Rock paper scissors: Strategies to Grow your Business


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Rock paper scissors: Strategies to Grow your Business

  1. 1. Rock Lorenzo Vicens, Ph.D Paper Scissors Strategies Business Grow to your
  2. 2. Lorenzo Vicens, Ph.D. Lorenzo Vicens has extensive consulting experience working for both domestic and international companies with broad experience in organizational restructuring and business acceleration. He specializes in corporate strategy, sales and marketing, as well as reengineering and lean manufacturing. Currently, Lorenzo is Managing Partner of Intelecta, S.A., a consulting and executive development firm. Previously, he was Vice-president of Marketing and Business at Tricom Telecommunications , Vice-president of Marketing  at Banco Popular Dominicano and Director of Consulting at The Dominican Industrial Restructuring Project, sponsor by United Nations Development Programme. He also was Director of the Master in Business Administration at The Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra.
  3. 3. Lorenzo is the author of the business novel Aguacates Juan: Cómo iniciar y triunfar en los Negocios - Avocados Juan: How to initiate and succeed in business - (Editorial Norma). He is a frequent speaker on entrepreneurship, marketing, strategy and organizational change and has taught Global Strategy, Business Strategy, Marketing Management, Industry and Competitive Analysis, Operation Strategy and Service Marketing at the MBA level and in numerous executive education programs.   Lorenzo holds a Doctoral degree in business administration from the University of South Carolina and a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering from Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra. Doctor He is currently the Managing Partner of Intelecta, S.A. [email_address] [email_address] Tel: 809 412 12 11 Lorenzo Vicens, Ph.D.
  4. 4. Strategy: Deciding where to go and how to get there in the most effective way.
  5. 5. From hers humbles beginnings.
  6. 6. Estoy aqui: Shakira
  7. 7. Entry to the U.S. market
  8. 8. Whenever, wherever: Shakira.
  9. 9. Strateg y is innovation
  10. 10. Follow the Leader: It is not a valid strategy
  11. 11. ¿ What do you do better than others ?
  12. 12. An unique positioning.
  13. 13. Hips don’t lie: Shakira.
  14. 14. want do you ¿Where to go ?
  15. 15. In the top of the world.
  16. 16. Waka, waka: Shakira
  17. 17. Trends and drivers Santo Domingo will not grow vertically, Dominicans do not like living in apartments.
  18. 18. Santo Domingo Skyline
  19. 19. Trends and drivers The market for new cars is very limited in Dominican Republic.
  20. 20. An AutoFair that changed a market.
  21. 21. What was the impact of this growth of new car sales in the insurance business? Trends and drivers
  22. 22. Seguridad Social República Dominicana Tendencias y Cambios
  23. 23. To each his own Consumers
  24. 24. Customer segments
  25. 25. Observer, listen, understand: Insights. Photos by Lorenzo Vicens
  26. 26. An effective value proposition. Without false promises…
  27. 27. Transforming our operations to meet customer demands.
  28. 28. Challenging the market leaders.
  29. 29. Transforming a market to become a leader.
  30. 30. Stay Ahead Through Continuous Innovation
  31. 31. Rabiosa, Shakira.
  32. 32. Thus it is that in war the victorious strategist only seeks battle after the victory has been won, whereas he who is destined to defeat first fights and afterwards looks for victory. Sun Tzu, The Art of War (IV-15)
  33. 33. Execute with Passion .
  34. 34. Sell, sell, sell.
  35. 35. Innovate is to combine in a new way. (Image source: Platinum )
  36. 36. innovation = ideas + execution Vijay Govindarajan and Chris Trimble, The Other Side of Innovation: Solving the Execution Challenge. Harvard Business School Publishing, 2010. Vijay Govindarajan and Chris Trimble, 2010
  37. 37. Lorenzo Vicens Thanks. Questions? [email_address] [email_address] @aguacatesjuan @lovicens