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Lumiere Global is a website design and development company based in Bangalore, India, with focus on User Experience and Customer Satisfaction through their Web design, Marketing, Outsourcing, and Web hosting services. We are here to help your business succeed online

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Lumiere Global Slideshow

  1. 1.  Who We Are  What We Do  Our Competencies  Our Unique Offering  Engagement ModelsLumiere GlobalWe Design Trends Rather Than Go Behind It
  2. 2. Who We AreLumiere Global is a Software Development and Web Designcompany run by a team of professionals with an innovativeapproach and young mind.With background in .Net, Java, PHP, Outsourcing & Analytics, webring together multi-cultural expertise and best practices acrosscountries, industries and verticals.Lumiere Global is founded on the belief that only multi-perspectiveintegrative approaches can sustain the competitive advantage in anera of open innovations and dispersed and globalized markets. Wealso believe organizations have to guard against “core rigidity” ,continuing to pursue historical methods that yielded results evenwhen the underlying market structures, institutions have morphed.
  3. 3. What We DOLumiere Global is founded with a goal of being a One stop shopfor the client’s IT related needs to drive his business.Lumiere Global is a framework and methodology driven IT Firm.Often, we employ multiple methods to give the best possible returnto our clients. Based on our collective experience, we have oftenmodified or extended the “best-practice” for our clients.By adopting this approach we actively encourage our employeesto embrace new knowledge and implement new approaches,methods and tools to ensure the solutions bring long-term value toour clients.
  4. 4. Our Competencies
  5. 5. Our Unique OfferingEDU-SMART FEATURESSeeing the difficulties in manual • All the records of the studentsmanagement of student’s data in can be viewed online byeducational institutions, Lumiere Principal, Teachers, StudentsGlobal has come up with a unique and Parents with differentproduct named EDU-SMART that type of access to each.can manage the entire data of the • Students & Parents can viewstudents in a college/school. the candidate’s attendance/Student status can be viewed by marks per subject online.his/her parent online. • Teachers can add, delete or edit students record online • Principal can view the information in a wrapped format or even detailed format if required and edit it.
  6. 6. Engagement ModelSHORT TERM ENGAGEMENT MODEL LONG TERM ENGAGEMENT MODELShort Term Engagement Projects areoutcome focused where we provide Long Term Engagement Projects areservices like Product Development, undertaken with a longer vision ofWeb Development & Web Hosting. The success where we stay with ourduration of Short Term Engagement clients till the desired success isModel is normally 6 – 10 weeks. achieved. Long term engagements include Software Development, WebNote : Projects related to Web Design, Development, Web Hosting,Logo Design, Blog Design etc. gets Branding, Social Media Marketingcompleted in a span of 3 – 7 days. and other client needs like Office Digitalization, Virtual Assistance, Data Entry & other BPO Services.
  7. 7. VisionWe set trends, redefine your business, see you grow with us.
  8. 8. Thank YouSony ChandranBusiness Development ManagerCell : +91 - 9986946767Off : 080 - 42031363Email: sony@lumiereglobal.com