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  • 1. BEFORE & AFTER PROJECT Lynne Luna ED 546 & ED 548 Drs. Joyce & Wenzel Adams State College July 17, 2009
  • 2. CONTIGUITY TEXT: Graphics for Learning Course Objectives:#2 & #3 Text and graphic placed One slide with text close to one another Mountain pine beetle, Dendroctonus ponderosae, is native to the forest of western Mountain pine beetle, North America. Periodic Dendroctonus ponderosae, is outbreaks of the insect can native to the forests of western result in losses of millions of North America. Periodic outbreaks trees. of the insect can result in losses of millions of trees. Graphic on separate slide
  • 3. CONTIGUITY PEER COACHING Need to embed text near graphic it describes Humans are sense-makers; try to see the meaningful relationships between words and pictures When together, can hold in working memory and make connections When apart, working memory is taxed— extraneous processing Keep proximity in mind when creating lessons
  • 4. BACKLOADING TEXT: Deciding What to Teach and Test Course Objectives: #1 & #4 Establish alignment by Teach the curriculum working from the test first, then search for back to the curriculum a test to assess
  • 5. BACKLOADING PEER COACHING Work from the test back to the curriculum 100% alignment because curriculum derived from test SES does predict standardized test scores Our curricula can’t overcome home life, so we might as well “teach to the test” If not teaching what is tested, how can judgments be made about the quality of teaching based on test score?
  • 6. COHERENCE Text: E-learning by Design Course Objectives: # 2 & #3 Lots of seductive details People learn more added to increase deeply when interest distractions are eliminated
  • 7. COHERENCE PEER COACHING Keep lessons uncluttered Avoid any material that doesn’t support instructional goal Adding interesting but unnecessary material can actually DEPRESS learning Seductive details can create cognitive overload Weed out what you don’t need
  • 8. WORKED EXAMPLES Text: E-learning & the Science of Instruction Course Objectives: #2 & #3 Step-by-step Example and demonstration of how practice pairs to solve a problem
  • 9. WORKED EXAMPLES PEER COACHING It’s a step-by-step demonstration used during early stages of learning Accompany with explanation to provide rationale for steps Apply contiguity principle to steps and explanation Transition learner to practice