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The Global Influence - Book Summary …

The Global Influence - Book Summary
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The world is ready for your ideas. Here is your golden opportunity to create your own e-commerce business doing what you love. Online retail is becoming increasingly international. People no longer buy locally. They instead research and support socially responsible brands. People want brands with their best interest at hand regardless of their geographic location. Consumers want value and value has no borders.

This book will teach you:
• How to drive more traffic to your website
• How to get more customers to buy your products
• How to effectively expand your global reach

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  • 2. ABOUT THE GLOBAL INFLUENCE Small businesses are no longer confined by national borders. Today’s consumers no longer have to buy locally; instead they support brands and businesses worldwide. Brands that generate online brand recognition and consumer trust can now acquire a devoted tribe of international followers. Attract clients from around the world!
  • 3. The Facts“By 2018, there will be 130 million cross-border shoppers spending over $300 billion online” Modern Spice Routes: The Cultural Impact of Cross-Border Shopping The Internet leveled the global marketing playing field. Small businesses can now build a loyal international customer base. Today’s consumers want value, and value has no borders.
  • 5. ▶ Establish an international market to expand to1 Understand local business, tax regulations and trademark laws Assess how easy it is to ship to these countries Determine how social media-affluent the demographic is Assess their willingness to shop abroad
  • 6. ▶ Create a universal brand2 Refine your branding so that it will translate internationally Zero in on your special offering Focus on raw emotions
  • 7. ▶ Be mindful of local Trademark Laws and Cultural differences3 If your product is patented in the US, you will need to extend your protection in the specific country you plan on doing business in Be mindful of cultural sensibilities: Choose a color pattern for your website that is universally accepted and appreciated by different cultures. It’s impossible to please all cultures but try to be as respectful as possible. The United States Patent and Trademark Office’s website (
  • 8. ▶ Understand where your international audience is spending their time online 4 Not all countries use Google as their main search engine Baidu is the most popular search engine in China, Naver in South Korea and Yandex in Russia. Research your audience’s social media platform of choice
  • 9. ▶ Optimize your e-commerce site for an international audience5 Create an international merchant account Upgrade your shipping options Build trust by having strong customer service & fair return policies Translate when targeting Non-English speaking countries Ensure your site is mobile / tablet compatible
  • 10. ▶ Expand your global reach6 Understand the local market Build a step by step marketing roadmap Don’t limit your efforts to social media Spend money on geo-targeted digital Ads
  • 11. ▶ Optimize your e-commerce site for an international audience7 Establish trust Create incentives Publish region specific newsletter
  • 12. ▶ TEST YOUR CAMPAIGNS8 Testing different international marketing strategies will help you grow your business organically. A/B testing is a great way to test different landing pages and measure results
  • 13. CONCLUSION Businesses who take time to learn about communities they do business with & are socially conscious strive internationally. Helping a local community in need and participating in altruistic efforts will be a positive reflection of your brand. The world is within reach for your ideas and products, and there’s never been a better time for small brands to break into the global marketplace.
  • 14. ▶ ABOUT THE AUTHOR LUNA VEGA WWW.LUNAVEGA.NET Isan experienced digital marketing expert. She has worked on a range of large-scale digital initiatives for a list of global clients. Living and working in diverse capitals such as New York, Miami, Singapore, Sydney, Paris and Berlin has given her the unique ability to seamlessly launch and manage global campaigns. These days she is passionate about helping small businesses and startups expand their online presence. She holds an M.P.S. master’s degree from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP).