Supporting Corporate Reporting, Controlling and Strategy Management in a single Framework

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Oracle Day 2011

Oracle Day 2011

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  • 1. <Insert Picture Here>Supporting Corporate Reporting, Controlling and StrategyManagement in a single FrameworkMichał GrochowskiSenior Consultant Oracle Business Intelligence
  • 2. Pain Areas in Controlling &Strategic ManagementLink strategies to plans and execution,Monitor financial and operational resultsagainst goals, and applying analytics toDrive enterprise-wide performanceimprovement.
  • 3. Market Pressures Demand EffectivePerformance Management $€ Today’s Reality: Management £ ¥ ECONOMIC Processes Are Fragmented OPERATIONAL VALUE ADDED PLANNING (EVA)VARIANCEANALYSIS • Lack of business alignment ANALYZE GOAL PERFORMANCE SETTING • Low predictability in performance FINANCIAL MODELING • Inconsistency in businessSCORECARDS FINANCIAL decisions REPORTING MONITOR ROLLING RESULTS FORECAST
  • 4. Priorities and Pressures on the CFO Agility ENVIRONMENT COMPETITION/ CUSTOMER CHOICE Visibility OPERATIONAL REGULATORY EXCELLENCE Efficiency Business Transformation
  • 5. Driving improvements Dominates the CFO AgendaWhat is the strategic priority of the following key issues on the finance agenda for 2011? ISSUE #1 ISSUE #2 ISSUE #3 Top 3 are not ERP Related Source: 2010 Hackett Key Issues Performance Study Meet the Stakeholders 5
  • 6. Five Core Management Processes Planning Analysis• Strategic • KPIs • Data validation Objectives • Variance analysis • Consolidation• Value Drivers • Cascade targets • Ad-hoc analysis • Scenario modeling • Audits and controls• Success metrics • Top-down • Decisions and • What-if analysis • Financial stmts,• Targets allocations actions • Simulations and compliance • Bottom-up planning • Predictive analytics • Budget dev. Management Financial Goal setting Reporting Reporting 6
  • 7. Impact of poorly integrated Management Processes• Can’t align • Each business has • Systems for setting • Organizational corporate goals its own data. No goals, monitoring systems are not with plans and single version of progress and agile enough to execution the truth taking action are meet changing disconnected disclosure requirements Lack of Lowered abilityLack of Lack of Confidence in to proactivelyAlignment Transparency the data course correct • Limited integration • Advanced • Separate with transactional analytical maintenance systems capabilities are streams missing or disconnected Lowered ability Higher Total Poor visibility to “compete on Cost of into detail analytics” Ownership 7
  • 8. Time spent coping with change On average, how many weeks does it take to add a new7 source of data to your data warehouse? On average, how many weeks does it take to create a report or dashboard with about 20 dimensions, 12 measures, and 6 user access roles? 6.7 On average, how many weeks does it take to change a4.7 hierarchy? BI Benchmark Report: Organizational and performance metrics for BI teams", 2008,
  • 9. IT & Business: Divided by Common Goals The need for synergy IT PERSPECTIVE • Information Management • Data quality & consistency • Robust data architecture • Data Integration Information • Rapid deployment consumption • Ease of maintenance represents valueInformation BUSINESS PERSPECTIVEmanagement • Heterogeneous & ubiquitousrepresents value access • Fast access to new information • Information in context with business processes • Ease of use, intuitive, self service
  • 10. Closing the gap between the Business and ITIncrease the value of information to your business• Making BI more valuable – Insight delivered to the right person at the right time, in context• Make Information a strategic resource – Consistent, reliable & secure• Design for change – Speed of change - Agility• Make the impossible possible – Ask the questions they haven’t even thought of yet!
