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Deepetch broucher profile

  1. 1. About deepetch Deepetch is your complete outsourcing partner for all aspects of image processing. Our very own offshore production facility located in South East Asia, houses teams of Photoshop® artists who are trained and managed by western industry professionals. We specialized in delivering services such as hand drawn Clipping path, masking/alpha channel, color correction/management, digital retouch, Vector service and web optimization. Our customer support located within the USA, UK and AUSTRALIA. Our Highlights 4 Hours 24X7 15 Minutes Express Service Live Chat & Support Email Response & Quote 100% 24 Hours Multiple Job Secure Site Job Tracking Submission Available
  2. 2. Clipping path service By using the Photoshop® Pen Tool, our professional team hand draws a vector path around your images isolating the ‘wanted’ object/subject from the ‘unwanted’ background. The path can then be used to make a selection with photoshop or is recognised when importing your images into a pagination application such as Indesign® or QuarkXpress®. Masking service Using various techniques, depending on your image, our experienced team will generate a layer mask or a series of alpha channels based on your requirements. Unlike Clipping Path which is vector and hand drawn, Masking isolates a pixel which enables more detail to be retained such as hair or fur.
  3. 3. Vector service Our Illustrator wizards will transform your images into beautiful vector illustrations. Each image is hand drawn or traced to accurately reproduce as either an illustrator vector file or into a user predefined format. This service is perfect for re-drawing graphics and logos's that are of poor quality and resolution. Now there is no excuse for a low resolution logo or graphic ruining what is otherwise a great design! Retouching service Let our professional team take your images to a new level. From removal of blemishes to complex image composition, can take care of all your retouching needs. Our fixed pricing and unique online submission process means you can submit your job, sit back and relax while we do all the work!
  4. 4. Color correction service Improve and enhance your images with our professional colour correction/management team. Including: 1. Overall color correction ‘Clean and Bright’ 2. Cast removal 3. Color replacement 4. Color management - optimize your images for reproduction, ie newspaper, magazine etc. Web shop service If you have image content on your website then this is your one stop shop. Simply upload your images and select the service you would like Deepetch to perform.
  5. 5. Contact deepetch Phone enquiries USA & Canadian Customers Tel: 1-(347)-707-1081 UK & European Customers Tel: +44-(117)- 230 - 1081 Australian & New Zealand Customers Tel: +61 (07) 3009 0070 Postal enquiries USA & Canadian Customers 135 Wild Wood A, Avenue 149, Sunnyvale, CA 94089. UK & European Customers 3/35 Berkeley Square, Clifton, Bristol, BS8 1JA Australian office details Aplus Image Solutions Pty Ltd. ACN 144 606 842 ABN 46 144 606 842 Ph: (07) 3009 0070 Fax: (07) 3009 0070 General enquiries : Sales : Technical support : For more details Visit: Or Go for Live chat