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Apache Deltacloud: Speaking EC2 and CIMI to Openstack (and others)
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Apache Deltacloud: Speaking EC2 and CIMI to Openstack (and others)

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  • - with Red Hat for a long long time - Maintainer of Apache Deltacloud - Member of CIMI working group - on DMTF board
  • API adapter, not cloud RESTful service
  • m : n cloud API adapter passthrough authentication Three API frontends 'classic' Deltacloud API (RESTful) DMTF CIMI API (RESTful) EC2 Query API


  • 1. 1Apache DeltacloudSpeaking EC2 and CIMI to OpenStackDavid LutterkortPrincipal Software EngineerRed Hat, Inc2013-04-18
  • 2. 2Overview● Cloud APIs● What is Apache Deltacloud ?● What is CIMI ?● Deltaclouds EC2 frontend● Using Deltacloud with Openstack● Questions
  • 3. 3Cloud APIs● Wild West – every cloud has one● Material differences● Annoying innovation● de facto standards● EC2: widely used and copied● OpenStack: excellent governance● de jure standards● backed by Standards Developing Organization● CIMI produced by DMTF
  • 4. 4Standard challenges● Build broad community● Allow standards development the open source way● Bring proprietary players into the tent● Governance/licensing● Adaptability● Enable wide range of implementations● Let clients discover variations
  • 5. 5PrehistorySep. 2009Oct. 2011
  • 6. 6CloudDriverDeltacloud architectureDC classicCIMIEC2CloudDriverCloudDriverDeltacloud Core
  • 7. 7Deltacloud Drivers
  • 8. 8DMTF CIMI● Distributed Management Task Force (DMTF)● Broad industry participation● Produced OVF and CIM● Covers wide range of IaaS objects● Published August 2012● RESTful API● Despite the name, not connected to CIM● CIMI forces Deltacloud to keep state
  • 9. 9CIMI ModelSystems Machines Volumes NetworksCIMI Entry PointSystems Machines Volumes NetworksServers Storage volumesGrouping ofresourcesSystemsMetadata●Flexibility through discovery●Many more supporting resources●including monitoring, events, jobs●Common patterns (Templates, Configs, Images)Networks,routing, ports
  • 10. 10Example: Cloud Entry Point> curl -H "Accept: application/json" --user "USR:PASSWD"http://cimi.example.org/cloudEntryPoint{"id": "/cloudEntryPoint","name": "mock","driver": "mock","provider": "compute","baseURI": "http://cimi.example.org/","resourceURI": "http://schemas.dmtf.org/...","resourceMetadata": { "href":"/resource_metadata" },"systems": { "href":"/systems" },"machines": { "href":"/machines" },"volumes": { "href":"/volumes" },"networks": { "href":"/networks" },...}
  • 11. 11Example: Creating a ServerPOST /machines HTTP/1.1{ "name": "myMachine1","description": "My very first machine","machineTemplate": {"machineConfig": {"href": "/configs/small"},"machineImage": {"href": "/images/WinXP-SP2"},"credentials": {"href": "/creds/12345" }}}HTTP/1.1 201 CreatedLocation: http://cimi.example.org/machines/42
  • 12. 12What Deltacloud is doing around CIMI● CIMI frontend● use against various clouds● CIMI client web app● CIMI test suite● CIMI Ruby client (soon)
  • 13. 13Deltaclouds EC2 frontend● Started as POC last spring● Inspired by AWSOME● Used by RHEV-M/oVirt● Basic functionality● Describe images/AZs● Instance lifecycle management● SSH keys
  • 14. 14Openstack support● Nova● Flavors● Regions● Images● Servers/instances● SSH keys● Swift● Cinder● Glance
  • 15. 15Using Deltacloud with Openstack● Start Deltacloud with Openstack driver● Point at Keystone● Users can dynamically switch endpoints● Deployment options● Close to user● Close to Keystone
  • 16. 16Questions ?http://deltacloud.apache.org/#deltacloud on Freenode