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Final Presentation in Assignment 3

Final Presentation in Assignment 3



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Final advert presentation Final advert presentation Presentation Transcript

  • My Final Advert
    Presented By Luke Davenport
  • Here Is My Final Advert
  • The product is in the exact same position.
    The text is exactly placed around the product.
    The word ‘Multisphere’ is the approximate same text size and similar effect (glowing outline). Same goes for the other text ‘Out 20th June’.
    Original Ideas Included To Final
  • The text box is not included- to space out my advert more so that it wouldn’t overlap with any content.
    The slogan text effect has changed from sparks to dissolve- this is because it is much quicker, easier and better designed.
    I didn’t include circular text boxes around the product.
    I had changed one of my own game store logos.
    Changes from original ideas
  • The background is smooth and blends well with the content in my advert.
    The effects I had used in each text. I particularly liked the large text at the top because the glow outlines really good.
    The way I darkly stroked and covered up the photo of my stereo to make it like my actual product. Also I loved how I spheri
    My advert is very well spaced out.
    What I liked about my advert?
  • There wasn’t much information on my advertisement. Felt that I needed to add more specifically (like the cost of the product I’m selling).
    There’s not enough images on my advertisement and could have added more to bring more audience’s attention.
    The designs on my product doesn’t quite blend with it and needs a bit of toning to the right effect to balance.
    What I didn’t like about my advert?
  • The colours I used is all dark colours. My audience would prefer adverts based on gaming to be much less brighter. The colours I chose represent the next generation of gaming and it gives an interesting theme for gamers to get excited for the next games console.
    The product is shaped like a proper sphere because the name of my console is ‘Multisphere’. This would get the audience to feel more excited and would read on further to know more about the product.
    The slogan I had come up with inspires to gaming because of the way it pronounced. It is also related to what I’m advertising because again my games console is named ‘Multisphere’.
    All texts are differing lengths which helps the reader to understand about the product. All are differently designed so that it doesn’t look too repetitive.
    How my advert follows the techniques in advertising?