We	  know	  what	  is	  important.	  	                                     We	  know	  who	  is	  important.	             ...
Media	  Today	        Online	  Data	  can	  be	  mined	        like	  never	  before:	                                    ...
Your	  Ques4ons	  To	  make	  sense	  out	  of	  the	  media.	  The	  media	  is	  an	  interdependent	  system	  of	  jou...
We	  know	  what	  is	  “VIRAL”	  Fisheye	  Analy4cs	  does	  not	  see	  only	  any	  menEon	  about	  you.	  We	  see	  ...
We	  profile	  People	  &	  Brands	    Gail’s	  Ac4vity	  vs.	  Response	  Profile	  Compared	                      Ac4vity	...
Our	  Client	  use	  us	  for:	                               Purchase	  /	     Awareness	                                ...
Our	  clientele	  trusts	  us	  for	  3	  big	  reasons…	    ● Breadth	        ─  We	  aggregate	  over	  275,000	  online...
Our	  Clients	  Our	  standard	  tool	  set	  of	  Media	  Graph	  and	  Media	  Lens	  are	  mostly	  used	  in	  PR	  /	...
The	  Fisheye	  Media	  Lens	  All	  in	  one	  Interface:	  	  ●  Easy	  –	  All	  ar4cles:	  news,	  blogs,	        Twi:...
The	  Fisheye	  Media	  Graph	  All	  in	  one	  Interface:	  	  ●  Easy	  –	  Predefine	  a	  view	  -­‐	  select	        ...
Our	  Metrics	  Volume	  Social	  Media	  Impact	  of	  ArEcle	  SenEment	  Source	                                 Valuab...
 Measurement	  Reports	  Our	  measurement	  reports	  provide	  an	  in-­‐depth	                    Brand	  Audit	  analy...
Thank	  You	                        	         Lutz.Finger@fisheyeanaly4cs.com	  	                                     13	  ...
Sample	  Analyses	  SAMPLE	  DATA	  ONLY.	  ALL	  ENTITIES	  FALSIFIED	  TO	  PROTECT	  CLIENT	  DATA.	                   ...
Government	  in	  the	  News	                                                                                             ...
Analy4cs	  of	  Stories	                                                    Economy,                                      ...
 Topics	  in	  Arab	  World	  Example	  Data	                                                                 Distribu4on	...
Comparison	  and	  benchmarking	  2000	                                                                            800	  1...
Topic	  Analysis	                 Obama	  topics	  	  sen4ment	  split	                                                   ...
 Industry	  top	  media	  coverage	  analysis	  	                   Proportion of coverage among Zurich Insurance !       ...
Stock	  Price	  and	  Media	                                       21	  
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Fisheye Analytics


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Lutz Finger (@LutzFinger) has co-founded Fisheye Analytics, a company, which measures the SPREAD of a message next to other metrics about the social chatter.

Our clients include the World Economic Forum, International Olympic Committee, Eli Lilly and Nikon. Try us out!

Published in: Technology, Business
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Fisheye Analytics

  1. 1. We  know  what  is  important.     We  know  who  is  important.   Worldwide.     Facebook   N   Online  News   Blog   Twi:er   Video  Fisheye  Analy4cs   TV  Media  Intelligence   Print   Images  January  2012   Forum   We  make  sense  out  of  media  
  2. 2. Media  Today   Online  Data  can  be  mined   like  never  before:   ?     90%  of  marketers  say  the   value  Buzz  /  Media   Analy<cs  is  Important  or   very  Important     62%  of  also  say  the  ‘top     challenge’  in  today’s   Fisheye  knows  MORE.   informa<on  deluge  is  to     turning  data  into  ac<on.  Souce:  Unica  MarkeEng  Trends  Survey   2  
  3. 3. Your  Ques4ons  To  make  sense  out  of  the  media.  The  media  is  an  interdependent  system  of  journalists,  social  media  publishers  and  the  general  public  generaEng  huge  amounts  of  ‘data’.    •   Who  is  important?   No•   What  are  they  talking?   ?   Name•   When  should  I  care?  •   Is  my  media  strategy  working?  •   Who  is  my  ambassador?   No•   What  is  my  share  of  voice?   Name•   How  do  I  compare  with  others?  •   Am  I  heard?     We  connect  tradi4onal  and  social  media  to  convert  online   conversa4ons  into  YOUR  Insights.   3    
