Breakfasts Around The World
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Breakfasts Around The World






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Breakfasts Around The World Breakfasts Around The World Presentation Transcript

  • Breakfasts Around The World By:Megan Lowe
  • South American- Peru breakfast
      • Tamale, Chicharron which is a sandwich between bread buns. A chicharron can have deepfried pork, and sweet potatoes. You can also put red onions and chilli pepper dressings on it. 
      • To go with their delicious chicharron they drink black coffee.                        Tamale
  • Africian -Egyptian Breakfast
      •   Yogurt is a popular breakfast food in Egypt.   Eggs are too .
      • "Falafel" - little deep fried bean burgers served in pita bread are popular at breakfast in Egypt 
      • "Ful" - a spread or stew made from fava beans also served on pita. With coffee or tea 
      •                               Ful                                 Falafel
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  • Western Europe- Spain
      • A Spanish breakfast is small and usually consists of a cup of coffee with a slice of toast and jam usually apricot. 
      • A pastry, Churros are often served with chocolate instead of coffee. Another favourite breakfast dish is the tortilla, which is served on bread pudding or French toast
      •                                                           Chololate Churros
      •                                                                               Tortilla
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  • Western Asia/ Eastern Europe- Afghanistan
      • Some things they eat for breakfast are omlettes, boiled eggs, biscuits and toast.
      • rice with koft'a (meat) or sabzi (spinach),
      • For their morning drink they would usually have tea called,  Qaimaaq chai   which means green tea with milk and rose essence and cardamom seeds.
      •                           Qaimaaq Chai                      
      •                                                             Toast
  • Eastern Europe/ Western Asia- Russia  
      • pancakes, usually made from buckwheat
      • huge omelettes made from two or three eggs. sandwiches with cured or salted meats are common.
      • Kasha, a type of porridge, is made from buckwheat and topped with sour cream, you can put meat berries or fish in the kasha as well .     pancakes with buckwheat
      •                        Kasha with sour cream
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    • Egyptian hyperlinks:  
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    •   Afghanistan Hyperlinks:
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      • Toast/ Internet
      •   Tea (Qaimaaq chai)/ Internet picture
  • Breakfast Hyperlinks
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    • Russian Hyperlinks
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