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IAG for Year 9

IAG for Year 9

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  • 1. What’s the Connection?
  • 2. Former Prime Gordon Sacha Ali G Minister & Brown Baron /Borat Journalist & Louis Chancellor Former US John F. Salman Cohen Author Theroux Broadcaster Heir to the Prince President Kennedy Rushdie throne Charles Sportsman &Founder of Journalist & Jonathon Chair of Ed Anita Lord Actor the Body Broadcaster Ross Comedian Olympic NortonRoddick Coe Shop & Michael Committee Palin Journalist Journalist & Melvyn Broadcaster Bragg England Michael Former George Sports writer & John Cricket Lauryn Al Atherton Comedian Musician US Bush Inverdale Broadcaster Captain Murray Hill President Former Alan Musician Shakira Health Milburn DH Minister Author Lawerence Diane Musician Bruce MP Abbott (Iron Maiden) Dickinson Dermot Broadcaster JohnPresidential Former Murnaghan & Journalist Richard Comedian & McCain Candidate Richard US Amanda Herring Broadcaster Actress Nixon President Peet
  • 3. Why study History?The Top 20 Universities recommend it!“Traditional subjects offer the best preparation for study at degreelevel.” Preferred subjects by the top universities: English Literature History Mathematics Modern Languages Chemistry Physics Source: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/education/5277556.stm
  • 4. Why study History?It may surprise you to learn that historians do, in fact, providemore directors of Britains leading companies in proportion tothe number of graduates than any other subject outperforminglaw, science and engineering graduates.Source: http://www.he.coursesareers.com/historygrad.htmMore leaders in the‘real world’ ofbusiness and industrystudied Historythan any other subject.
  • 5. It is what world leaders studied at University!
  • 6. …and what do EMPLOYERS think of history…?Employers and Universities Value History very Highly. The skills that are taught within the subject are very useful in work, study and life.
  • 7. When studying HISTORY you will:Use information effectively – this can help shed light ona particular problem or issue confronting an organisationor individual.Weigh conflicting factors carefully before taking criticaldecisions.Be analytical and critical when considering informationpresented to you.Understand how and why humans behaved as they did –and may behave in similar circumstances again. This canbe vital in relations with the most complex factor in anyjob – your colleagues!Learn the arts of oral debate and expressing a clearpersonal point of view – invaluable skills at job oruniversity interviews.
  • 8. Don’t just take our word for it…The highly respected ‘Which?’ consumer guides wrote the following intheir ‘Which Subject, Which Career? Book 2002’ ‘historians are regarded as having had an education that trains their minds to assemble, organise and present facts and opinions and this is a very useful quality in many walks of life and careers…history is an excellent preparation for very many other jobs’
  • 9. Journalism & WritingDermot Murnaghan, BBC Breakfast TV presenter (Sussex);Jeremy Bowen, BBC News reporter (UCL);Joan Bakewell journalist and author (Cambridge);Alan Green BBC Radio 5 Live football commentator (Queens);Martin Tyler Sky Sports football commentator (UEA);John Inverdale BBC Grandstand presenter (Southampton);Jonathan Legard BBC motor sports reporter (Leeds);James Moir controller, BBC Radio Two (Cambridge);Peter Wilby editor of the New Statesman (Sussex);Bill Neely international news editor for ITV News (Belfast);Melvyn Bragg ITV presenter, South Bank Show (Oxford);Jeremy Warner Business editor, The Independent (UCL);Michael White political editor, The Guardian (UCL);Salman Rushdie author (Cambridge);Andrew Morton Diana biographer (Sussex).
  • 10. BusinessLord John Sainsbury CEO Sainsbury’s (Oxford);Howard Springer CEO Sony America (Oxford);Martha Lane-Fox Founder of Lastminute.com (Oxford);Clara Freeman, OBE Chairman of Opportunity NowAnita Roddick, founder of Body Shop (Bath Spa);Gerald Corbett ex CEO Dixons, Railtrack, Woolworth (Cambridge);Julia Cleverdon Chief Executive of Business in the Community (Cambridge);Patrick Gillam ex CEO BP, Standard Chartered Bank (LSE);John Varley Chairman of Barclays Bank (Oxford);Helena Stride Head of Education at Imperial War Museum;Anthony Hudson Former chairman of ICI (Birmingham);Charles Miller Smith Current CEO of ICI (St Andrews);David Montgomery former CEO Trinity Mirror PLCSarah Tyacke Keeper of the National Archives (London).
  • 11. EntertainmentLouis Theroux (Oxford);Simon Thomas Blue Peter (Birmingham);Simon Mayo Radio DJ (Warwick);Conan OBrien US talk show host and Simpsons writer (Harvard);Michael Palin presenter and Python (Oxford);Suzanne Warner Deputy Chair of the Broadcasting Standards Commission;Chris Martin of band Coldplay (UCL);The Chemical Brothers DJs and dance music band (Manchester);Nicky Wire Manic Street Preachers (Swansea);Neil Tennant Pet Shop Boys (N London);David Tennant Actor and Former Dr WhoSting former History Teacher!Sacha Baron Cohen creator of Ali G - studied History at Oxford.
  • 12. Politics, Unions & LawGordon Brown Chancellor of the ExchequerNeil Kinnock former leader, Labour Party (Cardiff);John Prescott MP Deputy Prime Minister (Hull);Diane Abbott MP first black woman MP, (Cambridge);Mike Mansfield QC top barrister (Keele);John Scarlett Head of MI6 (Oxford);Frances Crook, Director of the Howard League for Penal Reform (Liverpool);Chris Patten European Commissioner and Oxford Chancellor elect (Oxford);Dr John Reid MP Secretary of State for Health (Stirling);Paul Murphy MP Secretary State Northern Ireland (Oxford);John Monks Gen Sec TUC (Nottingham);Anna Blackstock Dir Gen DTI (Oxford);Alex Salmond MSP Scottish National Party (St Andrews);Seb Coe former athlete and MP (Loughborough);Michael Portillo MP (Cambridge);Alan Milburn MP (Lancaster);Tim Yeo MP (Cambridge)
  • 13. What will I study…? GCSE History Medicine Through Time The American West The Arab-Israeli Conflict
  • 14. How did Harvey’s discovery of blood circulation affect medicine?
  • 15. Smallpox – who discovered the vaccine?
  • 16. What’s this all about?
  • 17. Did Fleming discover the antibiotic Penicillin by chance?
  • 18. Why were the buffalo so important to the Indians?
  • 19. Why could the Indian and the American peoples not live together in peace?
  • 20. How would it feel to live in the Gaza Strip?
  • 21. Why do the Palestinians dislike the barrier that the Israelis have built around the West Bank?
  • 22. Hamas – why do they want the destruction of Israel?
  • 23. How will it be assessed?Controlled assessment: Arab Israeli Conflict• 25% of your final grade• Completed during lessons – no coursework to take home with you• Finished in the first term of Y10 – no coursework hanging over you in Y11. Hoorah!Final Exams: Medicine Through Time &American West• Paper 1 – knowledge paper• Paper 2 – source paper• June 2014
  • 24. Finally, why study history..? …because it’s fascinating!• http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vgmNkYUL_Cw
  • 25. History doesn’t close doors, it OPENS them