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Facebook for Government – Q&A
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Facebook for Government – Q&A


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Adam Conner from Facebook and Kristy Dalton from Government Social Media, LLC join Luke Stowe, Digital Services Coordinator for City of Evanston, IL, for a Facebook for Government Q&A webinar. Video …

Adam Conner from Facebook and Kristy Dalton from Government Social Media, LLC join Luke Stowe, Digital Services Coordinator for City of Evanston, IL, for a Facebook for Government Q&A webinar. Video recording available at:

Published in: Technology
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  • 1. Facebook for Government – Q&A Adam Conner & Kristy Dalton February 13, 2014 – 2:00PM EST Sponsored by: ICMA, AGCCP, PTI, NAGW, & Government Social Media, LLC #FacebookForGov Moderated by Luke Stowe, City of Evanston, IL
  • 2. Thank you sponsors!
  • 3. Adam Conner, Facebook Manager for Public Policy @adamconner
  • 4. Kristy (Fifelski) Dalton, CEO Government Social Media, LLC a @governmentsm
  • 5. Facebook Sentiment Among “Govies” 77% Satisfied 18% Neutral 5% Not Satisfied
  • 6. Pew Research Internet Project (Social Media Update - December 2013)
  • 7. Social Media Traffic Referrals (September - December 2013)
  • 8. 4 Really Good Reasons to Have Social Media Presence • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) • Emergency & Disaster Management • Website Backup/Alternative • “Cards” are the Future of the Web
  • 9. Adam Conner – High Level • Should we be on Facebook? • Social media plans? • Comments • Liability • Security • Management • Content • Good examples
  • 10. Question? How to lock out comments completely? We only want one way communication. Legal liability and public record?
  • 11. Question? I am a casual personal user of Facebook, and a novice in its applications for government. I would be interested in their opinions and guidance on efficient and effective use where you may only be able to devote a few minutes of staff time per day.
  • 12. Question? What is the best way to obtain content from your various city departments? What works best - one central City government page, or pages for each department, such as Police, Fire, Ambulance, etc.?
  • 13. Question? How do you delete an account set up under previous rules? Best way to set up an account so that it can be used by more than just the primary employee.
  • 14. Question? What government municipality is "doing it well?" (Who is using FB and seeing the best results/getting the most reach?)
  • 15. Question? How often should you post to FB to keep your audience interested?
  • 16. Question? Why can't agencies allow their employees to access Facebook? Is there a security risk?
  • 17. Question? First amendment issues i.e. someone posts nasty comments - when can you delete?
  • 18. Question? How can I change my facebook URL so it reads " county„s name)“? Creating a vanity Facebook URL?
  • 19. Question? When a county is creating a FB presence, is it in the best interest to have one FB page for the governmental entity, or is it best to allow each department to have their own FB page that they are responsible for monitoring?
  • 20. Question? There was a time when Facebook was on the cutting edge of social media, but now there are so many options for consumers. How can government gain a larger audience while competing with other social media forms?
  • 21. Question? Currently it seems Facebook pulls a maximum of three image choices from the link to be posted and you are required to use one. Why is there no choice for using no image? Also, I would like to see more images being pulled for greater choice, but could understand why Facebook might limit that number to three. Could you elaborate on why this might be the case?
  • 22. Question? Discuss post boosting vs. promote page ads. How can we view more metrics about posts?
  • 23. Question? How do we deal with “imposter” pages? Sometimes our users can be confused by unofficial pages or those “community” pages.
  • 24. Live Questions?
  • 25. Additional Facebook Resources
  • 26. Thank you for Joining Us! Next Webinar: Tackling the Legal, Policy & Archival Issues in SocialGov Julie Tappendorf, Partner, Ancel Glink Diamond Bush DiCianni & Krafthefer, P.C. Anil Chawla, Founder, CEO at ArchiveSocial March 20, 2014 at 2:00pm EST Register 