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Timetable endo


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  • 1. Third Year - First Semester - Endocrine Block Timetable WEEK 1 (6 Oct – 10Oct 2012; 20Thul-Qedah– 24Thul-Qedah 1433) Introduction & Pituitary Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Time8:00am Lecture — Clinical Skills Groups A&B SDL SDL Medicine SDL8:30am History Taking for Hypo Secretory Pituitary Endocrine Diseases8:30am Disorders Dr. LutfunNahar — SDL9:00am Dr. Aisha Lecture Hall9:00am — Written Exam Break Break Break Break9:30am 9:30am Practical Lecture — Anatomy/Histology SDL Medicine10:00am Groups A, B & C (computer-based) Hyper Secretory ‫القرآن الكريم‬ Review: Anatomy &10:00am Pituitary Disorders Histology of Endocrine — The Holy Quraan Glands SDL10:30am Dr. Aisha Dr. LutfunNahar Lecture Hall10:30am — SDL11:00am11:00am —11:30am OSPE Exam Lecture SDL Lecture Research Methodology11:30am II Complimentary Medicine —12:00pm SDL Dr. Lamya Dr. Asiya12:00pm —12:30pm SDL SDL12:30pm — Break Break Break Break Break 1:00pm 1:00pm— 1:30pm Clinical Skills SDL Group C SDL Lecture History Taking for Pathology1:30pm Endocrine Diseases Pituitary Lesions— 2:00pm Dr. Sufia SDL Dr. Lamya SDL Lecture Hal2:00pm— 2:30pm SDL Lecture Medicine2:30pm Hyperprolactinemia— 3:00pm PBL1 Brainstorming PBL1 Reporting Dr. Aisha SDL Groups A, B & C Groups A, B & C “Acromegaly (Increasing “Acromegaly (Increasing OSCE Exam Shoe Size)” Shoe Size)”3:00pm Drs Raneem, Najwa, DrsRaneem, Najwa,— 3:30pm Amal Amal SDL SDL3:30pm— 4:00pm SDL SDL
  • 2. Third Year - First Semester - Endocrine Block Timetable WEEK 2 (13 Oct – 17 Oct 2012; 27Thul-Qedah – 1Thul-Hijjah1433) Thyroid Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Time8:00am — Clinical Skills Lecture8:30am Student Seminar SDL Groups A&C Medicine Group C Physical Examination "Thyroid in Pregnancy”8:30am Lecture Hypo Secretory of Neck Pediatrics Thyroid Disorders — Supervisor: Dr.9:00am Dr. LutfunNahar AmalBaalash SDL Growth and Growth Dr. Aisha Lecture Hall Disorders9:00am — Break Dr. Rana Break Break SDL9:30am9:30am Lecture Lecture Lecture — Biochemistry SDL Physiology Medicine10:00am Theoretical bases of the Methods of laboratory Calcium and Phosphate Hyper Secretory measurements of homeostasis Thyroid Disorders10:00am Hormones — Dr. Amal Dr. Aisha AmalBaalash SDL10:30am Lecture Hall10:30am — Lecture11:00am SDL Pediatrics ‫القرآن الكريم‬ Congenital Disorders of The Holy Quraan11:00am Thyroid — Lecture11:30am Lecture SDL Dr. Reem Research Methodology II Complimentary11:30am Dr. Lamya Medicine — Lecture12:00pm Lecture Dr. Asiya SDL Immunology Autoimmunity in12:00pm Endocrine Diseases —12:30pm Lecture SDL Dr. Najwa Pathology Thyroid Lesions I12:30pm Dr. Sufia — Break Break Break SDL 1:00pm 1:00pm— 1:30pm Clinical Skills SDL SDL SDL Group B Lecture1:30pm Pathology Physical Examination— 2:00pm Thyroid Lesions II of Neck SDL Dr. Sufia SDL SDL Dr. Lamya Lecture Hall2:00pm— 2:30pm SDL SDL SDL2:30pm PBL2 Brainstorming— 3:00pm Groups A, B & C PBL1 Reporting SDL SDL SDL “Grave’s disease (A Girl Groups A, B & C with Eye Complains)” “Acromegaly (Increasing Shoe Size)”3:00pm DrsRaneem, Najwa, DrsRaneem, Najwa,— 3:30pm Amal Amal SDL SDL SDL3:30pm— 4:00pm SDL SDL SDL