  4. 4. We  know  what  is  “VIRAL”  Fisheye  Analy4cs  does  not  see  only  any  menEon  about  you.  We  see  also  all  the  social  media  reacEons  to  this  arEcle.  We  know  which  story  is  spreading  and  which  is  not.   Test  it  out:  www.fisheyeanaly4cs.com   4  
  5. 5. We  profile  People  &  Brands   Gail’s  Ac4vity  vs.  Response  Profile  Compared   Ac4vity   Response   Fisheye  Analy4cs  does   not  only  focus  on  Gail   45   30   60   150   Keywords  and  Brands.  Steve   Own  AcEvity     50   40   40   20   FB  Shares/likes   We  also  focus  on  people  Ron   19   20   40   80   Comments   or  Companies.   Retweets   Bitly  clicks     VJ   7   29   30   60   How  much  social  media   0   50   100   150   200   250   300   350   400   is  your  compe4tor  using?     How  o^en  is  your  brand   Gail’s  Topic  Word  Cloud   ambassador  talking   about  you?     Who  is  influen4al?   5  
  6. 6. Our  Client  use  us  for:   Purchase  /   Awareness   Service   Feedback   RetenEon   Use  Increase  AdverEsement   Improve  Customer  Care   Grow  Customer  LifeEme  Efficiency   and  Usability   Value        •   Find  most  effecEve   •   ReputaEon   •   RetenEon  Messaging   Management   •   IdenEfy  most  valued  •   Find  Brand   •   Create  WOW  Factor   experience  Ambassadors   •   Find  dissaEsfied  Clients   •   Spread  the  word  •   Control  Brand  Image   Listen  to  your  customers.     6  
  7. 7. Our  clientele  trusts  us  for  3  big  reasons…   ● Breadth   ─  We  aggregate  over  275,000  online  news  feeds,  in  225   geographies  and  millions  of  social  media  arEcles  daily   ─   We  have  our  Blog,  News,  Forum  and  Facebook  search  Engine,   allowing  you  full  control   ─   We  iden4fy  67  languages  and  thus  fully  analyze  English,   Chinese,  Arabic,  Spanish,  Portuguese,  Dutch,  German,  French,   Japanese,  Korean,  Italian,  Russian,  Farsi,  Hebrew  and  more   ● Depth     ─  We  have  preferen4al  access  to  Twi:er  -­‐  we  see  all  of  Twi:er.   While  others  only  see  a  sample  of  the  total  data     ─  We  are  the  only  company  in  the  world  to  understand  the  virality   of  an  arEcle.  We  measure  the  ‘social  impact  of  each  arEcle.   ● Exper4se   ─  We  are  staEsEcians,  marketers,  journalists  and  mathemaEcians   who  live  and  breathe  media  research   7  
  8. 8. Our  Clients  Our  standard  tool  set  of  Media  Graph  and  Media  Lens  are  mostly  used  in  PR  /  MarkeEng  context.   Our  Press   8  
  9. 9. The  Fisheye  Media  Lens  All  in  one  Interface:    ●  Easy  –  All  ar4cles:  news,  blogs,   Twi:er,  Facebook,  videos  –directly   accessible    ●  Fast  –  Quickly  read  your  media   coverage  by  instantly  filtering  through   it  by  topic,  country,  date  and   influence.    ●  Smart  –  Monitor  the  cross-­‐over  from   tradiEonal  to  social  media  to  see  how   your  messages  are  spreading   9  
  10. 10. The  Fisheye  Media  Graph  All  in  one  Interface:    ●  Easy  –  Predefine  a  view  -­‐  select   and  deselect  ready  made   graphs  for  you.  ●  Fast  –  Quickly  filter  by  any  sub-­‐ selecEon  and  see  the  effects   real-­‐Eme  ●  Smart  –  Compare  any  keywords   or  any  saved  search  with  each   other.   10  
  11. 11. Our  Metrics  Volume  Social  Media  Impact  of  ArEcle  SenEment  Source   Valuable  Insights   ●  Product  posiEoning  Influence  of  Source   ●  MarkeEng  effecEveness   ●  Customer  Service  Author   ●  Risk  management   ●  ReputaEon  Management  Language  Geography  Concepts  Reach     11  
