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Simple present(5)


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50 multiple choice questions on 'Simple Present.'

50 multiple choice questions on 'Simple Present.'

Published in: Design, Self Improvement, Travel

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  • 1. © 2011-2013 www.kopitiamenglish.blogspot.comPrepared By : Mr. Luke GabrielEnglish GrammarGRAMMAR LEVEL – 1Practice 5U n i t P r a c t i c eSimple Present Tense1.Jenny ____________ her school uniform every evening.A wash B washing C washes2.Sam ____________ to school every morning.A walking B walks C walk3.Every morning, my brother ________ up at 7 o’clock.A wake B wakes C waking4.My father ___________ at the post office.A work B working C works5.The sun ___________ in the East.A rises B rise C rising6.John _________ carrot juice after every meal.A drink B drinking C drinks7.My parents _________ to go shopping during the weekends.A likes B like C liking8. Teenagers nowadays like to play__________ in schools.A truants B truancy C truant9.Henry _______ his teeth after every meal.A brushes B brushing C brush10.Donny __________ just across the street.A live B living C lives11.We must _______ up before buying our food at the canteen.A queue B queues C queuing12.Leonard ________ to Cambodia every year on business trip.A goes B go C going13. Some people _________ biofuel to run their cars..A uses B use C using14.Harold __________to go to his grandfather’s house.A want B wanting C wants15.Susie __________ late every night since her parents divorce.A sleeps B sleeping C sleep16.Mr. Smith ________ some very unique and beautiful portraits.A paint B paints C painting17.My neighbor _________ me with my gardening.A help B helping C helps[ Circle the best possible answer for each question ]
  • 2. © 2011-2013 www.kopitiamenglish.blogspot.comPrepared By : Mr. Luke Gabriel18. Bablo _________ next to Bubly in class.A sit B sits C sitting19. Jonny __________ his mother to sweep the floor everyday.A help B helping C helps20.Lions __________ other animals which live in the jungle.A eat B eating C eats21.Hannah’s class teacher ____________ a SUV to school.A drive B drives C driving22.It __________ an adventurous man to climb Mount Kinabalu.A takes B take C taking23. My mother __________ dinner for us every night.A cooks B cook C cooking24. A hunter ___________ animals in the jungle.A hunt B hunting C hunts25. Children like to ___________ rather than to study.A plays B play C playing26.My uncle __________ around the park every Saturday.A jogging B jog C jogs27.Every Saturday, James _________ to church.A goes B go C going28.We must __________ our teeth before going to bed.A brush B brushes C brushing29.Mr. Anand _______ us how to write a proper English essay.A teach B teaches C teaching30.I __________ the keys in the drawer.A put B puts C putting31.The rowdy boys __________ the poor old man.A beats B beating C beat32.Bandy likes to ___________ story books.A reads B read C reading33.Good samaritans __________ free food to the orphanage everyday.A donates B donating C donate34.Malcom ___________ with his aunt when he visits Europe.A stay B stays C staying35. My neighbor’s dogs __________ when they see a stranger.A bark B barks C barking36.Elephants usually __________ in groups to search for water.A travels B travelling C travel
  • 3. © 2011-2013 www.kopitiamenglish.blogspot.comPrepared By : Mr. Luke Gabriel37.Heavy downpours _________ flash floods around Malaysia.A causes B cause C causing38. Floods ___________ hundreds of houses in Riau.A submerges B submerge C submerging39. The council workers _________ the tall grass near my house every month.A cuts B cutting C cut40.A snake __________ on its belly.A crawls B crawl C crawling41.Tim’s dog always ________ the cats which look for food behind his house.A chase B chases C chasing42.My mother ___________ the flowers in her garden everyday.A water B watering C waters43. Lopez only _______ oats for breakfast.A eats B eating C eat44.Ginny and Minny ___________ their birthdays every year.A celebrates B celebrate C celebrating45.Cindy _______ about her activities everyday on the internet.A blog B blogging C blogs46. Drug dealers __________ their drugs by using mules.A smuggle B smuggles C smuggling47. The police __________ my residential area every one hour.A rounds B round C rounding48.Exercise __________ our body healthy and fit.A keep B keeping C keeps49.Mrs. Carlson’s daughter _________ singing everyday to perfect her pitch.A practice B practices C practicing50.An active volcano ____________ out hot lava when it erupts.A spew B spewing C spews
  • 4. © 2011-2013 www.kopitiamenglish.blogspot.comPrepared By : Mr. Luke GabrielAnswers For Unit Practice 5 – Present Simple1 C 11 A 21 B 31 C 41 B2 B 12 A 22 A 32 B 42 C3 B 13 B 23 A 33 C 43 A4 C 14 C 24 C 34 B 44 B5 A 15 A 25 B 35 A 45 C6 C 16 B 26 C 36 C 46 A7 B 17 C 27 A 37 B 47 B8 C 18 B 28 A 38 B 48 C9 A 19 C 29 B 39 C 49 B10 C 20 A 30 A 40 A 50 C