Predictive profile example.


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This is a sample of a predictive profile that was created for a client.
The name has been removed for confidentiality and privacy purposes.
I have left the date of birth, so as to show how the Life Cycles, Pinnacles and Challenges are calculate.

The strongest energy vibration is calculated from the name that you chose for yourself at birth (including middle names) and your Date Of Birth.

A separate report can be included for your current married or adopted name analysis.
This has never been a more per-tenant time to understand who you are and what your mission in life is.

There are only a few more days until the biggest transformation and energy shift takes place on the 21/12/2012.

When you are ready to purchase your own 'This is your Life' book, contact me and we can start you on your own journey of remembrance and self discovery.

Kindest regards
Kate Alama
Predictive Numerologist.

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Predictive profile example.

  2. 2. WHAT IS PREDICTIVE NUMEROLOGY?THE MEANING OF THE MAJOR CYCLESThe first predictive element in the numerology chart comes from your date of birth.The number of the month of your birth is the first major cycle. – Formative cycle.The number of your day of birth is the second major cycle. – Productive cycle.The reduced number of your year of birth is the third major cycle. – Harvest cycle.The number of your cycle tells of the conditions and lessons you will need to meet that will advance youdown your path (Life Path Number: 9), and assist you in meeting your destiny (Destiny Number: 9)PINNACLES: TIMING THE FUTURE - THE ROAD AHEAD.The pinnacles are found written in your date of birth. They are like the road map and show how you areto travel during the four main periods which you experience in life.They give an outlet for the successful use of your talents and capabilities from the time of birth, to thetime of death. Just like the sign posts on the road – they hold true.THE CHALLENGE NUMBERSAnother predictive tool in your numerology profile is the challenge number.Knowing your challenge numbers and understanding their meaning, can make all the difference in yourlife. The challenge numbers and not meant to be ‘overcome’, but rather indicate what you must‘become’.Your four challenge numbers go hand in hand with your pinnacle numbers, and cover the same yearsthat have been predicted.CORNRSTONE AND CAPSTONEThe Cornerstone letter is the very first letter of your name and the Capstone is the very last letter.The first letter of your name reveals how and what things you create in life.The last letter of your name reveals your capacity to "walk your talk" and become gifted in life.FIRST VOWEL NUMBERThis is the letter that describes your natural and instinctive approach to life. It reveals your personalitytraits.GROWTH NUMBER/THE KEY.The total of the numbers in your first name gives the Growth Number.This helps you to know how to mature further as you move with your life path.MIDDLE NAME NUMBER.Your middle name is thought to rule your emotional life and reveals your likes, loves, emotions,attraction to certain hobbies and suitability in marriage. 1
  3. 3. FAMILY NAME NUMBERYour last name, whether it is your birth name, adopted name or married name, reveals the inheritedtraits of the family. It shows your spiritual nature.MY LIFE SONGI have arranged the letters in your name and created your LIFE SONG.By listening to your life song, it can help you to learn more about the energetic aspects ofyour personality.The RED border colour represents the colour of your Life Path number: 9LEARN THE BASICS - NUMEROLOGY WORKSHOPSAre you interested in finding out more about numerology? I would be happy to teach and share withyou my knowledge of more than 15 years.I am able to come to your city and teach you the art and science of numerology.Required: Maximum of 20 per class.Investment: $85.00INCREASE YOUR WORKPLACE PROFITABILITYAre you a manager, or would you like to learn how to effectively interact with your work colleagues?Do you have a company meeting, or a team building day coming up?I am available to speak with your staff/colleagues about how to maximise your passion for the work thatyou do.Required: Brief outline on what your company does.Company Investment: $90.00 per staff member.CONNECT VIA SKYPE FOR ANY TEACHING OR PARTY NIGHTWith the technology that is available in today’s fast paced environment, it is now possible to connect viaskype.We do not even need to be in the same location; however I am able to be in the room with you viaskype. Not as personal as a face to face interaction, but it is the next best thing.Now there is no reason for you to not gather your friends, collegues.SKEPTICS NIGHTI hold regular teaching and information nights on my Facebook page on a Tuesday evening at 7.30 pm(New Zealand time) If you have a friend that thinks this is ‘Airy Fairy’ I invite you to ask them to join in,or observe from a distance my teaching sessions. Select the invite friend’s button at the top of my page.SPREAD THE WORDPlease refer my details to another friend, colleague, or family member if this has helped you in any wayto understand more about yourself.Please leave any comments, questions, testimonials, on my Linked in profile or Facebook page. 2