  • 11. Is your Information a Business Asset? Distraction Liability Asset Do not trust this information!• Information overload • Not trustworthy • Complete, consistent,• Unsolicited • Inconsistent, Inaccurate accurate, trustworthy• Not actionable • Not secure • Enriched• Cannot be interpreted • Too expensive • In context, relevant, • Too late timely • Too difficult to change • Secure • Actionable
  • 12. Insight Driven workflows Controlling Environment 1. Large Order alert Checks for large order.Orders placed Identifies and notifies sales reps. Passes info. to a Chained Inventory alert 2. Low Inventory alert Detects insufficient inventory Notifies impacted Managers Sales Reps Initiates Alt Sourcing alert Receives an e-mail notifying him of the large order placed by Best Value, one of his accounts. Distribution & Logistics Mgr 3. Alt. Sourcing alert Receives e-mail message Identifies alternative suppliers that can detailing option of filling fulfill impacted Orders. impacted orders by alternative Notifies impacted sales and distribution suppliers management
  • 13. Reality: No Single Tool Spans the BI Pyramid • What-if • Scenarios • Allocations Modeling Insight gap• Inefficient processes • Predictive Analytics• Inconsistent data Advanced • Allocations / Aggregations Analytics • Set-based Analysis• Inaccurate conclusions Insight gap • Slice and Dice Ad-hoc Query & • Parameter-driven Reporting • Self-service Insight gap • Dashboards Standardised • Publishing Reporting • Pixel-perfect
  • 14. BI Foundation – filling the gaps • What-if • ScenariosBI Foundation • Allocations ModelingPower to answerany questionPervasive delivery channels • Predictive Analytics Advanced • Allocations / AggregationsPerformant on Analytics • Set-based Analysisan enterprise scale • Slice and Dice Ad-hoc Query & • Parameter-driven • Self-service Reporting • Dashboards Standardised • Publishing Reporting • Pixel-perfect
  • 15. The New Standard for Enterprise AnalyticsOracle Business Intelligence 11g Complete Enterprise Analytic Foundation Best in class functionality provides consistent view of business performance Integrated Analytic Processes Easily leverage analytics to drive better decision-making across the organization to improve performance continuously Powers Packaged Applications Performance Management, Operational Analytics, Industry and Partner Applications
  • 16. Integrated. Oracle Business Intelligence 11g Data Scorecards Interactive Reporting & Ad-hoc Office Search Detect Collaborate Mobile Embedded Integration Dashboards Publishing Analysis Integration & Alert Common Enterprise Information Model • Common Metadata Foundation across all Data Sources • Common Security, Access Control, Authorization, Auditing • Common Request Generation and Optimized Data Access Services • Common Clustering, Workload Management, & Deployment • Common Systems & Operational Lifecycle ManagementOLTP & ODS Data Warehouse Exadata OLAP Packaged Unstructured & Excel BusinessSystems Data Mart Sources Applications Semi-Structured XML/Office Process (Oracle, SAP, Others)
  • 17. Complete Enterprise Analytic Foundation OracleBusiness Intelligence 11g Scorecards Mobile Interactive Dashboards Strategy Maps SINGLE SINGLE Ad-hoc Analysis ENTERPRISE ENTERPRISE INFORMATION INFORMATION MODEL MODEL Secure Search Geographic Visualization Production Office Integration Reporting Embedded in Applications
  • 18. Analyst Perspective on Oracle BI"OBIEE 11g has features which make all enterprises runningOracle applications think twice before looking somewhereelse for their enterprise BI platform. Having said that, theresnothing in the OBIEE architecture that requires tight couplingwith Oracles applications and middleware. 11g is a hugerelease, bringing tons of important new features to the OBIEEplatform.”Forrester: Boris Evelson July 2010
  • 19. The New Standard for Enterprise AnalyticsOracle Business Intelligence 11g Complete Enterprise Analytic Foundation Best in class functionality provides consistent view of business performance Integrated Analytic Processes Easily leverage analytics to drive better decision-making across the organization to improve performance continuously Powers Packaged Applications Performance Management, Operational Analytics, Industry and Partner Applications
  • 20. Integrated Analytic Processes Oracle Business Intelligence 11g• Standards-based process execution • Data-driven alerts• User-centric process design • Mobile devices• Closed-loop process metrics • Scorecard / KPI’s DETECT SINGLE SINGLE ENTERPRISE ENTERPRISE ACT ANALYZE INFORMATION INFORMATION MODEL MODEL • Ad-hoc OLAP query • Interactive visualization • Role-based dashboards MODEL • What-if scenarios • Write-back • Predictive analytics
  • 21. Dashboards and Scorecards Complimentary Perspectives Past Future Alerting • Strategy deployment• Business results Benchmarking • People & team• Operational and strategic • Accountability maps• Root cause analysis Metrics • Management processes• Guided navigation Graphics • Initiative tracking Reporting • Cause & effect Metadata • Collaboration Dashboards Scorecards Why did I miss my goal? How do goals support our strategy?
