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  1. 1. Nick
  2. 2. Synopsis The genre of this film is romantic comedy, and it is set in 2009. The film focuses on a young man in his 20s, who dates three different women simultaneously. These girls are unaware of the fact that they are all seeing the same man, and the film follows how he gets away with dating all of them. Eventually, all three of the girls meet and it is later worked out what he is doing. The girls then get together and work out how to get their revenge. Target Audience The target audience for this film will be females aged between 16-24 years of age. They enjoy watching romances, yet they also watch films to be entertained. They are either students or women with quite high powered jobs, and are likely to watch the films in the evening after a long day at work. They are unlikely to see the film in the cinema, preferring to watch it on DVD or when it is broadcast on the television.
  3. 3. Key Questions Are the girls aware that he is seeing all of them? How will Nick explain himself if he gets found out? Will the girls ever meet each other? Why can’t Nick settle for one girl? What will happen in the end?
  4. 4. Story Board Camera slowly zooms in Screen splits into three sections Camera follows woman (dolley shot) Cut to black Shots cut quite quickly (fast paced)
  5. 5. Teaser Plan 1 2 The teaser trailer starts with a long shot of a table with a mobile phone on it. The camera slowly zooms in as the phone starts to ring. You then hear some walk over towards the table and his arm is visible picking up the phone. You can then hear the diagetic sound of his voice answering the phone. A mid-shot is used to film the man from behind the sofa. His arm is laid out across, showing that he is relaxed and comfortable in his own house. You can hear him on the phone asking how someone is.
  6. 6. 3 4 A long shot is used of a woman laid out on her sofa. You can hear the diagetic sound of her voice answering the man’s question. The room that she is in is tidy and feminine, giving the audience an idea of what she is like. Teaser Plan A close up camera angle is used to film the side profile of the man on the phone. The full identity of him still isn’t revealed yet.
  7. 7. Teaser Plan 5 6 A mid shot is used of a second woman walking through the park, also on the phone to the man. She is dressed smartly, giving the audience an idea of where she works and what socio-economic group she is in. A long shot is used to film the man from behind the sofa. As he is talking, he lifts his legs up on to the table, to show how at ease he is, knowing that he is ‘playing’ these three girls at the same time.
  8. 8. Teaser Plan 7 8 A mid shot is used to film the third woman in a coffee shop. She is filmed from a side profile, so that the background is visible outside. She too is on the phone, yet there is also some background noise to add to the realism. A mid shot is used to film the man from behind. He then turns his head so the audience can see him from a side profile.
  9. 9. Teaser Plan 9 A long shot is used to film the first woman still talking on the phone. She is seen changing position, moving her legs from on the sofa to on the floor. A close up is used to film the woman in the coffee shop from a side profile. She lifts her cup up to drink it whilst still on the phone. 10
  10. 10. Teaser Plan 11 12 A long shot is used to film the second woman walking through the park. She then takes a seat down on the bench. The camera moves with her using a dolly movement. A long shot shows the man from a side profile with his feet up on the sofa. He reaches over to the table to pick up a cup and drinks it, while still on the phone.
  11. 11. Teaser Plan 13 14 There are then three mid shots of the women saying ‘bye’ simultaneously. The screen is divided equally into three sections so that the audience has a clear view of the three different women. A slightly high camera angle films over the mans shoulder, so that you can see him click the button that ends the call. The man slowly turns his head around so that he is facing the camera. He then smiles and the screen cuts to black.
  12. 12. Moodboard
  13. 13. Actors / Costumes / Props NICK Played by Nick Rogers This is the main character and is who this film focuses on throughout. He mix-and-matches smart with casual, for example blazers with T-Shirts, for a laid back and trendy look. He is often seen with a mobile phone in his hand, which shows how he is extremely popular in society. He is also often seen with a cup of Starbucks coffee, suggesting he is quite wealthy and always on the go.
  14. 14. Actors / Costumes / Props SUSAN Played by Susan Alnajafi This is one of the women that Nick is seeing. She is extremely attractive, and is probably Nick’s favourite out of the three girls. She works as a secretary in a large organisation, and dresses formally to fit in with other staff members. When at home, she dresses a lot more casually, such as hooded jumpers and tracksuit bottoms. She is an extremely strong character, and likes to believe she is always in control.
  15. 15. CORIN Played by Corin Ryda This is Nick’s next door neighbour. She often sees him later at night, after he has returned home from work. She is always dressed quite seductively, and does not work as her husband supports her financially. She spends her day shopping for the latest designer items, and is always seen in a different outfit. Actors / Costumes / Props
  16. 16. Actors / Costumes / Props MAISAH Played by Maisah Thompson This is woman has the nicest personality out of the three, and is often seen as a ‘push-over’ by her friends. She is willing to go out of her way to do anything for anyone, which makes her extremely naïve a times. She is naturally pretty, and tends not to wear much make-up. Her clothes are casual, yet she always looks presentable. She works as a primary school teacher, seeing Nick often during her lunch breaks.
  17. 17. Locations Regents Park St John’s Wood Baker Street Maida Vale
  18. 18. Locations
  19. 19. Nick