  • 3. Third Year - First Semester Endocrine Block Timetable WEEK 3 (3 Nov – 7Nov 2012; 18Thul-Hijjah – 22Thul-Hijjah1433) Adrenal, Diabetes Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Time8:00am — Clinical Skills8:30am Lecture Groups B&C + Group A Lecture Lecture Lecture Community Medicine Pharmacology Pharmacology Physical Examination Medicine for Endocrine Diseases Epidemiology of Drugs in Pituitary Drugs in Thyroid and Cushing’s Syndrome Endocrine Diseases Dr. LutfunNahar / Dr. Disorders Parathyroid Disorders8:30am Asiya Wali Dr. Aisha Dr. Basma — Dr. ----- Dr. -----9:00am Dr. Lamya Clinical Skills Lab9:00am —9:30am Break Break Break Break Break9:30am — SDL10:00am Lecture Lecture Medicine Complimentary Addison’s Disease Medicine Lecture10:00am Dr. Aisha Dr. Asiya ‫القرآن الكريم‬ Pediatrics — SDL10:30am The Holy Quraan Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia10:30am — Dr. Rana11:00am Lecture11:00am Lecture Biochemistry — Mid-Block Exam11:30am Research Theoretical bases of the Methodology II blood glucose testing; Dr. Lamya glucometer11:30am Lecture — Lecture Lecture Amal Baalash Pathology12:00pm Pathology Lecture Hall Diabetes and its12:00pm Adrenal diseases complications — SDL12:30pm Dr. Sufia Dr. Sufia12:30pm SDL — SDL SDL Break Break 1:00pm1:00pm— 1:30pm Clinical Skills SDL SDL Group B SDL SDL Physical Examination1:30pm of Neck— 2:00pm SDL SDL Dr. Lamya SDL SDL Lecture Hall2:00pm— 2:30pm SDL SDL SDL2:30pm— 3:00pm PBL3 Brainstorming SDL SDL SDL PBL3 Reporting Groups A, B & C Groups A, B & C “Cushing’s syndrome)” “Cushing’s syndrome)”3:00pm DrsRaneem, Najwa, Lecture DrsRaneem, Najwa,— 3:30pm Lamya, Amal Physiology Lamya, Amal SDL SDL Mechanism of Actions and Effects of Adrenal3:30pm Hormones— 4:00pm SDL SDL Dr Amal
  • 4. Third Year - First Semester Endocrine Block Timetable WEEK 4 (10 Nov – 14Nov 2012; 25Thul-Hijjah – 29Thul-Hijjah1433) Diabetes Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Time8:00am — Lecture8:30am Lecture Pharmacology Lecture Student Seminar Pharmacology Medicine Group B Pharmacological "Endocrine Hormonal Replacement Management of Type 1 DM Emergencies” Therapy Diabetes and its8:30am Complications Dr. Aisha Supervisor: Dr. Asiya Dr. ----- —9:00am9:00am — Break Break Break Break9:30am Written Exam9:30am Lecture — SDL Medicine10:00am Type 2 DM10:00am — SDL Lecture Dr. Aisha10:30am ‫القرآن الكريم‬ Complimentary10:30am The Holy Quraan Medicine —11:00am SDL Dr. Asiya11:00am — Lecture11:30am SDL OSPE Exam Research Methodology II11:30am Dr. Lamya Lecture — Lecture Surgery12:00pm Biochemistry Lecture Lecture Pathology Surgical Aspect of Hormonal Control of Diabetic Diseases12:00pm Circulating Nutrients Adrenal diseases — Dr. -----12:30pm Dr. Gwiria Dr. Sufia12:30pm — 1:00pm Break Break Break Break1:00pm Lecture— 1:30pm Medicine SDL SDL SDL Complications of Diabetes1:30pm— 2:00pm Dr. Basma SDL SDL SDL2:00pm— 2:30pm Lecture SDL Community Medicine Life style and Diabetes2:30pm— 3:00pm PBL4Brainstorming PBL4 Reporting Dr. Basma SDL Groups A, B & C Groups A, B & C Type II Diabetes Type II Diabetes (Feeling (Feeling Tired Now) Tired Now) OSCE Exam3:00pm Drs Raneem, Najwa, Drs Raneem, Najwa,— 3:30pm Amal Amal SDL SDL3:30pm— 4:00pm SDL