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Case study enterprise intranet system telecommunications luxoft for leading cable network operator
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Case study enterprise intranet system telecommunications luxoft for leading cable network operator


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luxoft software development

luxoft software development

Published in: Technology, Education

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  • 1. For more information about Luxoft, studyEnterprise Intranet System14.09.2012uu Industry: Telecommunicationsuu Technologies Utilized: WSS (Windows SharePoint Services 3.0), MSSQL Server 2008, ASP.NET, C#ClientA leading cable network operator in Central Europe, providing public access toInternet, digital TV channels, VoIP services and more
  • 2. ChallengeSolutionThe client’s continued growth and international expansion demanded betterinternal information exchange. The solution was a new comprehensive Intranetsystem giving access to the corporate information resources to all employees inall global locations. The Intranet system had to include Management InformationSystem (MIS) that will be integrated with a set of 3rd party applications. MIS wasrequired to generate reports from a data warehouse that integrated different datasources like Mind, Navision, AI, TT.The Intranet system had to meet the following requirements:uu be customizable;uu have web interface and utilize active directory user credentials;uu have flexible user rights and content management system.However, the main concern was the MIS system due to the critical nature of itsfunctionality and the high cost of development, considering the existing budgetconstraints.Since the internal IT resources were operating at full capacity, a new systemhad to be purchased or its development outsourced. The option of purchasinga packaged solution was soon discarded, as it was virtually impossible to find aready solution that would meet all their requirements. The decision was madeto outsource it to a service provider. The search soon shifted away from the largevendors toward smaller and more specialized companies. Geographic proximitywas also an important factor, so the selection process narrowed down to a fewEastern European vendors. Finally Luxoft, with the development centers inRomania and Ukraine, emerged as the leader, thanks to their strong focus onengineering excellence, in-depth domain knowledge, solid track record and theconveniently located development centers.Luxoft puts together a dedicated team, including .NET developers, a businessanalyst, quality assurance specialists and a system architect. Luxoft approaches thedevelopment of the Client’s Intranet system by starting with the deep analysis ofthe business requirements and the existing restrictions.02Luxoft - Case Study
  • 3. 03Luxoft - Case StudyBenefitsuu The solution implemented by Luxoft enables the client to integrate allrequired office software in a single Intranet system without having todevelop any complex adapters.uu The Intranet system can be easily extended with new WSS features thatcan be added without having to hire any external software developmentcontractors.uu Functional flexibility results in significant maintenance cost savings, since thesystem extension can be performed by the client’s internal IT staff.uu The modular structure of the system allows the client to extend functionalityin the future using 3rd party modules with no custom development needed.Keeping in mind the time and budget constraints, Luxoft team comes up witha brilliant solution to utilize standard platforms, such as Windows SharePointServices (WSS) 3.0, whenever possible and develop custom features in order toaccommodate some specific requirements.MIS system is implemented, based on MS SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services,which allows generating sophisticated reports (OLAP cubes etc.) and work withdifferent data warehouses as data sources.
  • 4. About luxoftLuxoft, a principal subsidiary of IBS Group, is a provider of advancedapplication and software engineering outsourcing services for global andregional enterprises. Luxoft builds partnerships with its clients, such asBoeing, IBM, Deutsche Bank, UBS, Harman, Avaya, Alstom, and Sabre, basedon the culture of engineering excellence, innovation, and deep domainexpertise. Luxoft offers international delivery capability through its networkof state-of-the-art delivery centers in North America, Eastern Europe, andAsia. Luxoft`s customers benefit from the right mix of technology skills,industry knowledge, proprietary processes and methodologies, and achoice of engagement models.For more information about Luxoft,© 2012 Luxoft