  4. 4. PERSONAL PREDICTIVE NUMEROLOGY PROFILENAME: Your nameDATE OF BIRTH: Your date of birthDAY BORN - HOW YOU LIVE DAY TO DAY: 5The keywords for you are freedom and experience. You usually thrive on change and you have a beliefthat change is progress.You want to be able to experience everything through your five senses. When you think about the childwho, when you say, Dont touch that - its hot, goes ahead and puts their hand on it, - this is you.You need to experience something before you can understand it. You love variety and adventure andthe freedom to be yourself. You are able to adapt very well and enjoy lots of different experiences.Routine would be soul destroying for you, so an office career, or a business where you need to be in oneplace all day would be really claustrophobic, but working as a sales representative or in communicationsis absolutely perfect for you.Once the challenge of something new is past, you are ready to move on to the next challenge, so youmay find yourself often changing jobs. This is because you need to have continual variety to stimulateyour mind and your senses.If life becomes monotonous you could suffer from depression.You want the best that life can offer, but sometimes with your lack of stickability your energy canbecome easily scattered, so you may take that little bit longer to get there.It would be really helpful for you to try to learn to finish off whatever you start, instead of heading off -bull at a gate - onto something else.You have a very quick mind; you can be talking about something while your mind is off onto the nextsubject, this is because you can get bored with having to finishing a sentence, leaving others to only gethalf the conversation.If you are asked to repeat something that you have just said, you often cant as that topic is past and youare onto another track. Sometimes you can come back even half an hour later to something that youwere discussing with someone and just carry on, expecting them to keep up.This can cause you to become impatient with others who are not able to switch immediately towhatever you were talking about.Often when you are under stress you will talk and talk and possibly get nowhere. You feel that it isimportant for other people to listen to you - even if they cannot keep up with you - as communicationhelps you to get things clear and off your mind.Number 5 is also known as the number of excess and addiction. Addictions are often used to stuff downor mask your emotions rather than facing what your soul is really craving for. 3
  5. 5. LIFE PATH – THE DIRECTION OF YOUR LIFE, YOUR CAREER TALENTS: 9You are here to show others the way. You are generous, patient, kind and understanding and a lover ofall humanity. Success and happiness comes when you treat others as you would like to be treatedyourself. Often you will be left to see a project through to completion and tie up any lose ends.CAREER AND VOCATION – LIFE PATH: 9Key words: Humanitarian, compassionate, kind, caring, serving mankind.Career direction: Doctor, surgeon, reformer, freedom fighter, philanthropist, civil defence, anythingthat sees you serving humanity or those that are less fortunate; such as volunteering overseas.SOUL/INNER PERSONALITY – YOUR HEARTS DESIRE: 5You want freedom and are constantly looking for change and new opportunities. You hate to have towait or have any limitations imposed on your freedom. You want to learn and experience all that lifehas to offer. You adapt easily to change and need to have many and various interests. You areenthusiastic about life and ambitious in your goals, you are always looking for new opportunities.OUTER PERSONALITY – HOW OTHERS SEE YOU: 4Others see you as hard working and dependable. You can appear to be conservative in dress andmanner. You will sometimes seem overcautious and frugal, and occasionally stingy.You must take care not to over-discipline yourself and allow time for play and spontaneity.DESTINY – WHAT YOU ARE HERE TO BE AND DO: 9You are here to lead by example. By showing forgiveness in any situation or challenge, you teach othersthe meaning of compassion. You can become impatient with yourself and others when the results comeslowly or are not to the high standard that you desire. You need to keep a wide circle of friends andrecognise when it is time to let go of any outlived friendships.When you work spiritually for humanity, your needs are always met.POWER/WISDOM – YOUR MATURE YEARS: 9These are the years for compassion and a service to mankind. You will inspire others to a better way ofliving and others will look to you for guidance.PERSONAL YEAR: 3It is now time to expand and develop your dreams. This is one of the happiest and luckiest years of yourlife cycle. You’ll enjoy a very social year with many invitations and lots of entertaining. There will beopportunities for travel and time to enjoy your freedom. Manifest your dreams and draw your luck toyou. 4