  • 22. Communicate Strategy -Detect Variances from GoalsOracle Scorecard and Strategy Management• Integrated BI component, not a silo – KPIs as core metadata – Thresholds, owners, history – Auto-generated interactive analyses – Linked objectives & initiatives• Automatic detection – KPI alerts triggered by thresholds• Strategy visualization – Strategy Maps and Trees – Cause and Effects – Watchlists – Annotations & override• All methodologies – Balanced scorecard, six sigma, Baldrige
  • 23. <Insert Picture Here>Oracle Scorecard andStrategy Management
  • 24. Oracle Scorecard and Strategy Management OffersKPI Management• Performance Tracking – Against Target / Trending – Threshold Assessment• Ownership Definition• Collaboration – Threaded Discussions – Related Documents – Action Links – Agents – Drill to Analysis – Watch Lists
  • 25. Oracle Scorecard and Strategy Management OffersStrategy Management• Graphic Visualizations of Strategy: – Strategy Maps – Strategy Trees – Cause and Effect Maps – Custom Visualizations• Scorecards• Collaboration – Initiatives – Threaded Discussions – Related Documents – Action Links – Agents
  • 26. Oracle Scorecard and Strategy Management OffersAn Interactive, Collaborative Environment• Dashboard integration – Embed scorecard visualizations into dashboards to foster broad interactive analyses• KPI Agents – To monitor performance even when you can’t• KPI & Scorecard Actions – Align day-to-day decisions with your corporate strategy• Annotations & Overrides – Collaborate and document exceptions to prevent future recurrences
  • 27. <Insert Picture Here>Self AssessmentOracle Scorecard andStrategy Management
  • 28. Self AssessmentKey Challenge OSSM HelpsDo I have established financial and non- • KPIs built on existing data warehousefinancial key performance indicators?Would I like to be able to pro-actively • Answersmonitor the performance of KPIs through • Agentscontinuous feedback and real-time alerts?Am I satisfied with how my corporate • Strategy Mapsgoals and measures are communicated to • Cause and Effect Mapsthe organizations? • Strategy Trees • Custom Strategy VisualizationsDo I have a need to translate strategic • Scorecard Hierarchies to detail levels andinitiatives into objectives, actions and interrelationships of artifactsperformance measures?Would I like to increase employee • Annotations / Related Documentsparticipation, collaboration and • Subjective Overridesaccountability for results? • Explicit Ownership • Initiative Tracking
  • 29. Oracle Scorecard and Strategy Management ValuesOffered• Merge Enterprise Performance Management and Operational results• Build KPI definitions based on existing BI structure• Present strategy in terms that can be understood and acted upon• Make high-level, strategic information accessible and actionable across the extended enterprise
  • 30. Key Benefits of Oracle Scorecard and Strategy Management• Insight  Strategy Artifacts present visibility and insight into strategy performance  Better decisions, actions, control at all levels  Respond faster to opportunities and threats  Identify and replicate best practices• Alignment• Leverage
  • 31. Key Benefits of Oracle Scorecard and Strategy Management• Insight  Gain a single, consistent view of enterprise• Alignment information across functions & data sources  Align strategy and execution across functions  Use guided analytics and best practice analytic workflows to drive the best actions• Leverage
  • 32. Key Benefits of Oracle Scorecard and Strategy Management• Insight• Alignment  Do more with less - deploy BI more broadly• Leverage with fewer IT resources than custom-build  Accelerate time-to-value, lower TCO and risk  Increase the utility of existing data and applications, including CRM and ERP
  • 33. <Insert Picture Here>Strategy ManagementUnites EPM and OBI
  • 34. Oracle EPM Connects Management Processes Common Reporting & Interaction Strategic Planning Planning & Forecasting Financial Close Profitability Management Common Integration & Analysis Data Quality and Consistent Dimensions
  • 35. Supporting a World Class Enterprise Planning Process Run models based Validate operational Update forecast on key strategies feasibility to with latest budget financial plan and actuals Set and communicate targets Validate Evaluate Monthly / Update long-Long-term strategic Annual operational workforce and rolling term strategic plan budget / plan feasibility capital forecast plan Seed targets to Update strategic annual Evaluate resource plan with latest operating plan and capital outcome and Start annual requirements forecast process Assess and Manage Risk
  • 36. Oracle Strategy and Scorecard Management OffersIntegration with existing EPM and BI• Consolidate EPM information: – Set goals & targets in Essbase – Take in Actual results from Hyperion Financial Management – Include Budgets/Forecasts from Planning/Essbase – Expose long-term planning hypothesis from Hyperion Strategic Finance – Incorporate Profitability/Costs details from Hyperion Profitability and Cost Management• Integrate with Oracle ERP suites for operational details from BI Server / BI Apps
  • 37. The value of Modeling & Planning Deeper insights – to decide next course of actionREPORTING ANALYSIS , MODELING, PLANNINGWhich customers spend the most? Which customers are most profitable?What did this customer buy? What is the customer likely to buy next?What is the Q4 revenue forecast? What if demand falls short of forecast?
