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Published in: Education
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  1. Results and findings of the questionnaire and interview. Which of these artists below would you most enjoy listening to? The Majority of my participants stated that their favourite artist is Ne-yo. They chose him because they enjoyed his music and felt they could relate to what he says in his songs. What do you feel makes a good magazine? The Majority of my participants stated that a good magazine should have the following features: Not too busy, longer, in- depth features, lack of ‘celeb’ feel, and lack of pretention. These were the main points my participants answered. How often do you purchase a magazine? The majority of my participants stated that they purchase a magazine sometimes. Most expanded on this and stated they rarely do because the internet is free and easily accessible. Plus magazines are condensed into a couple pages while the internets information is endless. What does your favourite magazine provide for you? The majority of participants stated that their favourite magazine provided energy through bright colour schemes. Some participants also stated that they usually read magazines when they feel bored, and reading about issues may give them energy. They also stated that their favourite magazine provided clarity of facts through Celebrity news and problem pages, as they felt they could relate to some issues and gain some clarity of facts to help them resolve their personal problem. How m uch w ould you be w illing to spend How much would you be willing to spend on a m agazine? on a magazine? 7 Amount of people 6 5 Most participants stated that they 4 usually bought magazines whenever 3 2 1 0 0.99p- £2-£2.99 £3-£3.99 £4+ £1.99 Price
  2. they feel like it. From my own assumption, this would usually apply if the magazine looked appealing; therefore I will use bright colours and appealing stories, which will persuade the reader to buy the magazine. From this, I can establish that teenagers are more likely to spend the maximum of £2.99 when purchasing a magazine. This is understandable, as most teenagers may not have a part-time Job, so a spending budget may be visible. Do you live in the countryside or the city? Do you live in the Countryside or the City? From this, I can tell that all my participants live in the city, and this 12 may affect my understanding of 10 Amount of people potential participants who may live in 8 the countryside and whether or not, 6 they would also be persuaded into 4 purchasing a potential new magazine. 2 0 Countryside City Area
  3. What would be your terpretation of a “stereotypical” model, in terms of their image? The feedback I received from this question, were all fairly similar to each other as everyone stated that their interpretation of a “stereotypical” model would be that they would be glamorous and beautiful usually dressed stylish. They would have a toned body and look as if they have achieved something. This reflects back to my target audience, as the model would presumably influence 13-30, as he/she would be a device, which portrays some sort of personal gain. Which Of these Music Magazines Below Do You Prefer? The feedback I received from this Music Magazines question was fairy spread out. Most of my participants chose 6 NME as their favourite one; they 5 felt that the magazine met their 4 favourite genre ‘Indie’, while Number the ones that chose billboard, 3 vibe and king felt that it met their 2 favourite genre ‘hip-hop and 1 R&B’. 0 Vibe King NME Billboard Name
  4. Which of these artists below is your favorite Female R&B artist? Female R&B The Majority of my participants stated that their favourite Female R&B artist 4 is Beyonce and Rihanna. 3 Number They chose them because 2 they enjoyed their music and felt they could relate to what 1 they say in their songs. 0 Beyonce Keri Rihanna Mariah Hilson Carey