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2012 grillworks manual
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2012 grillworks manual


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  • 1. Header The Grillworks Dual 54 Asador® width: 67” (170cm) / depth: 23.5” (60cm) / height: 44” (112cm) grilling surface width: 54” (137cm) professional two-station grilling featuring fully independent dual surface control and semi-separated firebox Dual 42 model available with 42”(107cm) wide grilling surface
  • 2. A Note from GrillworksWelcome to Grillworks grill ownership. We are proud to have you as a customerand will do anything it takes to make your experience with our product not onlyrewarding but exceptional.As required of our own personal grills we built yours to last a lifetime or more—no low-grade materials or finicky designs are tolerated and nothing makes ushappier than getting a call from a twenty-year customer who is still cooking onhis original Grillworks grill.Enjoy your new grill. We wish you decades of warm memories around its fire.If you need anything, call. Benjamin Eisendrath
  • 3. The Elements grill body The Grillworks® 42 Asador TM (shown)+ 36 Asador, HD Rotisserie Edition the main stainless steel frame of the grill, including width for 42: 52” (135cm), width for 36: 45” / depth: 23.5”(60cm) / height: 54”(112cm) the lift system grilling surface widths: 42”(107cm) or 36”(91cm) floating fire brickTM heat shield / tube reinforced inner frame and stainless fire grates designed for professional use legs four legs, two with wheels, four on Asador models crank wheel the cast aluminum Grillery wheel that raises and lowers the surface fire grate reinforced black tempered or stainless steel fire grates designed for an even, complete wood or charcoal burn ash tray this shallow drawer holds the ashes and removes for ash disposal V-Channel® surface slanted at a gentle 4˚ to carry juices into the basting pan basting pan catches juices from the surface and holds them for sauces and basting persuader tool that is used to clear the V-Channels and keep juices moving rotisseries light-duty or heavy-duty rotisseries available for every model (HD shown) combination folding shelf/transport handle shelf folds up against the grill to reveal the transport handle
  • 4. The Grillworks 42® (shown) + The Grillworks 36® The Grillery®width for 42: 47.5”(121cm), width for 36: 42.5”(108cm) / depth: 23.5”(60cm) / height 44” (112cm) width: 25.5” (65cm) / depth: 23.5” (60cm) / height: 44” (112cm)grilling surface widths: 42”(107cm) or 36”(91cm) grilling surface width: 20” (51cm)HD rotisserie upgrade available (see The Grillworks 42 Asador)
  • 5. Assembly WARNING: read before assembly and operation Grillworks grills support open fires. Safe operation requires precautions against smoke, heat, hot surfaces and escape of burning material. DO NOT USE ON WOODEN DECKS, NOR ON OR NEAR OTHER FLAMMABLE SURFACES OR SUBSTANCES. mounted and locked in place as outlined in the ASSEMBLY, OPERATION and MAINTENANCE sections. particle board, paneling, plastics, etc.). They may contain toxins. burning material present in the tray(coals). burning material from escaping. ATTEND FIRE AT ALL TIMES. FLAMES SHOULD NOT REACH MORE THAN HALFWAY UP THE BACK REFLECTOR. Grillworks grills are designed to be simple from the start. The included hex key should inhalation by cooking with the wind at your back as you face the grill. be all you need to assemble yours. Only the number and size of the surfaces, fire grates and ash drawers vary from model to model, so assembly is nearly identical. Grillworks Inc accepts no responsibility for damage caused through inappropriate use of our products.
  • 6. Gently place the body of your grill on its back, onto a smooth surface to avoidscratching the polished stainless steel. Locate the included hex key and bolt supplyin the box. channel at the back of the grill, small brick at the center. Stack the bricks in columns,Use the bolts to affix each leg—two wheeled legs go on the back corners for ourresidential models while the heavier Asadors have four, with leg crossbraces. Lifteach end of the grill as you attach the legs, then stand the grill upright. end sits securely on the back of the frame, held in place by the angled stops. TheSlide the ash drawer into its track at the base of the grill body. open V-channel ends should be facing you as you stand in front of the grill. Crank the surface to the top.and facing up. side to lock it in place. The Persuader tool hangs in a hole in the top of the grill mainSlide the cast crankwheel onto the end of the crank axle that runs across the grill. frame. Use this to “persuade” basting juices down the V-channels into the bastingTighten the bolt at the neck of the wheel so that it meets the notch in the axle. pan or to clean the surface at the end of your grilling session.
