
    • 75. Freelance: project-based
    © 2011. Lynn Hazan & Associates.
  • 76. WOW Project
    Candidates who are dazzled by a job opportunity should “dazzle employers back” with a “Wow!” project.
    © 2011. Lynn Hazan & Associates.
  • 77. Who are YOU???Think into Your Future
    Write your story in six words –
    The Hemmingway Challenge
    © 2011. Lynn Hazan & Associates.
  • 78. To sign up for Lynn’s E-jobs, the free, confidential listserv from Lynn Hazan & Associates:
    Clearly print your name and email address on the sign up sheet!
  • 79. Register for FREE at:
  • 80. Find Lynn Hazan & Associates on:
    • Twitter: lynnhazan
    • 81. LinkedIn: Lynn Hazan
    • 82. Facebook: Lynn Hazan
    • 83. SlideShare: Lynn Hazan
    • 84. EzineArticles: Lynn Hazan
    55 E. Washington St.
    Suite 715
    Chicago, IL 60602