Lush Turf Artificial Grass Lasts All Year Round


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Lush Turf Solutions is providing a good alternative to high maintenance natural grass with its artificial turf products. Designed to perfectly resemble natural grass, synthetic grass from Lush Turf Solutions offers many advantages over naturally grown grass.

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Lush Turf Artificial Grass Lasts All Year Round

  1. 1. Lush Turf Artificial Grass Lasts All Year RoundQuality Synthetic turf fast becoming the alternative to natural grassLush Turf Solutions is providing a good alternative to high maintenance natural grass with its artificialturf products. Designed to perfectly resemble natural grass, synthetic grass from Lush Turf Solutionsoffers many advantages over naturally grown grass.Lush Turf Solutions credits the success of its artificial grass products to its focus on product design anddevelopment. The company is focused on coming up with grass products that look and feel like realgrass. “Our research and development for the Australian market has produced extremely life likeproducts that mirror nature to bring the best products to the consumer,” according to Lush TurfSolutions.The high quality output of the companys research and development led to Lush Turf Solutions syntheticgrass being one of the most widely utilised artificial lawn products in various landscape projects.The companys artificial grass requires minimal maintenance, making it more cost effective than naturalturf. “Our synthetic grass products will certainly enhance the beauty of the landscape while remaininglush and green 365 days a year without water, irrespective of the season,“ the company said.Unlike naturally grown grass, there is no mowing required for Lush Turfs synthetic grass. Customers alsoenjoy the lush green colour that lasts without the need for fertilisers and pesticides. Due to high qualityproduction, Lush Turf Solutions synthetic grass looks and feels like real grass without needing costlymaintenance.Aside from the maintenance requirements, artificial grass provides many advantages when used in areasused by children. Since they are not naturally grown, artificial lawn products do not attract pests andinsects, which can be harmful to children and pets. This makes it ideal to use Lush Turf Solutions grassfor school lawn and play areas.Customers using Lush Turf Solutions grass reap significant savings from water consumption required tomaintain a natural lawn area. Cost savings are much more in large lawn areas. Minimised waterrequirements make Lush Turf Solutions artificial grass an environmentally viable material as the worldstrives to conserve natural resources such as water.Significant cost savings make Lush Turf Solutios artificial grass perfect for different applications,including playgrounds, rooftop gardens, tennis courts, schools and spaces that require large lawn areassuch as public areas and sports fields. As Lush Turf Solutions artificial grass is also compliant with FIFAstandards, it is highly recommended for use in football fields.Built with UV stabilised fibres, Lush Turf Solutions artificial grassis particularly designed to withstand extreme climate conditions in Australia. Adding to the long lastingproperties of the artificial grass is the quality multi layer backing that is very important for the longevityof the lawn.
  2. 2. Customers reap many rewards from using artificial turf, including the product warranty and long lifespanof the product. “With an 8 year manufacturer’s warranty and expected life span of 15 years or more youcan be sure of a quality product to enhance the beauty of your outdoor areas for many years,” said thecompany.The 100 percent Australian owned company boasts unwavering professional and timely delivery ofartificial grass products and services to customers. Lush Turf Solutions offers full installation of theartificial grass, but customers can also opt for DIY option as all materials required for installation are alsoavailable from Lush Turf Solutions.