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Students Work Services is a community project of Lutheran Community Care Services Ltd (LCCS) to provide School Social Service and Enrichment Service through its core objective of Empowering Children and Nurturing Potential.

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LCCS Students Work Services

  1. 1. x fjj School Work: ’ - Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Enhanced STEP-UP (Service A & B) o Experiential Groupwork 0 Individual Counselling 0 Home Visits Time Out Programme (TOP) Parenting workshops Teachers’ workshops Other individualized programmes Community Work: - PODZ Mentoring - Family counseling - Adoption services — Home study reports - Drop in centre (SWS @ Bukit Timah) Restorative Practice: - Circles facilitation - Conferencing facilitation - Training workshops — Embedding the Restorative Framework in the Classroom Solution Focused Approach: - Training workshops — Embedding Working On What Works (WOWW) in the Classroom Students Work Services A community service project of: «her; Community Care ervices >'<t1I79EtHfl% zhauqmfi storms - Kranxmrrviinq lives SWS @ Bedok 485 Bedok South Ave 2 Singapore 469315 Tel : +(65) 6441 3906 Fax : +(65) 6446 3906 SWS @ Upper Bukit Timah 272 Upper Bukit Timah Road #03-13/14, Singapore 588212 Tel ; +(65) 6463 4734 Fax : +(65) 6467 4734 Website : www. studentsworkse rvices. org. sg S551 Swslerrc~3 Work Semi r“ W Changing stories, Transforming lives
  2. 2. Changing Stories . Transforming Lives ll ____--L I. L L C C - 1.. l I‘ HF I’ I I I’ I“ In I‘I’: ‘r‘I’I’ ”"I i ITI’ I: I: i_ I]: I_‘ III I’ ITT ’ T E L‘. __-____-_-__lL‘L"L_____ I I I 1 Iju; I“ I“ I I I As strong advocates of Restorative Practice and a Solution-focused approach, LCCS Students Work . . . . . . . . . . , I Services has been actively reaching out to children and youths since 2002 by showing concern and providing care for the young and their families through remedial, preventive and develop- mental work. ‘> K. ‘/g; J‘ l Clllllli ‘ ! i.! _l-_'r‘ . ‘IIIIIIIII‘‘r£{: _’__: _)‘_*: ,L(i I I ’ ' / _f/ We strongly believe that every child is unique and should not be labeled. At-risk children are children struggling with growing up pains, each with their own stories. And during these critical years, they need a nurturing mentor who will listen to them without judging them. lmportantly, we believe each child is gifted differently, and they should instead be challenged and empowered positively to realize their fullest potential in life. Students Work Services has since developed a niche in school work through its strength based orientation in working with students. Focusing on a Whole School Approach, LCCS SWS is one of the forefront leaders in programmes such as the Enhanced STEP-UP, Social Emotional Learning (SEL), Time Out Programme (TOP) and Education Resilience (ER) Programme — which includes The Miracle Mind, Power Memory and Power Notes. Our group of passionate staff conduct a variety of group experiential activities (e. g. educational games, art work, rock climbing, tactical action game sports), " individual counselling, and parents’ and teachers’ workshops — as a means to empower and nurture the greatest potentials in these youths. Indeed, their lives take positive turns as they learn to be more keenly aware of their strengths, value relationships around them, while discovering how to apply the CME and school values closely in their lives. . flIlI-III Beyond school work, the PODZ Mentoring Programme with MCYS mentors youths in the Boys’ and Girls’ Home, which aims to build resilience and help the youths in their reintegration into society.