The report of fire insurance survey


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Everything you need to know about report of fire insurance survey.

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The report of fire insurance survey

  1. 1. The Reportof FireInsuranceSurvey [1]
  2. 2. The PeriodThe Report of Fire Fire safety survey is performed in aInsurance Survey regular schedule and usually decided by the fire insurance company. BasedIn this artice, we are going to learn on my experiences, it is conductedabout fire insurance survey report. This every five years. However, the periodreport is issued everytime after a may be changed after a fire accidentsafety survey conducted by an expert occurred at the client site to monitorteam from fire insurance company the effectiveness of countermeasures.finished. This survey is conducted to So, you will receive fire insurancesurvey fire protection system in a survey report periodically.client site to ensure that it is stillreliable. Surveyor TeamFire insurance is a way to protect a This should be the reason why youcompany from loss due to fire have to pay your attentions to fireaccident. Without having fire insurance survey report. The survey isinsurance, a company will loss its performed by an expert team frombusiness in second without any safety insurance company, who has aguarantee to have enough capital to wide range of fire safety its facility. They know what they are doing. The report is made by fire experts.Fire safety survey is conducted in aregular period of time and scheduled Fire Insurance Survey Report Contentsby the fire insurance company. It is a A fire insurance survey report containssafety survey not a safety audit. It is to at least previous surveys findingsinspect the implementation of status and new findings. As Iproverty loss prevention and safety mentioned earlier in this article, thecorresponding to potential fire hazard. content may also vary. It will dependNo certification will be awarded even if on the safety insurance companya client is considered having good fire policy. That’s no problem, in generalprotection system. they are similar.Sometimes, fire insurance survey The report contains an outline ofreport is also called by loss control safety survey (date of survey,report. The name of this report may company’s representatives, surveyvary depend on the fire insurance team members), follow up results oncompany policy. former survey and recommendations [2]
  3. 3. on the latest survey includes infrared of each recommendation. Urgetthermography survey report. problem in common should be followed up as soon as possible orRecommendation or finding is prefably within one week.categorized into three categories,urgent action required (high), quick Usually, time frame for taking followimprovement required (medium) and up action is described inside the reportfuture study required (low). below the finding.At the first section, the status of every Conclusionprevious survey recommendation is Even though fire insurance surveymentioned. If the corrective and report contains only recommendationspreventive actions are considered and no obligation from client to followenough, it is marked as closed finding. up those recommendations, but as IOtherwise, it will be re-inspected in said that the recommendations arethe next survey. created by safety expert team. TheyThe second section talks about could see what you cannot see in therecommendations on current survey. stand point of safety. They help youEach finding will be described shortly, improving your safety and fire losscompleted with a photo and ended prevention.with a recommendation, as well as the My final word is open your mind andfinding category. be happy to receive theirAt the last section, infrared (IR) recommendations, since you don’tthermography survey result on have to work hard to uncover theelectromechanical equipment is defficiency of your fire safety systems.reported. Such survey is conducted to --------------------------------------------------measure and detect abnormaltemperature (hotspot) on Get the latest chemical industry newselectromechanical equipment. Hotspot by subscribing to chemical engineeringfindings are then evaluated and magazine. Click here to subscribe.categorized too.Follow up RequestsAfter receiving the fire insurancesurvey report, you are requested tofollow their recommendations. Followup request will depend on categories [3]