  6. 6. ARROW OF DETERMINATION – 1, 5, 9You are enterprising, ambitions and determined to do all things well; you bounce back easily fromsetbacks, and can overcome any obstacles that are thrown your way.You strive in business and head for the top of your chosen field.You may need to watch for stubbornness, as you can cling to ideas and projects when the time is wellpast to let it go. (A bit like a dog with a bone)ARROW OF COMPASSION – 3, 5, 7You have an inner calm and acceptance of the highs and lows in your life.You bring peace, unconditional love and gentleness, wanting to promote peace and love to everyone.Compassionate and spiritual, you have a strong faith and philosophy of life with an aura of serenityabout you. 5
  7. 7. ARROWS 3 9 5 111 7 Day: 05 Month: 11 Year: 1973 NUMBER HOW KEY FOCUS MANY 1 3 Confidence and Communication 2 0 Sensitivity and Perception 3 1 Intellectual ability and Ceativity 4 0 Practicality and Work 5 1 Emotional balance and Love of freedom 6 0 Family and Responsibility 7 1 Lessons learned 8 0 Attention to detail and Restlesness 9 1 Idealisim and Charity Missing numbers represent the lessons that need to be learned in this lifetime.MENTAL EMOTIONAL PHYSICAL INTUITIVE 6
  8. 8. LIFE LESSONS FROM YOUR DATE OF BIRTH 3 6 9This relates to your memory, This number relates to the This is the humanaterianintelectual capacity and your home, family and responsibility. number, representing how youability to think clearly and Learn to become more care for the welfare of others.logically. It also relates to your responsible, open and loving It also represents your ability tocreativity. towards your parents. finish what you start.You have a good brain, a creative You have a strong desire tomind and an excellent memory. improve yourself and to improveYou should continue to study the world.and learn throughout your life.You are generally optomistic andlucky. 2 5 8This shows how sensitive, This number relates to This number relates to attentionperceptive and intuitive you emotional stability and balance. to detail and how restless youare. It also shows how co- It also relates to a love of are.operative, diplomatic, and freedom and variety. Learn to be less impulsive andtactful you are. You are emotionally well also think before you act.Learn to be more sensitive, trust balanced, compassionate, You may need to control youryour intuition, more patient and understanding and caring. spending.admit and accept responsibility You have the ability to motivatefor your own ‘slipups’. and inspire others to achieve. 111 4 7This shows how you This shows how practical and This represents the lessons thatcommunicate with others. hard working you are. are learned as a result of loss orYou can either talk and talk, or Learn to be disciplined, work dissapointment.not say a word, depending on hard and also enjoy your work. You are here to learn throughthe situation. the loss of love, possessions orYou are generally happy and health.content. As you learn from theseYou are a very confident person. experiences, you may become more and more interested in spiritual topics. 7
  9. 9. LIFE CYCLES FORMATIVE CYCLE PRODUCTIVE CYCLE HARVEST CYCLE AGE 0 – 27 AGE 28 - 54 AGE 55 - … 11 5 2MAJOR CYCLE MASTER NUMBER 11/2: A CYCLE OF ILLUMINATION – Age 0 - 27The 11 is a cycle of growth and understanding of higher human ideals, and is a time of inspiration, self-improvement, and revelations about how life truly works.It is only through a deep personal transformation and improvement of self-expression that you will beable to bring forth these revelations, because you were born to illuminate others and share with yourcommunity. The more willing you are to work on yourself; the better you will be for the world.During this first major life cycle, you may have to relearn the lessons of the 2: partnership andcooperation.As an 11, if you accept the path of the ‘spiritual messenger’ you will find great reward, includingfinancial support, and even fame. If the energy of the 11 is too intense or too demanding, you willrevert to the energy of the 2, where the issues of sensitivity, cooperation, and relationship will dominateevery day. Either way, this is a period in your life where you will learn to find harmony within yourselfwhile you learn to lead.MAJOR CYCLE NUMBER 2: A Slow Cycle – Age 0 - 27This is a period of slow, patient development. Your natural gifts of gentle persuasion and peacemakingwill be utilised often. You learn to cooperate with others, and how to be part of the team.Partnerships of any kind are important, and the lessons will be around learning the skills of tact,diplomacy and compromise, whilst gaining a clear understanding of how relationships work. This is agentle vibration and it teaches gentleness, support, and harmony, and encourages you to seek outbeauty and harmonious environments.Discord and disruption are not tolerated well.MAJOR CYCLE NUMBER 5: A FREEING CYCLE – Age 28 - 54Rapid progress and change characterizes the 5 major cycle; and travel, moving house, and changing jobsare all part of this cycles energy.It is a time for promoting yourself, seeking new opportunities, and there is also the prospect of visitingforeign lands, discovering new cultures, and having exciting new adventures. Seeking change, takingrisks and facing new adventures will bring you great satisfaction.You are learning the lessons of freedom, which, if managed well, will show you the excitement of life,and, if managed poorly, will teach, as Janis Joplin sang, that freedom is a metaphor for recklessness, fornothing left to lose.MAJOR CYCLE NUMBER 2: A Slow Cycle – Age 55 - …Patience and cooperation will be the hall-marks of your mature years. 8
