Oracle Exadata: The World’s Fastest Database Machine


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Oracle Day 2011

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Oracle Exadata: The World’s Fastest Database Machine

  1. 1. Month, Day, Year Venue CityOracle Exadata: The World‘s Fastest Database MachineMarek MartofelOracle
  2. 2. Oracle Exadata Database MachineOne architecture for … • Data Warehousing • OLTP • Database Consolidation Exadata is Oracle‘s strategic database platform for ALL Oracle Database workloads © 2011 Oracle Corporation 3
  3. 3. Exadata Delivers Extreme PerformanceGreater than 10x improvements are common“With our migration to Exadata V2weve seen a 17x performanceimprovement, having made no changesto our application.”— JIM DUFFY, BNP Paribas“Our reports are running a computedaverage of 10x faster, using OracleExadata Database Machine.”— DOUG MILLER, RL Polk Customers report astounding performance with NO changes to their applications © 2011 Oracle Corporation 4
  4. 4. Exadata Hardware ArchitecturePre-integrated, optimized Oracle Database platform • Database Pool – Intel-based database servers – Oracle Linux or Solaris 11 – 10 Gig Ethernet (to data center) • Storage Pool – Intel-based storage servers – Up to 336 terabytes raw disk – 5.3 terabytes Flash storage • InfiniBand Network – Internal high-bandwidth connectivity A complete system – compute, storage and network; pre-configured, balanced and optimized. © 2011 Oracle Corporation 5
  5. 5. Exadata Software ArchitectureIntelligent storage, standard Oracle Database • Database Pool – Oracle Database 11g – Oracle RAC (Real Application Clusters) • Storage Pool – Intelligent storage – Hybrid Columnar Compression – Smart Flash Cache Storage software innovations uniquely deliver extreme performance and storage efficiency © 2011 Oracle Corporation 6
  6. 6. Traditional Query Problem What Were Select sum(sales) Yesterday‘s where salesdate= Sales? ’17-Nov-2010’… Return entire Sales table Discard most of Sum sales table • Data is pushed to database server for processing • I/O rates are limited by speed and number of disk drives • Network bandwidth limits performance and concurrency © 2011 Oracle Corporation 7
  7. 7. Exadata Smart ScansImprove data warehouse performance by at least 10x What Were Select sum(sales) Yesterday‘s where salesdate= Sales? ’17-Nov-2010’… Filter Sales for Nov 17 2010 Sum • Data intensive processing runs in Storage Servers • Rows and columns filtered as data streams from disk • Parallelize query execution and remove bottlenecks © 2011 Oracle Corporation 8
  8. 8. Oracle ExadataHybrid Columnar Compression • Data stored by column and then compressed • Query mode for data warehousing tables – Typical 10X compression ratios • Archival mode for old data – Typical 15- 50X compression ratios © 2011 Oracle Corporation 9
  9. 9. Best OLTP MachineRuns all enterprise applications• Oracle E-Business Suite• Oracle Peoplesoft• Oracle Siebel• SAP applications• 3rd party ISV applications• In-house developed applications © 2011 Oracle Corporation 10
  10. 10. Exadata Smart Flash CacheExtreme performance for OLTP applications Frequently Used Data Infrequently Used Data • Frequently-accessed ‗hot‘ data cached in flash storage • Process data at 50Gb/second – Compressed data up to 500Gb/second • Up to 1.5 million I/Os per second © 2011 Oracle Corporation 11
  11. 11. Exadata Smart Flash Log• Smart Flash Log uses Flash as a Parallel write cache to disk controller cache• Whichever write completes first wins (disk or flash)• Reduces response time and outliers – “log file parallel write” histogram improves – Greatly improves “log file sync”• Uses almost no flash capacity (0.1% of capacity)• Completely automatic and transparent• Differentiates Exadata from competition for OLTP 12
  12. 12. Exadata Delivers Extreme ConsolidationCreate a ―Database-as-a-Service‖ platform • Large Memory – Many databases can be consolidated • Extreme Performance – OLTP, DW, data mining, batch, reporting, loading, backups, files in the database – Encryption, compression • Workload Isolation – Manage SLAs via Quality of Service (QoS) – CPU and I/O resource management – Instance caging Shrink data center costs, increase system utilization and promote application integration © 2011 Oracle Corporation 13
  13. 13. Standardized and Simple to Deploy Eliminate systems integration trial-and-error • No Unique Configurations – Same as Oracle engineering – Delivered tested and ready-to-run – Highly optimized, top-to-bottom – Highly supportable • Existing Apps, Tools, Practices – Oracle Database 11g – Full 30 years of Oracle Database capabilities – No Exadata certification required – Skills, knowledge base, people, partnersDeploy in Days, Not Months © 2011 Oracle Corporation 14
  14. 14. Faster Deployment with Lower RiskBuild your own system vs. ExadataBuild From Scratch Reference Oracle Exadata with Components Configurations Database Machine Testing and Validation  Database pre-configured  Faster deployment Installation and Testing and  Lower Risk configuration Validation Acquisition of components Installation and configuration Testing and ValidationPre-implementation Acquisition of Configuration System sizing components Take delivery of Oracle Database Machine Weeks to Months Weeks to Months < 1 Week after Delivery © 2011 Oracle Corporation 15
  15. 15. Complete Family Of Database Machines From quarter-rack to multi-rack configurations Oracle Exadata X2-2 Oracle Exadata X2-8 2 to 8 (12 core) database nodes 2 (64 core) database nodes Quarter Half Full, Multi-Rack Full-RackExadata models and configurations span the full range of enterprise Multi-Rack database deployments © 2011 Oracle Corporation 16
  16. 16. Oracle Exadata Storage Expansion RackCost-effective, scalable storage for Big Data• Pre-built storage rack for Oracle Exadata Database Machine• For applications that need more space but not more compute – On-disk backups (27 TB/hour) – Historical or archive data – File data, LOBs, XML data, documents – Images, and other large unstructured data• Available in three configurations • Full Rack (18 storage servers with 432 TB of disk) • Half Rack (9 storage servers with 216 TB of disk) • Quarter Rack (4 storage servers with 96 TB of disk)• Attractive pricing ( ~ $7,000 per TB) 17
  17. 17. For More Information oracle exadata or © 2011 Oracle Corporation 18
  18. 18. 19