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From under the cork tree advert[1]
From under the cork tree advert[1]
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From under the cork tree advert[1]


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  • 1. This digipak advert is for the album from under the cork tree by the band fall outboy. This digipak is quite a conventional advert and looks similar to mostadverts that I have looked at. The layout of the advert is conventional in the waythat it contains everything that I found in an advert. At the bottom you have gotthe name of the album and the picture of the album cover. Under the name of thealbum you have got a few of the hits from the album in which they have releasedand this is because people may know the name of the song but not the band. Inthe centre of the advert you have got the picture of the band and this takes upthe majority of the advert. The image shows each member of the band withPatrick Stump and Pete Wentz being at the front of the image and those twopeople are the most popular members of the band. At the top of the advert youhave got the name of the band and this is written in the same font that was usedin the album that this advert is advertising from under the cork tree. This is aclever touch as people will start to familiarize themselves with this font andwhen they see it they will know who it is.The colours used in this advert are blacks and browns and this is a commoncolour which is also used on the album cover as well. The picture seems to slotinto the advert nicely and this poster is quite easy on the eye. Overall the layoutis quite spacious and it contains all of the information which was required foryou to know.The target audience for this album would probably be people who are fans of theband who would have bought their previous album take this to your grave. Asthis was only their second album they would also be trying to get new fans. Thenew fans in which they would try to be appealing to would be fans of rock. Themain image in the centre of the advert would be the picture of the band. This hasprobably been edited so that the colours compliment the browns and blacksused in the font and lettering. It has all been put together nicely so that nothinghas been cut out but at the same time creating a nice layout.In my opinion I think that the genre is quite apparent and that you can get arough idea of what you are buying from this advert. The fact that members ofthis band have got long hair is quite stereotypical of most rock bands. You seethe tattoos on Pete Wentz’s arm which again is also quite stereotypical of theband. If you were not sure after that they have put two of the songs in whichthey have released under the name of the album, so if you wanted to get a rough
  • 2. idea of what their music is like you could go on a site like YouTube and listen to itthere.In my opinion I think that this is a successful poster. There are several aspectsthat help it be successful such as it is quite eye catching. Although the colourused is dark and subtle, this makes the image in the middle stand out a lot more.It gives you all of the information which is needed in an advert without theviewer having to read a lot or without the viewer finding it difficult to findbecause the font is too small or the advert is overcrowded with information orimages.