Brochure of luxoft telecom solutions by luxoft software development


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Brochure of luxoft telecom solutions by luxoft software development

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Brochure of luxoft telecom solutions by luxoft software development

  1. 1. Innovationsfor EnterpriseCommunicationsTELECOM SOLUTIONS
  2. 2. provides a wide array of telecom technology services and employs highly trained, experiencedengineers who know how to take advantage of the available development environments and platformsto deliver successful and profitable network and data communication initiatives for our clients. Luxoft’stelecom services will accelerate your infrastructure development, facilitate the introduction of newservices, or enhance your existing telecom network. Our services include: Embedded software development Application software development Sustainable software development Hardware design System testing Test automationTwister offers important benefits to telecom-related businesses:Extremely flexible:Supports different types of devicesEnabling users to change test devices easily, promptly, and within budgetOffers distributed test execution, thus substantially reducing overalltest completion timeEasy to use:Supports TCL, Python, and PerlOffers an intuitive, web-based user interface for configuration, control,and reporting with remote access availabilityHighly adaptable:Allows users to establish customized statistics and provides summary, details,and historic statistics by defaultSupports popular GUI test automation tools such as Sikuli, Selenium,and TestCompleteEconomically customizable:Open source softwareFrameworksTwister — Test Automation FrameworkTwister is a new, open source test automation frameworkdeveloped specifically for the enterprise communicationsmarket. Twister gives telecom equipment vendors, datasystem integrators, and enterprise data service providersa distributed, comprehensive, and open platform toincrease their operational productivity while testingtelecommunication-specific devices, such as routers, switchesand PBXs.Learn more, checkthe use cases:
  3. 3. Provider(Vendor) PortalService Provider(admin)HTTPSHTTPSWEBAPICLI / SSHRented / Private CloudSpaceNetwork CPE /ApplianceNetwork EdgeIPSEC VPNor SLL VPNTelecomEquipmentVendorPremium AppsService Provider(Vendor) PortalManagementServer(accounting, spin-off,monitoring, billing)TechnologiesHybrid Cloud SolutionsA hybrid cloud is a solution that merges the benefits of a public cloud with aprivate IT system while avoiding many enterprise risks. Luxoft has developed ahybrid cloud Software as a Service (SaaS) framework that hosts and managesapplications for a vendor’s communications product line in the cloud.Luxoft helps its clients achieve successful deployments in the public or privatecloud by utilizing expertise in cloud automation tools, data security, virtualizationand compute elasticity, which allows for dynamic scaling of large amounts of dataand simultaneous computations.Hybrid cloud use cases:Subscription-based application provisioningNew device commissioning and bootstrappingRemote administration monitoringSoftware Defined Networking (SDN)As a participating member of the Open Networking Foundation, Luxoft is atthe forefront of engineering development services in SDN, an exciting new areaof advanced networking and network applications. From initial proof-of-conceptprojects to large-scale operational deployments, Luxoft offers scalable engineeringservices for telecommunication equipment vendors, enterprises, and networkoperators.By collaborating with Luxoft, you are able to:Accelerate time-to-market by leveraging Luxoft’s knowledge of SDNDrive engineering costs down by utilizing Luxoft’s frameworks for developmentand test automationScale up quickly and efficiently with Luxoft’s engineering and deployment servicesHybrid CloudDeployment FrameworkLearn more:Learn more:
  4. 4. of ExpertiseEthernet SwitchingLuxoft’s experts in core switching technologies have delivered proven benefits toour business partners, including:Reduced development cycle times and accelerated time-to-marketRemoved high staff attrition rates, excessive add-on costs, and wasted timeon misdirected resources and skill setsProvided on-demand scalability of engineering and support resourcesVoice InfrastructureWith experience in virtually all voice technologies, Luxoft’s engineers provide theright solution to increase ROI and reduce costs by:Reducing development cycle timesTransforming fragmented systems into unified, comprehensive voiceand date infrastructures Providing cost-effective, on-demand scalabilityWireless InfrastructureBank on Luxoft’s established reputation and advanced wireless expertise to providethe highest quality solution by:Reducing development cycle times Accelerating time-to-marketIncreasing scalabilityWide Area Network (WAN) InfrastructureLuxoft’s skilled engineers develop high performance, low risk network and datacommunications systems to increase ROI by:Dramatically reducing customer support costsReducing development cycle timesImproving agility and scalability to meet market fluctuations and demandsAbout LuxoftLuxoft is a top quality Central and Eastern European IT service provider thatengineers high-end business solutions to clients across the globe. With deepdomain expertise in finance, telecom, energy, automotive, travel and aviationindustries the company consistently goes beyond its clients’expectationsby bringing together technology, talent, innovation, and the highest qualitystandards.Contact us:telecom@luxoft.comLuxoft USA225 West 34th Street, Ste. 1707New York, NY 10122Tel: + 1 (212) 964-9900Learn more:Learn more:Learn more:Learn more: