Luxury Only Travel Agency Offers Exclusive Special Fares for the World Cruise Traveler


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Specialists in the art of luxury cruising are waiting for your call.

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Luxury Only Travel Agency Offers Exclusive Special Fares for the World Cruise Traveler

  1. 1. Luxury Only Travel Agency Offers Exclusive Special Fares for the World Cruise Traveler<br />Specialists in the art of luxury cruising are waiting for your call.<br />For those looking to spend their vacation in style, there isn’t a better way than going for a cruise vacation. Vacations can often get tiring with constant packing and unpacking, checking out and checking into hotels. On the other hand, cruise vacations allow you to relax and enjoy, especially if you book a luxury world cruise. Everything that’s related to luxury cruises spells class, right from outstanding accommodations that are lined with the finest furniture to guest staterooms, gourmet cuisine with cooks that serve to your specifications, and even unique travel plans exclusively tailored for you. For vacationers bothered about noisy children or teenagers, several luxury world cruises have a strict no children policy. Luxury world cruises are perfect for discriminating travelers who would like to travel in style. Luxury cruises have fewer passengers, and offer a greater passenger to space ratio, which means you won’t have to worry about waiting in line for dinner, or for off shore excursions. There’s a personal touch to everything that’s offered on these luxury cruise liners. Some luxury cruise liners encourage their staff to memorize the name of passengers within their particular service area. Let’s take a closer look at several of these luxury world cruise liners.The yachts of Seabourn World Cruises offer visits to ports where the larger ships cannot go. This gives the traveler a close look at parts of the world not many have enjoyed. Seabourn World cruises are abundantly staffed with almost one staff member per guest, and provide an unparalleled level of service. All tips are included in the booking, and complimentary wines and spirits can be found throughout each ship. Be sure to ask your luxury world cruise travel agent for information about Seabourn’s on board marina!Crystal World Cruises is offering its travelers free airfare if you book for a 2011 voyage. Other amenities include up to $8,000 of shipboard credits per couple, and up to $13,000 for couples booking their first voyage with Crystal. Crystal also takes care of pre and post cruise transportation within 100 miles of the gateway city. Crystal World Cruises has been voted World’s Best for 17 years by the “Traveler and Leisure Magazine.” Regent World Cruises is advertising free and unlimited onshore excursions. Because of their size, their ships can navigate the Amazon river, and see the smaller islands on a Caribbean or Alaskan cruise. Regency World Cruises boast of having more than 300 ports of call around the world, and offer their guest “6 star” dining and accommodations.Tauck River Cruises have garnered over 50 awards and honors. Every Tauck river cruise includes all shore activities that are lead by Tauck directors, local experts and local guides. Fine European-style onboard dining, and dining at local restaurants will please any palate. Sail into narrow rivers for an intimate study of countries such as China, Egypt, Europe, Belgium, Holland, and more. All gratuities are included with booking.You could arrange a cruise for your business partners, to include meetings or to present an incentive program. Crystal World Cruises and Regent World Cruises offer specialized cruise travel packages. For those looking to hold corporate meetings, fund raisers, private parties, weddings, and anniversaries there isn’t a better way than chartering a luxury cruise ship.Ellie Sobel is a travel specialist on luxury world cruise vacations and has travelled aboard almost every luxury cruise liner including Crystal World Cruises, Regent World Cruises, and even Tauck River Cruises. Her biography can be viewed online under “Ellie Sobel, travel specialist.”<br />