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  • 1. How to master full listening skills?
    HR Key Functions
  • 2. Listening skills are essential for the quality of your life and business as well as reading, writing and speaking skills.
    HR Key Functions
  • 3. Listening Facts:
    Most people spend at least 45% of communication time listening
    Most people listen to and understand only about a fourth of what is being communicated
    HR Key Functions
  • 4. Listening Facts:
    Listening is the most used of all communication
    Listening is the least developed of all
    communication skills
    Listening is tied to effective leadership
    HR Key Functions
  • 5. Cultivate your ability to listen
    # Interest: At first you should show your
    interest to the speaker.
    Don’t let you be distracted by other
    materials, people or events.
    HR Key Functions
  • 6. Cultivate your ability to listen
    # Let the talker feel free to talk:
    Stop chatting and watch the speaker straight
    in the eyes.
    # Be patient: Allow the presenter to speak
    slowly, don’t interrupt him/her and try to nod
    when you feel you know what he or she is
    talking about.
    HR Key Functions
  • 7. Cultivate your ability to listen
    # Separate the facts from speaker’s
    # Ask questions! Questions are important
    to gain more information on the topic before
    you finally meet a conclusion. 
    # Be careful of criticizing the speaker, his or
    her outfit, shoes, appearance.
    HR Key Functions
  • 8. Cultivate your ability to listen
    # If you disagree on one topic, be very
    careful how you act!
    Don’t spend more than 7-8 minutes in
    arguments. In a positive way tell your
    opinion and enhance it with an example but
    do not overreact and don’t be emotional.
    Hold your temper!
    HR Key Functions
  • 9. Cultivate your ability to listen
    # Be aware of body language!
    Keep eye contact while
    listening or speaking
    HR Key Functions
  • 10. Try using these simple rules and you will be amazed how many information you can gather. To analyze a situation and to find a solution you need information. Knowledge and information are the most powerful tools in our society.Utilize those techniques and results and profit will follow.
    HR Key Functions