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  • 1. Question 2 – How effective is thecombination of your main products and ancillary products.
  • 2. POSTERI think that my three products evidentially show what the target audience is. The target audience for my products is for both males and females between the ages of 15-24. The audience I have asked for feedback fall in to this category so I am confident that my products appeal to them. I have used photos and imagery on my print products as they are both media conventions of a magazine and poster. For my poster I have used photography to show a creepy, weary and horror door as my main image. This shows that the genre is horror and becomes evident to any person who sees it.The font I have used are also intended to show the genre of the poster. I used font as a key part of my poster to make it stand out and away from the main image. I used the common conventions of media text including key information about cast and crew and a skyline which uses a clever twist on English to intrigue the audience.The poster helps reflect on the trailer as they both represent the horror genre. I decided to do this based on my research of posters and magazines.
  • 3. MagazineLooking back at my magazine I can see that I have used common conventions of a professional magazine. Included in my magazine are key aspects of a professional text in order to reach my target audience. One of the main features in my magazine is the main image. The main image shows the 4 characters in my trailer showing agonists. However, the image involves a twist which coronate with my poster. On my poster I use the term ‘4 people, 1 outsider’. This becomes evident that the antagonist is also involved with the agonists but as a more social intake. I decided to do this so that all three of my media products are an effective combination.Other features in my include the font and text. For my magazines font and text I used bold writing to make it stand out and easier for the audience to read. Using a certain layout of text I was able to keep the text away from the image and allow it to be clear to see. For the colour of my magazine I used the simple colour rule of using 2 or 3 colours to make keep it simple. I decided to use 3 colours for my magazine to make it simple. I used red, white and black. I used red and white for the main text and sub text for my magazine and black for the colour of the backgrounds. One of the main texts I used was the main title. The main title for my magazine is ‘FILM’. I used ‘FILM’ as it is simple and it suits what the magazine would be based on. I used bold writing and in white to make is stand out from any other text. I did this as if my magazine did become professional it would become more recognisable to more people.
  • 4. Target AudienceThe target audience for my trailer was based for people between the ages of 15-24 either males or females. My target audience was this age group and either genre because of the research I carried out. From the research I decided to base my trailer around this and used certain different ways to do so. I used the storyline of my trailer to base around college for people between the ages of 15-18. I did this because it would make them think of what has occurred in the trailer and make them think ‘could it happen in my college?’. This makes them want to see the full film. For the ages of 19- 25 I decided to use horror as my main genre from the research of professional texts. From looking at the film ‘Scream’ I was able to find out that the main target audience was from the ages of 19-25 because it was a horror film.
  • 5. Marketing If I was to use my products for further marketing I would use a lot of different methods in order to keep the film recognized and make people talk about the film. One of the main ways I could use my poster product is to place in in different places in public. Places such as bus stops and local supermarkets where a lot of different people are going will be a good place. Other places in public where I could place my poster is on billboards near motorways where more people will see the film advertised. Using public places to market a film is an important way as it will constantly make them think of the film and that they want to see the film.Above are examples of what advertising I could use for further marketing of my products.
  • 6. Another way in which I could market my product is to use the internet. The internet is the biggest growing way in which people see stuff. The internet provides different servers such as social networking and websites. Social networking includes Facebook and Twitter where friends and family can share with each other. Using Facebook and Twitter I could create a fan page or main page for the film in order to advertise. Using these pages I could provide the trailer everyday to remind people of the film and to use different techniques such as interviews with the actors and use behind the scenes footage to keep the audience interested. Other websites such as YouTube can be used as well. Using YouTube will allow a wider audience to see my trailer.Other, more obvious ways of marketing my product is using the cinema and TV as main market strategies. Providing people short clips of the film before the film there going to see makes them think they want to watch that when it released. Using TV is the same providing the audience with short clips during advert brakes makes them wonder and think they want to watch the film.
  • 7. Contrast with Professional texts.In my products I have tried to use my three products in order to contrast with each other. Contrasting with other professional texts has helped me determine whether my products have done this.Here is one of the common conventions in which I have used in both my film poster and film trailer. This is the information which goes on the trailer and poster with information containing the director, actors, executive producer and many other information.This is another convention which is included in my trailer. This represents the age group of the film audience and who it suits. This is relevant on many professional trailers. This shows that my products are very effective and follow professional products.
  • 8. On the left is the main title of my magazine ‘FILM FOCUS’. To make the title standout I made it bigger and bolder then any other text on my media product. By doingthis my target audience will become familiar with the magazine and wouldbecome widely more recognized. I did this as well so that my text is contrastedwith a professional product. ‘EMPIRE’ one of the main film magazines uses boldand bright colours to show make their title stand out. IT is apparent that this is amedia common convention for a magazine cover.Above is my skyline of my magazine cover. ‘THE PACT PROJECT X DEVILSCREAM 4’ is what I used as part of my contents and it gives the reader andaudience information on what is included in my magazine. Putting it at thetop is another way of keeping the sub-titles and information away from themain story which is about my film trailer.
  • 9. TrailerFor my trailer i used a number of different conventions such as title and a number of different shots to get a perspective on the story. By doing this I showed the characters and the location of the trailer. This is a convention of media and is used in a trailer. I based my trailer around the trailer devil using ideas such as the text edit near the end of the trailer and the last scare before the end of the trailer.