  10. 10. PINNACLES AND CHALLENGES PINNACLES CHALLENGES AGES 7 6 0 – 27 7 3 27 – 36 5 3 36 – 45 4 0 45 - …PINNACLE: 7 – Age 0 – 27 and 27 – 36 (Double time period pinnacle)You will be in a time of study, research, introspection or soul development.Education, scientific interests, study and specialization are not only favored, but they are highlyrecommended.The quality of being an individualist and a loner is very present with this number; so you will need thetime to focus on your inner self.Living in the country is excellent for you during this period, or anywhere that you will have the time tolearn to be alone, learn about yourself, do research for areas of specialisation, learn about mysticalthings and understand the principles of living right.This pinnacle brings you much wisdom, so people will come to you for your wisdom because youdevelop a talent for explaining the unexplainable. Specializing in this field will bring you good money.As this is your 1st pinnacle, it can be a difficult time period, because it usually means that you feel aloneor isolated. Unusual circumstances bring you to a have a deeper understanding of the mysteries of life.You may also have a special talent or ability in the technical or scientific fields.You will also be very selective about the number and type of friends that you have.Between the ages of 27 – 36 we again see the 7 Pinnacle: You now have a chance to refine or specialiseyour skills – to delve deeper in your chosen direction, whilst at the same time giving you the opportunityto explore the meaning of life on an internal level.CHALLENGE: 6 – Age 0 - 27The lessons here are about feeling responsible for others, or feeling burdened by family obligations.You are learning to serve others and to find the balance between honoring your commitments to thefamily and honoring those that you make to yourself.You cannot avoid giving and caring for others with this challenge, however; this challenge is about beingcodependent and giving for the wrong reasons.You will learn when you are taking care of others in an unhealthy way. But no matter what, thischallenge is a domestic one. Because it idealises things, you may be challenged to discover whenloyalty, obedience, the desire to be the head of the household and even love; has gone too far. 9
  11. 11. CHALLENGE: 3 – Age 27 – 36 and 36 – 45 (Double time period challenge)You are learning to identify your feelings and to speak from your heart.You may be critical with your words, especially critical of yourself – Your words have a profound impacton your life. Instead of addressing the truth of what is in your heart, you tend to use humor (orcriticism) to ‘cover up’ your feelings.With this challenge you are invited to achieve and use your creative energy to create a loving,encouraging, positive and joyful spirit.It would be sad to waste the energy of the 3, because it is what we all long for: pure, unadulteratedhappiness.PINNACLE: 5 – Age 36 - 45Ultimately, this period is about loosening up restricted patterns of the past to bring you freedom andliberation. However it can be an unsettling time, as change is not everybody’s favorite.Change, change, change. This is the one thing that is constant in this pinnacle.This is not the time for homeliness or domestic harmony; instead you will find yourself being drawn intothe public world.You should learn to avoid impulsive, hasty decisions, especially the urge to ‘pack it in and run’.The main lesson and the major attainment, is to learn to be adaptable and flexible and to trust thateverything always works out in the end. And it does.PINNACLE: 4 – Age 45 - …This is the time for building your life with solid, stable foundations that will last. Usually this means it isa time of building a home, career and a family.Endurance, hard work and patience are all part of what you are learning in this pinnacle.It is a time of practical application, of putting your ideas into form and of crafting a place for yourself inthe material world.It is also a demanding time that requires discipline, recognition of your limitations and a serious attitude.This is definitely not a time for leisure.This pinnacle teaches you that it is the effort that you make; is what counts.You will find reward, lasting throughout your life, for the effort that is made during this time period. 10
