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This Powerpoint describes a plan for the Home Depot to optimize their social media usage through Google Plus and increase their reputation of being one of the best customer serviced based companies ...

This Powerpoint describes a plan for the Home Depot to optimize their social media usage through Google Plus and increase their reputation of being one of the best customer serviced based companies out there.



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Home depot & social media Home depot & social media Presentation Transcript

  • Home Depot & Social Media By: Nick Lusk
  •  The Home Depot is one of the biggest if not the biggest name in hardware. We are looking to optimize our social media usage to get an upper hand on other leading competitors. We are looking to make the main goal of our social media usage to connect and create a type of customer service that has never been seen before.Social Media Goals
  •  Our company has already made an impact in social media with our advanced marketing team but there is always the next step. We are looking to make that next step on Google. We are looking to make an interactive network for customer, employees, and experts to connect and help each other.Home Depot View slide
  •  We see Google Plus as the next big thing and it is a perfect website for the market we are trying to penetrate. Google Plus is a more mature version of Facebook in our eyes and we feel as though this will be our platform to connect everyone within our company and customers as well.Google Plus View slide
  •  Google Plus offers a feature called circles. It is a way to connect people who are in a similar target market. We feel as though we create a team that can be an administrator on our circle and if any content that we do not approve of go on there we can get rid of it. We think circles present an opportunity unlike any other social media outlet out there.Circles
  •  We feel as though circles has the most potential of any other site out there. This platform creates a forum where any person who is in our circle can post questions if they need help around the house. Our experts and employees can post back offering helpful suggestions and suggest products that are avalible in our stores that will fix their problems and give them a price as well. This is the kind of customer service that we are looking to create that will be unmatched by anyone else in our field.Potential
  •  We feel as though everyone who has something to fix and has a Google Plus account will join our circle. We are hoping to gain around 20,000 members in our circle the first month and hoping for increased growth month by month. We feel as though at the end of the year we will have over 250,000 users in our circle.Members
  •  We will be hiring approximately 4 social media experts to run our new system and keep it running smoothly and to monitor the content that goes on it just in case any red flags are raised. We need a budget of $240,000 a year to pay their salaries. Nothing for the system itself because Google Plus is free. We will need to add another $100,000 to our budget to pay our experts to help out with the online customer service. We will provide incentives to our experts that we already have hired and set up a system where if they satisfy a customers question and that customer marks the situation as satisfied they will receive a bonus on their check of around $5 per satisfied response with a ceiling of $500 per employees each yearBudget
  •  We feel as though you can not truly measure what our company profits from this. We are looking to gain an edge in customer service on this forum and it will give us an upper edge on any other leading competitor. Customer Service has always be a main goal of our company and this is the next step that needs to be made.Profits
  •  Our company is always looking to help out with our customer base. We hope that this new forum will become the home front of customer service and a example for other companies to follow. We appreciate our workers and hope our new incentive program will boost team moral. We feel as though this new system will please everyone and we are looking for this to help out our customer base the most.Home Depot