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  • 1. Planning
  • 2. End OfTerm
  • 3. Organisation – Organisation of Evidence of flat Complete Prep for photo contact models forlocation, as well plan and timeline as shoot photo shoot. as props and storyboard and going along. costume design. drafting.Day of photoshoot. Back to college
  • 4. Organisation of MusicArtists/Models/Bands
  • 5. When planning to look for models, I thought the best place to look isfacebook, as I’m sure I will have friends that will be willing to do so. I hadvarious people get back to me, including my friend and his band KieranGeorge, aswell as one female – which was ideal for the ‘pop artist’ I waslooking for - Rachel Przybalack. I then spoke to both through inbox,however for some reason I couldn’t find record of this in my facebookinbox, when I went back to check.
  • 6. Contact List Of Models Name: Kieran George Age: 17 Mobile: +447813270427 Band LeaderName: Rachel PrzybalackAge: 17Mobile: +442031620324
  • 7. Props & CostumesWhen organising the costumes andprops for the models I contacted thehead of the band Kieran George todiscuss what the band will be wearingand what they need:- Guitar- Jeans- Shirts- HatsKieran said that the band would bringeverything themselves and as only oneguitar was needed, one band memberbrought theirs. He explained onAmersham & Wycombe college therewas an unused buggy, which the bandcould use to pose on, to give the simpleeffect, which would attract attention.
  • 8. Guitars are stereotypical of the rock genre and the fact its being used outside, shows that its an instrument which can easily be taken anywhere, and will help to give my image a clearer meaning,.Shirts such as the one featured to theright, are typical items of clothing of aband member, and help to create arelaxed, chilled atmosphere which iswhat I’m going for and mean myaudience will be able to relate to theclothing.By one of the band members wearing ahat, it just helps express the bandspersonality, which is key of any band,and its also an item of clothing typicalof a band member, in order to standout.
  • 9. Story Board Of Camera Shots
  • 10. Organisation of Location
  • 11. Location 1 For the location I chose Amersham & Wycombe college, as it was an easy place to get all band members together & access wasn’t a problem. The location was great, because it was a college health and safety checks were already in place & the setting for the photo shoot was just what I imagined for trying to portray a young band, with a ‘chilled out setting’, which I think works really well.
  • 12. Location 2 For my second location I chose my friends house situated in High Wycombe. It was easy to get to and the props that we needed were already at the location as Kieran is a guitarist. The location was great because Kieran has an open garden with some great features which allowed for some great pictures – in order to attract attention, it again is an unusual location, but conforms to what I want my magazine to be like.
  • 13. Location 3 For my third location, it was a lot closer to home, meaning travelling was a lot easier. My third photo shoot was taken in Bourne End train station as I felt the wall my model is standing in front of, created a great effect against my model. The only health safety issue was that me, my cameraman & model made sure we were far from the actual edge of the platform and commuters, so we were safe. As it was a high wall, it didn’t limit the various types of camera shots & angles we could use.
  • 14. My Music Magazine
  • 15. Mock UpsMusic MagazineGenre: Pop/RockTarget Audience: Male/FemaleAge 17-23Mode of Address: PersonalColour Scheme: White, Black, Red,BlueCountry: United Kingdom
  • 16. Masthead Designs