  12. 12. CHALLENGE: 0 – Age 45 - …This number is also called the Cipher Challenge. It stands for all or nothing.As a symbol for the circle, the 0 challenge contains all things; it can be full and empty at the same time.With this number, you have full free will – you have the right of choice - to drift in life or to rise abovethe problems of life to achieve greatness.You have the choice to create your own world as one filled with love, compassion, integrity,responsibility, vision and to do great works.This period of your life should not be taken lightly, for some kind of selection must be made, and itshould be done with clear consideration of your Destiny Number 9 and the higher laws of universalorder.Your test and challenge, is to nurture a desire to make the world a better place. There is a great deal ofresponsibility with the 0 challenge number.Metaphysics teaches that the soul migrates from past life to present life. It is also thought that if youare carrying the 0 challenge, then you are an old soul.As an old soul, it is thought that you have lived many lifetimes and are open to utilising soul knowledgein this lifetime.Under this 0 challenge, you are expected to make choices that honor this higher awareness and thatfoster spiritual growth on the material plane.There is a much greater chance for profound growth with this challenge number.The various tests and lessons encountered in this life are meant to advance your understanding of themeaning of life. 11
  13. 13. PLANES OF EXPRESSION YOUR NAMEMENTAL EMOTIONAL EMOTIONAL PHYSICAL PHYSICAL EMOTIONAL INTUITUVE MENTAL INTUITIVEA, J, S B, K, T C, L U D, M, V E, N, W F, O, X G, P, Y H, Q, Z I, R 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 3 2 3 2 3 2 1 1 2 MENTAL PLANE: 4 (a practical number) You are an executive and a planner in charge of the affairs of many – large or small. You are responsible and determined, but may become tied down by caution or held back by being too ‘serious’. Sometimes you may have to give up on things, just when things seem to be going right. You have the ability to be a manager in a large corporation, but you may choose to work for yourself, or in your own shop or undertaking. EMOTIONAL PLANE: 7 (an intuitive number) You are thoughtful, selective, reserved and can sometimes repress your emotions. This could lead to frustration and also becoming inhibited in your emotions. You create beauty from the depths of meditation and your appreciation of perfection in all things. You need to ferret out your inhibitions and express your feelings through beauty and find more creativity. PHYSICAL PLANE: 5 (a practical number) You like to travel and be in contact with other people. You succeed in any work that has to do with the public and have a very active life. You are able to adapt easily to change. You are resourceful and versatile, but may become restless if there is too much routine involved. INTUITIVE PLANE: 3 (an emotional number) You colour your ideas from on High with imagination and great personal feeling. You are capable of inspiring others to have higher interests and faith. You are a fine speaker and have a lot of artistic talent. You also have great psychic abilities. 12
  14. 14. LINES OF EXPRESSIONPhysical Line - _______________ Intellectual Line - _______________Spiritual Line – _______________ Material World Line - _______________Emotions Line - _______________ Creativity Line – _______________Communications Line - _______________ Effectiveness Line - _______________1: - Personal resourcesKey words: Being, Ego, Leadership, Personal Identity.2: - Personal feelingsKey words: The conscious mind, Either/or – imbalance, Caring, Duality.3: - Personal creativityKey words: Service, Initiative, Forcefulness, Action.4: - Logic and instinctsKey words: Material world, The concrete, Practicality.5: - Senses and expansionKey words: Learning, Tolerance, Flexibility.6: - Theory and intuitionKey words: Abstract thinking, Fantasy, Imagination, Intellectual creativity.7: - Setting limitsKey words: The Bridge into the spiritual world, The limits of the material world.8: - TransformationKey words: Dharma: doing what has to be done, Timeless space, The unconscious mind.9: - Spiritual creativityKey words: Karma: reward for actions of previous lives, Completion, Divine LoveThe number of circles around each number represents how much awareness you have around these qualities and strengths. 13
  15. 15. NAME ANALYSISHABIT CHALLENGE NUMBER: 1You have great ideas, but try not to become dominant as a result of your one-tracked mind.FIRST NAME NUMBER (GROWTH) - PHYSICAL/MENTAL: 1Your greatest growth will be along the lines of asserting yourself and in being an individualist.MIDDLE NAME NUMBER – EMOTIONAL: 8Keywords: Money, Power, Success, Authority, Organisation, AchievementFAMILY NAME NUMBER – SPIRITUAL: 9You inherit an artistic flair, a concern for others, an emotional nature, generosity, a sense of needing toserve, a philanthropic nature, and an attitude of looking for what is possible.FIRST VOWEL: AThis highlights your individuality, creativity and leadership. You have a high sense and knowledge of thepower and value of one.CORNERSTONE: SPeople are willing to work with you because you are so charming and beautiful as well. However youhave an impulsive nature and scattered nature that makes it hard for you to get anything off the ground.CAPSTONE: YFor you to succeed it is very important not to be too ‘snobbish’ about who you work with, or tooextravagant in your expenses. 14
  16. 16. YOUR LIFE SONG 15
  17. 17. NEED TO ASK A QUESTION: PHONE – 0211396388, 073575487 Skype: kate.alama 16