Winning on Data


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The media industry is well positioned. They could have "better" data (in the meaning of better for placing advertisements) than many social networks. However they need to embrace data and become a data driven organization.

Lutz Finger analyzes in his talk (video: the two main worries the media industry has today: Reach / Expertise - in both areas they are faced with competition from new social media channels.

He shows that BigData and Analytics is the only way out of the issue. Media companies could become the leader in Media Data and in Media Analytics.

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Winning on Data

  1. 1. Winning on Data The Come Back of the MEDIA Industry! Lutz Finger at Future Media Forum (Ria Novosti)
  2. 2. Do we have a Problem?
  3. 3. Many Media Companies could be better in placing Ads than Facebook. If they would COLLECT and USE their data.
  4. 4. Lutz Finger   Book  :   Blog  :   @LutzFinger  
  5. 5. The Media Industry Mindshare / Reach Expertise
  6. 6. The Media Industry Mindshare / Reach Expertise
  7. 7. Power of Social Networks Source:  Kun  Liu  et.  al.  ACM  2011  
  8. 8. Is this helpful? You are what you Do and not what your Friends do. 0%   5%   10%   15%   20%   25%   30%   Click  Through  Rate  x  Reach   Source:  Kun  Liu  et.  al.  ACM  2011  
  9. 9. Ad Placement
  10. 10. Media has the super DATA to deliver efficient Ads. Forget REACH – Go with CRT x REACH as your Focus.
  11. 11. OBJECTIONS “Today we do not know most of our readers.” CEO of a Media Company
  12. 12. Careful: Do the Data Test How much data do you GIVE? How much data do you GET BACK?
  13. 13. The Media Industry Mindshare / Reach Expertise
  14. 14. INFLUENCER = EXPERT •  Opinion leaders (Katz 1955) •  Influentials (Merton 1968) •  Law of the Few (Gladwell 2000)
  15. 15. A few persons decide what we do…?
  16. 16. Dear Marketers, There is no influencer. It’s a myth.
  17. 17. Reality: Homophily Source:  Kevin  Lewisa,  Marco  Gonzaleza  and  Jason  Kaufman  (2012):  PNAS  Vol  109,  no  1   •  4 years •  1001 Students on Facebook •  traditional Self-reported Data •  How did taste Spread Influence is often overestimated. It needs: •  Reach •  Readiness •  Topic Dependence
  18. 18. REACH is the KNOWN Game •  Aja Dior M.? •  AP News? Aja Dior M. omgg, my aunt tiffany who work for whitney houston just found whitney houston dead in the tub. such ashamed & sad :( 45 min
  19. 19. What and How? •  What to Measure? •  How to use it?
  20. 20. CONTENT •  What they READ ? •  How they REACT ? •  What they SAY ? •  What OTHERS say?
  21. 21. Analyze Engagement on  the  courtesy  of      
  22. 22. Analyze by Audience Source:  PeerIndex  
  23. 23. Analyze Competitors ArPcle  Count   on  the  courtesy  of      
  24. 24. Timing “whenever we write about a topic.. Our readers love it, search for it… and Google gets all the revenue.” CEO of a Media Company
  25. 25. Min.  at  start  of  the  week   Max.  every  Saturday   Timing is Everything Source:  Google  Trends   Max.  every  Monday   Min.  every  Saturday  Search  Frequency  Search  Frequency   What  are  the  SEARCH  terms?  
  26. 26. Min.  at  start  of  the  week   Max.  every  Saturday   Timing is Everything Source:  Google  Trends   Max.  every  Monday   Min.  every  Saturday  Search  Frequency  Search  Frequency   What  are  the  SEARCH  terms?   “Job”   “Vodka”  
  27. 27. Max.  every  Sunday   Timing is Everything Source:  Google  Trends   Max.  every  Monday   Min.  every  Saturday  Search  Frequency  Search  Frequency   What  are  the  SEARCH  terms?   “Job”   Max.  every  Saturday  
  28. 28. Be a Data Driven Organization 10th June 2011: 2.6 million readers had to look for a new SUNDAY paper
  29. 29. Where are new Customers? Indicated desire to switch 1% Former NOTW subscribers 4% Daily star on Sunday 15% Daily Mail 22% Sunday Mirror 26% Sun On Sunday 8% Sunday Herald 2% Sunday Time 7% The Observer 2% Sunday Star 2% Sunday Sport Standard 2% Star on Sunday 9% General / Misc 5% To Which Sunday Paper?Ready to Switch? 95% no info on switching Timeframe:  Jul  2011   Source:  
  30. 30. Invest in Quality Journalism Did the Citizen Journalist… Kill the Journalist?
  31. 31. Quality Journalism
  32. 32. Example: Online Reviews Arjun  Mukherjee    
  33. 33. Quality Journalism = TRUST
  34. 34. Thanks