  • 7. Operation Maintenance & Cleaning Your Grillworks grill should need no major maintenance for many years. The body and cooking system’s stainless steel will not rust or corrode, but there are a few things you should check every once in a while. 1. Cable collars. Twice yearly, make sure the hex screws holding the cables to the collars, and the collars to the axle shaft, are firmly seated by tightening them with your hex key. 2. Crank wheel. Twice yearly, make sure the set bolt anchoring the wheel to the suspension shaft holds it tightly in place for turning. 3. Lubrication. Once yearly put household oil on the suspension shaft where it passes through both sides of the frame or enclosure. Place another drop on the pivot point of the ratchet- lock that holds it at height. 4. Cleaning. Lower the surface close to the fire at the end of cooking and scrape away the charred residue with the Persuader. For a deep cleaning, the V-Channels, basting pan, and Persuader tool will all fit in a standard dishwasher. The frame can be shined with any cleaner designed for stainless steel. 5. Cover. The optional freestanding grill cover mounts with the Grillery logo facing you as you face the grill. The opening on the right side fits between the grill frame and the crank wheel so the wheel remains outside the cover. Cooking Woods It is a myth that only certain woods, such as mesquite, make good cooking fuel. Most dry hardwoods, including some of the most common, are fine, and several superb. pre-burned charcoal. Good standbys are the most well known—oak, maple, mesquite and hickory. Great are the nut and fruitwoods including walnut, apple, cherry and grapevine clippings. Conifers hold a lot of pitch so are best used only to start your fire. Be adventuresome—trying out the great variety of hardwoods available can be as much fun as experimenting with seasonings or matching wines to your dishes.
  • 8. OperationFire Building Grill SurfaceReview the safety tips in Assembly before lighting the first fire in your grill. Before placing your food make sure the V-Channel surface is seated correctly with the open end of the channels facing forward. Affix the basting pan and add the ingredientsAssemble your fire as you would for a campfire or fireplace. Crumple up 5-8 single of your choice, starting with a splash of base such as extra virgin olive oil, butter or wine.newspaper pages and make a layer of them on the black fire grate. Create a second layer Liberally and regularly baste your food using a high-quality natural bristle brush.of small pieces of wood, angling them loosely across the paper. Light the paper. Your nextlayer should be larger wood, ideally 1-2” in diameter, added slowly as the smaller pieces If one or more V-Channels becomes blocked while cooking is in progress, free them withcatch fire. There are natural starters like Fatwood that can start a stubborn fire fast, just the Persuader tool. Its head fits the interior dimension of the channels. Making best use of the V-ChannelsOperation Basics Because you can regulate heat and convert juices into basting sauces, opportunitiesBefore lighting a fire check to ensure that the cooking frame suspension system and its present themselves in ways you may not associate with grilling. For example,ratchet locking device are functioning freely, that collar fittings and crank wheel are firmly we recommend:anchored to the suspension shaft and that assembly of the fire-grate, ash pan, V-Channels(or rotisseries) and basting pan have been completed as in Assembly.To raise the cooking frame that holds either the V-Channel cooking surface or therotisseries, turn the crank wheel clockwise. The frame will lock at any desired height. Tolower the frame, grasp the crank wheel handle with your right hand, while disengaging You likely know the basics, so here are ways your Grillworks grill will extend your range.the ratchet latch with your left hand; then slowly turn the crank wheel counter-clockwise. 1. Basting.cranks up clockwise, the left counterclockwise. available transforms outdoor cooking in important ways. Meats and fish remain moist,cooking. You may begin as soon as you light the fire, making sure, however, that the lift basting become excellent grill fare.frame and surface is at the maximum height to avoid burning the food. Arrange the fire 2. Low heat. Precise heat control lets you cook delicate things delicately. For exampleevenly in the firebox, toward the center rather than only at the back. in the moist heat, never having to be turned or disturbed until serving time.
  • 9. Header Introducing The Grillworks Architectural Series® We make an extensive line of built-to-order grills These grills are not for hiding in a corner—they are for installation inside and out. Each one is designed centerpieces, meant to be seen. Their Argentine roots are specifically for the space it will fill in your patio or apparent and their finish level second to none. kitchen project, and as with every Grillworks product they are constructed around our patented, Argentine Inspired. tried-and-true grilling system. American Made.TM
  • 10. HeaderThe Grillworks ArchitecturalTMAs shown: 48” wide, 24” deepAlso available in 36” width x 20” depth or custom sizes
  • 11. Header Architectural Series Process dimensional drawings of an example grill, showing how the system looks and how it would be installed. We also provide a “ballpark” price quote for a grill in the size you want. After you’ve made your enclosure, counter cut-out or surround decisions we customize the technical drawing to correspond to your project and send it for your signoff before beginning work. Everything is finalized with your builder before shipping so that the setup is tailored to the enclosure, both functionally and aesthetically. The grills leave our shop ready to bolt in.
  • 12. The Architectural SeriesThe Grillworks Open ArchitecturalTM RotisseriesDesigned for counter drop-in or side mounted crankwheel enclosures Rotisseries and other accessories are available for the Architectural series, and the signatureAs shown: 36” wide, 20” deep Grillworks crankwheel can be located nearly anywhere on or in your masonry.Also available in 48” wide, 24” deep or custom sizes
  • 13. Questions, Help and More Grillery AccessoriesCatch up with our entire model line by, where we also publish recipes, tips,ideal grilling woods and information about our latestgrilling accessories.If you have a specific question, don’t hesitate to email usat or call (202) 758-7425.
  • 14. The Grillery®, The Grillworks® and V-Channels®are registered trademarks of Grillworks Incorporated.U.S. PAT. 4,462,306, additional patents pendingMade in USA
  • 15. 758-7425