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Case study luxoft helps international telecom company telecommunications luxoft for astelit ltd
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Case study luxoft helps international telecom company telecommunications luxoft for astelit ltd


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luxoft software development

luxoft software development

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  • 1. For more information about Luxoft, studyLuxoft Helps International TelecomCompany to Implement a New HRAssessment Tool14.09.2012uu Technologies: PL/SQL for Oracle, Oracle Developer, Groovy, SOAP UI,Eclipse, J2EE, TestLink, Track Studio, SubversionClientlife:) Involves Luxoft Software Testing andQuality Assurance Expertise to Save Timeand MoneyAstelit Ltd. launched life:) – a new GSM operator of Ukraine in January 2005.Quickly, life:) established itself as the third largest Ukrainian mobile telephonenetwork operator, covering 96% of the country’s population. Today, the mobileoperator serves more than 11.9 million subscribers (as of Q1, 2010).
  • 2. SummaryChallengeWhy LuxoftWith the company’s growth came a need for better personnel and performancemanagement tools. Astelit turned for help to Luxoft and other vendors to developand implement a customized internal solution.Find the right software testing and quality assurance professionals to completeuser testing; thereby letting Astelit employees focus on their primary jobresponsibilities and goals.Luxoft was chosen for several key reasons:uu Competitive priceuu Mature processesuu Overall industry expertiseuu High level of account management“The solution offered helped us set up the proper testing proceduresand to take the overall development process to a completely newlevel,”- Victor Kmita, Astelit Development Manager02Luxoft - Case Study
  • 3. 03Luxoft - Case Studylife:) — GSM operator presented by the Astelit company in Ukraine in January2005. From the very beginning life:) developed in an unprecedented way — withinfirst 8 month of its operations in Ukraine life:) attracted one million customers. Inthe third quarter of 2005 the respected research organization Wireless Intelligence,founded by GSM Association, has acknowledged life:) as the fastest growingoperator in the world in terms of subscriptions.Due to its dynamic network roll-out, innovative services and bright marketingstrategy life:) which entered the market as the fith mobile operator, has becomethe third national GSM services provider within only the first year of its operationsin the country. Today the mobile services operator life:) is leading operator on themarket in terms of new customers acquisition, serving 11,9 million subscribers (asof Q1 2010). life:) network covers the territory where 96% of Ukraine is a dynamic growing GSM company which believes that qualitycommunication services can change the lives of its customers for better, allows itspartners and employees to realize their potential to the full and shape not only thefuture of telecommunications market but of the Ukrainian society overall.Along with the company’s rapid growth came the need for the better managementof Human Resources function that is taking care of over 1100 employees in Ukrainealong as well as of those working in Belarus for BeST (subsidiary of life:)). Quickdevelopment and implementation of a standardized HR assessment tool became acorporate priority.When Astelit project managers started developing electronic PerformanceMeasurement System (PMS) for employees assessment and evaluation, things weregoing smoothly until it came to user testing. Initially the implementation projectwas cross-functional – it involved specialists from different departments that wereto test the system. However the testing procedure was time consuming and cameup against major job responsibilities of employees involved. Also performed bynon expert users quality of such testing procedures as monitoring and qualityassurance standards was questionable.
  • 4. 04Luxoft - Case StudyLuxoft Provided Bug-Free SystemImplementation“We opened a tender for testing services and Luxoft offer was the best,”says VictorKmita, Manager of Development Unit in Astelit.“We started with a three-monthspilot project and then continued our cooperation.”Expert testing is based on a set of activities aimed at controlling the system’squality and functionality from the very start. The expert testing identifies systembugs and checks the system functionality. It also allows significant reduction ofsystem improvement costs by analyzing and preventing potential threatsLuxoft’s dedicated Software Quality Assurance (SQA) practice provides the fullspectrum of independent system testing solutions. It delivers a combination ofsolid technical competence along with state-of-the-art testing technologies.Additionally, Luxoft SQA offers efficient bug management and preventionpractices that include precise bug denfiition, correction, delegation/registrationand the following testing. Most of the SQA team members have a dozen years ofexperience in various testing programs, including but not limited to functionality,reliability, performance and maintainability testings, enabling us to deliver trulycomprehensive SQA service.The life:) project consisted of three phases: PMS development, PMS integrationto BeST and PMS 360 (the“360 degree”personnel assessment tool) developmentand implementation. With the help of Luxoft, the first phase was completed in justthree months. During that time three of Luxoft’s d SQA professionals conductedover 700 tests to detect and fix possible bugs and glitches.After the successful phase we started implementation and quality assurance ofPMS and PMS 360 in BeST. This phase was especially challenging while BeST wasusing completely different platforms than life:) . Also there were several teamsinvolved into the was in charge of general project coordination and implementation, Luxofthandled all the quality assurance testing, and there were also some other vendorsinvolved . Efficient communication was crucial for all the parties. Accordingthe Victor Kmita, Luxoft professionals met all the challenges successfully andcompleted the second and the third project phases in 60 days. Totally the new PMSsystem was successfully on air in less than six months.“During our cooperation we came to appreciate one of the strongest Luxoft skills– excellent project management”-, says Victor Kmita. -“Luxoft provided us withtrained and qualfiied staff that helped us to avoid overloading company personneland saved time. The offered solutions helped us to set up the proper testingprocedures and to take the overall development process to a completely newlevel,”- he adds.
  • 5. 05Luxoft - Case StudyLuxoft Goes Beyond to Achieve ResultsThough it was not initially planned Luxoft implemented a test support tool calledTestLink, which stores all the test results and allows users to make reports basedon this data. Previously, test results were saved in dierent Microsoft Excel files. Ittook time for the management team to structure the information, sort the dataand make necessary reports, TestLink implementation simplied all the abovementioned processes and saved up time of the parties involved.According to Victor Kmita, the new PMS system is a great assistance to Astelitmanagers and employees. The system automates the entire performance appraisalprocess, stores all the evaluation data and makes remote reporting possible. Alsothe new system is user friendly and makes internal performance managementprocess as easy as never before.“Luxoft provided us with trained andт qualified staff that helped us toavoid overloading company staff and saved time.”- Victor Kmita,Astelit Development Manager
  • 6. About luxoftLuxoft, a principal subsidiary of IBS Group, is a provider of advancedapplication and software engineering outsourcing services for global andregional enterprises. Luxoft builds partnerships with its clients, such asBoeing, IBM, Deutsche Bank, UBS, Harman, Avaya, Alstom, and Sabre, basedon the culture of engineering excellence, innovation, and deep domainexpertise. Luxoft offers international delivery capability through its networkof state-of-the-art delivery centers in North America, Eastern Europe, andAsia. Luxoft`s customers benefit from the right mix of technology skills,industry knowledge, proprietary processes and methodologies, and achoice of engagement models.For more information about Luxoft,© 2012 Luxoft