  • 38. Oracle Essbase Powerful OLAP Server for Business Scenario Modeling• Rich Business User Experience • Powerful & Intuitive tools for the business user • Integrates into Excel as a front-end • “Speed of thought” response• Models complex business scenarios with advanced calculation Engine • Comprehensive library of functions • Extensive financial and time intelligence • A complimentary extension to the BI platform• Custom Business Analytic Environment • Optimized storage • Enterprise scale forward looking applications • Premium performance
  • 39. Oracle BI 11g Foundation Single, Integrated Solution  Role-based Interactive Dashboards Proactive alerts Scorecards & Strategy Communication MS Office and Excel integration  Simplified logical view of data Common Enterprise Information Model  Powerful query processing, modeling, BI Server Essbase planning, what-if analysis  Synchronized Relational & OLAP cubes Data MartsOLTP & Data Warehouse Excel OLAP  Federated enterprise data sources ODS XML Database CubesSystems Machine  Integrated analytical solution for Strategy Reporting, Modelling/Planning & Operational BI  Shared metadata, calcs, dimensions, security
  • 40. #2 Actionable BI in the Business Processes<Insert Picture Here> Insight Driven Business Processes “Business intelligence (BI) is moving into the context of the business process, not just to make users’ information experience more effective, but also to allow for business process optimization.”
  • 41. Integrating Insights with Business ProcessesBI as part of Operational Day to Day Activities THE OLD WAY THE NEW WAY: Action FrameworkDisconnected. Open Ended. Integrated. Closed Loop.
  • 42. The New Standard for Enterprise AnalyticsOracle Business Intelligence 11g Complete Enterprise Analytic Foundation Best in class functionality provides consistent view of business performance Integrated Analytic Processes Easily leverage analytics to drive better decision-making across the organization to improve performance continuously Powers Packaged Applications Performance Management, Operational Analytics, Industry and Partner Applications
  • 43. Powers Packaged Applications Oracle Business Intelligence 11g• Financials • Sales• HR • Marketing• Procure & Spend • Service• Projects • Contact Center• Supply Chain • Price• Order Mgt DETECT • Loyalty• Logistics SINGLE SINGLE ENTERPRISE ENTERPRISE ACT ANALYZE INFORMATION INFORMATION MODEL MODEL MODEL• Scorecard • Financial Services• Strategic Planning • Communications• Financial Close • Healthcare• Planning & Forecasting • Retail• Profitability Management
  • 44. Integration with Packaged EPM ApplicationsOracle Business Intelligence 11gIndustry leading Performance Management Applications forOracle, SAP and other systems
  • 45. Broadest Analytic Application Coverage Oracle BI Applications CRM ANALYTICS ERP ANALYTICS SERVICE & PROCUREMENT & SUPPLY CHAIN & SALES MARKETING CONTACT CENTER FINANCIALS SPEND ORDER MGMT• Pipeline Analysis • Campaign • Service • General Ledger • Direct & Indirect • Revenue & Effectiveness Effectiveness Spend Backlog• Forecast Accuracy • Accounts • Customer Insight • Customer Receivable • Buyer Productivity • Inventory Analysis• Up-sell/Cross-sell Satisfaction • Contract• Cycle Times • Product Propensity • Accounts Payable Compliance • Fulfillment Status • Resolution Rates• Lead Conversion • Market Basket • Service Rep • Cash Flow • Supplier • Customer Status Analysis Efficiency • Profitability Performance • Order Cycle Time• Sales Team • Purchase Cycle Effectiveness • Campaign ROI • Service Cost • Expense • BOM Analysis Time • Service Trends Management • Employee Expense HUMAN PRICE LOYALTY PROJECTS RESOURCES • Price Segments • Member • Project Funding • Employee • Price Waterfall Demographics and Budget Productivity Analysis • Program Revenue • Product Cost • Compensation • Deal Life Cycle • Membership • Project Revenue • Talent • Deal Desk Trends • Project Billing Management Analysis • Promotion • Project Profitability • Recruiting Analysis • Product Pricing Effectiveness • Learning Analysis Performance • Points Analysis • Workforce Profile ORACLE BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE AND OTHER OPERATIONAL SOURCE ADAPTERS: AND ANALYTIC SOURCES