  12. 12.  Measurement  Reports  Our  measurement  reports  provide  an  in-­‐depth   Brand  Audit  analysis  of  your  media  coverage.  They  are  delivered  via  email,  pdf  and  via  the  Fisheye   Sponsorship  Evalua4on  media  lens.  A  sample  of  the  types  of  analyses  available  through  reports  can  be  found  in  the   PR  Performance  appendix.     Launch  Support           12  
  13. 13. Thank  You     Lutz.Finger@fisheyeanaly4cs.com     13    
  14. 14. Sample  Analyses  SAMPLE  DATA  ONLY.  ALL  ENTITIES  FALSIFIED  TO  PROTECT  CLIENT  DATA.   We  make  sense  out  of  media   14  
  15. 15. Government  in  the  News   Australia   MenEons  and  SenEment  by  Country   (for  xxx  Government)   Brazil   Canada   France   Germany   India   Indonesia   PosiEve   NegaEve   Italy   Pakistan   Philippines   >1,000   Spain   <500  menEons   menEons   United  Arab  Emirates   500-­‐1,000   Media  not  tracked  in   United  Kingdom   menEons   this  country   United  States   -­‐15,00%  -­‐10,00%   -­‐5,00%   0,00%   5,00%   10,00%   15,00%   20,00%   25,00%   30,00%  •   Where  is  the  UAE  discussed?  •   What  is  the  main  SenEment?   15  
  16. 16. Analy4cs  of  Stories   Economy, •   How  is  UAE  posiEoned?   1.121, 6% Defense, 849,Health , 793, 4% Sports & 4% Entertainment, •   What  are  main  topics   1.599, 8% Environment, 202, 1% Communicatio ns, 521, 3% which  are  discussed  about  UAE?   Other, 12.231, Education , 669, 3% •   How  are  important  Stories   63% Spreading  between   Women and Youth, 113, 1% Oil & Gas, 202, Technology 1% TradiEonal  and  Social  Media   and Philantrophy Aerospace, and Aid, 139, 964, 5% 1% 60 4.000.000 Story  about  “Tom  hitng  stores”   50 3.500.000 3.000.000 MenEons   40 Positive No.  of   2.500.000 30 2.000.000 Neutral 1.500.000 Negative 20 1.000.000 Reach 10 500.000 0 0 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. Apr Apr Apr Apr Apr Apr Apr Apr Apr Apr Apr Apr 16  
  17. 17.  Topics  in  Arab  World  Example  Data   Distribu4on  of  topics  worldwide     100%  Main  Topics  in  Colombia:   90%  1.  Investment   80%  2.  Governance   70%  3.  CorrupEon   60%     50%  Main  Topics  for  Rest  of  LAM:   40%  1.  Democracy   30%  2.  Governance  3.  Inequality   20%     10%  Main  Topics  Globally:   0%  1.  Trade  2.  Environment  (of  low  interest  in   Colombia  and  LAM  region)   USA   Colombia   Rest  of  Latam   Rest  of  World   Note:  adjusted  by  Internet  Users     17  
  18. 18. Comparison  and  benchmarking  2000   800  1500   600   Asean  2010  1000   400   G20  Summit  2010   500   200   0   0   Reach  (in  Millions  )   No.  Of  ArEcles(  In  Thousands  )   200   Despite  having    10%  of  the  arEcles  Asean   2010  had  1/3  of  the  EMV.  Conclusions:   150   A)  SaturaEon  of  Reach  –G20  reached   Asean  2010   every  person  more  then  once.   100   B)  Asean  2010  was  heavily  covered  in   G20  Summit  2010   mainstream  press  due  to   50   internaEonal  concerns  over   0   Thailand’s  economic  stability.   EMV  (In  Million)   18  
  19. 19. Topic  Analysis   Obama  topics    sen4ment  split   Obama  topics  sen4ment  split   (absolute)   (normalized)   Healthcare   Healthcare  Financial  reforms   Financial  reforms   "First  class"   "First  class"   Iraq   Iraq   Race  issues   Race  issues   ElecEons   ElecEons   Employment   Employment   0   20   40   60   80   100   120   140   0%   20%   40%   60%   80%   100%    PosiEve    Neutral    NegaEve    PosiEve    Neutral    NegaEve   ‘Iraq’  exhibits  the  greatest  number  of  negaEve  arEcles.  ‘Employment’   and  ‘ElecEons’  also  have  a  higher  than  average  proporEon  of  negaEve   arEcles  of  close  to  20%.   19  
  20. 20.  Industry  top  media  coverage  analysis     Proportion of coverage among Zurich Insurance ! and competitors in top media! Frequency!Zurich  compeEtors  dominate  coverage  in  all  Etles  however  Zurich  has  a  strong  presence  in  Times  Online,  Insurance  Daily,  InteracEve  Investor  and  The  Herald.     20  
  21. 21. Stock  Price  and  Media   21  
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