Music magzine research


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Music magzine research

  1. 1. ‘ Q’ Front Cover At the top of the cover this banner is used to advertise and reinforce the offer to make sure the reader notices it and wishes to lookThe entire page revolves around further.this central image, which can beseen in the use of contrast; black isused for the banners to separate itfrom the bright sky in theimage, and the masthead andanchorage text are white to stand Attention is immediately drawn toout from the black clothing. the central image of the cover; the layering of the cover is used to bring the image forward, which makes it stand out against the rest of the page. Eye contact is held to make the magazine feel more personal to the reader. The masthead font is much larger than any of the other text on the The large offer of a free CD in the cover and is placed in the centre magazine is also used to of the page clearly showing the encourage the target audience to link to the central image. The text purchase it; the advertisement is large and bold in order to draw covers nearly a quarter of the attention the main point of page, drawing a lot of attention it interest which decides whether is used as a large factor for selling the reader will look further. the magazine.
  2. 2. ‘KERRANG’ Front Cover Like most music magazine covers cleverly layer the central image between the masthead and the rest of the contents on the page. It is used to immediately attract theThe Masthead is large in font and attention of the reader as itlayered above the sky in the catches their. The subjects ofimage, which contrasts with each the image are also holding eyeother making the masthead easy to contact with the reader to makesee. it feel more personal. The straplines on the cover are used again to encourage the reader to look inside the magazine with interesting features.A large advertisement for aposter special with a secondaryimage in the bottom left corneracts as another incentive for thereader to purchase the Looking at the colour scheme ofmagazine. The image is also the cover, only four base coloursoutlined in white which (Black, White, Red and Blue) arehighlights the offer and used to hold the theme of Greatseparates it from the rest of the Britain which links to the coverpage so it’s easy to see. story and image and also stand out well against each other making it easy to see and read, used very effectively in the headline. The cover line on the bottom of the page is used to show other interesting features inside the magazine, this is used again to encourage the reader to look further though curiosity or interest.
  3. 3. ‘Q’ Contents Page The magazine’s logo is kept in the left corner of the page for The masthead for the continuity. contents page is placed on a white background with a black font, this contrast in colour ensures that it draws attention by standing out from the background. A large central image takes up most of the page, instantly Sub headings are used to drawing the attention of the separate the articles in order reader to it, this is used as a to make the magazine simple lure to find out why this image to navigate. is important. The subject of the image is holding eye contact to make it feel more personal to the reader. Overall the layout of the page is very simplistic, less is more in this case as it is easy for the reader to distinguish every feature of the page.
  4. 4. ‘KERRANG’ Contents page The contents page still has a The page has a simple and main large image for the most effective use of colours; only ‘important article’, but it is not three base colours are used central. Just like Q magazine the (black, white and yellow) each of main image is used as a lure for them are easy to distinguish the reader to find out why this image is used. against each other due to the contrast. This makes the page easy to read and everything easy to see. Sub headings are used again, for An editorial is included on this the same reason to make it easy contents page, this could make for the reader to navigate the the magazine feel more personal magazine. to the reader as they are given an insight into the lives/work of the editor. The use of so many small Compared to Q magazine the layout of kerrang’s images leaves the page a contents page is a lot more cluttered and contains a lot little cluttered and generally more content, this may make it a little difficult for the looks un-appealing, so this reader to navigate and may look a little un-appealing. would be something I will try to avoid in my project.
  5. 5. ‘KERRANG’ Double Page Spread The font of the masthead is very large and the The double page spread colour stands out well uses a simple colour scheme from the background of black, white and red; this colour; this makes sure makes sure that everything that it is easy to read and is easy to see and as these draws attention to it. colours stand out from each other.The main imagefor the featuredarticle takes upthe entire firstpage, thisinstantly draws The main bulk of themost of the article is in black fontattention of the which clearly standsreader as it stands out against the whiteout from the rest background of theof the article. The page, this will makefact that the the text easy to readgroup in the and follow.image appear tobe having funlinks to the title ofteen spirit asmost teens like tohave fun. The highlighted quote from the This string of small images is article is layered over the rest of the used to break up the page and page making it stand out above the add another point of interest, other text, this will be read first and the red background is used to used as a lure for the reader to read stand out against the article to the featured article. The quote also make sure it is noticed. links to the them of ‘Teen Spirit’.
  6. 6. ‘Q’ Double Page Spread The article seems to be written in the form of a diary, with sub-headings in a larger bold font for each section. This again allows for simple navigation of the article and The image for the makes sure that it is easy to read. article is spread across the width of the first page, this makes it stand out from the rest of the page. The main lead singer is holding eye contact and at the Separate images linked front of the group to to a certain section of highlight his the article are used to importance as well attract attention to as adding a personal that section, but also feeling to the to break up the page reader. making it more aesthetically pleasing. The magazine’s logo is kept The font used for the article is in a in the bottom corner of the black font which clearly stands out pages to maintain against the white background due to consistency. the contrast, this makes it easy to read.