DI International Business Development Presentation


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DI International Business Development Presentation

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DI International Business Development Presentation

  1. 1. DIBD presentation A success abroad starts with a dialogue at home DI International Business Development helps your company grow
  2. 2. DIBD presentation A stronger Denmark towards 2020 In DI we help Danish companies gain success on emerging markets through focused consultancy concerning strategy, export, networking, investment, establishment etc.
  3. 3. DIBD presentation We speak your language We understand your attitude And we can translate it into action DIBD is DI’s international consultancy. This means that we know 10.000 Danish companies from the inside – across industries, geography and sizes.
  4. 4. DIBD presentation ” DI represents an objective partner which strengthened our business plan when we presented it to our board of directors. The fact that they are the Confederation of Danish Industry, was a seal of approval - both to the board, but also to our partner in China.” Adm. Director Francois Grimal, Dolle A/S
  5. 5. DIBD presentation An unknown market is a vivid and changeable reality. Only the best prepared can avoid the bumps on the road.
  6. 6. DIBD presentation We have walked the road before We have secured international growth for Danish companies through more than 600 projects in 40 countries in more than 16 years. We are 50 dedicated employees in Denmark, China, India, Russia, Brazil, USA and Mexico.
  7. 7. DIBD presentation “We would never have been able to accomplish these results without the assistance from DIBD. It would have required too many resources internally. DIBD gave us professional mentoring throughout the project so we got a better sense of whether or not it was a good idea to establish production in Russia. In short, the whole idea became more tangible.” Adm. Director Brian Stage, J. Hvidtved Larsen A/S
  8. 8. DIBD presentation We see where you can grow We make members of DI global winners through strategic sparring, creative idea development and integrated processes.
  9. 9. DIBD presentation “The collaboration with DI gave us access to constructive sparring and development of ideas via their experience with similar projects. We are very satisfied with the result.” Group Executive VP Bjarne Moltke Hansen, FLSmidth A/S
  10. 10. DIBD presentation We know how to transform strong will into global winners We are there when plans become a reality, and we will not let go until you have reached your goal.
  11. 11. DIBD presentation We are with you all the way We believe that our process as a whole is more valuable than the sum of the individual phases. Home Analysis: We assess your market potential and provide a basis for decision Abroad Strategy: We make a complete solution that shortens the distance between being home and abroad Implementation: We solve the problems that arise along the way when the results are to be realised
  12. 12. DIBD presentation “The Own Man In-concept has been the main reason for our ability to focus on business development and building up our strong position on the Chinese market.” Regional Manager for Asien Kaj Andersen, Jensen Group A/S
  13. 13. DIBD presentation Together we create global winners ’We’ is the most important word for companies with a longing to go abroad. You become a part of a global network of business organisations and local experts.
  14. 14. DIBD presentation ”We now have a highly well-functioning factory in Brazil, and we already find it a booming market. Along with DIBD we achieved our goal within 10 months. We had not reached it if we were to do it alone.“ Adm. Director Niels Uhrbrand, Accoat A/S
  15. 15. DIBD presentation We are best at longlasting relationships Success on the world’s emerging markets is not about geography, but ideology. We believe in open dialogue, innovative strategies and long-lasting relationships – because successful implementations take time.
  16. 16. DIBD presentation “I can only recommend others to avail themselves of the benefits from the cooperation with DIBD about international business opportunities. DIBD has helped us to clarify some key issues concerning the establishment in India and given us a detailed view.” Adm. Director Kenn Christensen, A/S Jydsk Aluminium
  17. 17. DIBD presentation We are your trampoline and your safety net No holes in the business plan. No critical questions from the board. No surprises in the implementation.
  18. 18. DIBD presentation “Our partnership with DIBD has secured us a strong presence in USA and brought us closer to the American customers – for us, this has been the shortest and cheapest way to enter the market. Now we are going to close our first deal.” CEO Torben Ekvall, Brüel & Kjær Vibro A/S
  19. 19. DIBD presentation Ready for take-off? DIBD's overall experience extends beyond 600 projects and 5 continents. Your deep knowledge coupled with our extensive insights of the world create integrated strategies and global winners in China, India, Russia or wherever you long to go. Ask us how we can help you. di.dk/international Tlf. 33 77 33 77
  20. 20. DIBD presentation We transform DI’s members into global winners Facts about DI International Business Development  The international consultancy in the Confederation of Danish Industry (DI)  Experts in strategic business development in emerging and developing markets.  Experience from more than 600 projects in more than 40 countries  Own offices in Russia, China, India, Brazil, USA and Mexico  25 employees in Denmark and 80 employees at the offices abroad, who all work dedicated for the members of DI  Global network of sister organisations and partners 20
  21. 21. DIBD presentation DI offices and partner organisations DI has global offices in Brazil, Russia, India, China, Mexico, Tanzania and in the US. Find more information about each office and their services here. 21