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  • An optional slide, but it shows the overall flow of the presentation. We start by talking about why you need to do analytics at all before coming to a first customers story. San Diego Unified School District deployed Exalytics (without Exadata) and were able to show a very solid business return. Details in the slides, but this sets the tone for how the presentation goes: talk about the customers, then the business challenges they faced and the business value before we go into too much details on the actual numbers or metrics. After SDUSD we talk about customers with using both Exadata and Exalytics. There’s sometimes an assumption that if you already have Exadata, you don’t need Exalytics because Exadata is fast enough. It’s fast, but you can still gain from having both in-memory engineered systems working together as you see. Finally, we conclude with a quick look at the strengths or differentiators that Exalytics has. But even there we took care to present the story in terms that make sense to a business analyst, rather than IT.
  • This quote is widely used. IT really drives home the point about why we’re doing analytics – value for the customer, differentiation, improving brand and reputation. You could add to that (lowering costs, for example) but it’s a good summary.
  • Note the source for the $1 spend gives $10.66 return is Nucleus Research. 
  • This is just one answer from a survey that Oracle did of C level execs in 2012. There’s a lot more information at and you could refer people to that study to understand some more about the opportunities, risks and level of preparedness.93% of executives believe their organization is losing revenue – up to 22% or, on average, $71.2M* per organization annually – as a result of not being able to fully leverage the information they collect **Oracle SurveyIn addition, 67% of executives say that the ability to draw intelligence from their data is a top priority for their organization.In summary: they are losing revenue (up to 22%) because they are not fully leveraging their data and 2/3 say drawing intelligence from that data is a top priority. That’s what we’re going to talk about.
  • Ponieważ rozmawiamy o appliancach sprzetowych, zastosuje ten obrazek, zatem mozna tak...
  • First we’ll start with San Diego Unified School District. The video is optional, but it’s quite quick and it’s always good to hear the customers themselves saying something positive as well as somebody from Oracle.
  • Optional on OMN. Edit the slide as needed or remove from the deck.
  • If you haven’t already done so, read for all the background information used in these slides.This slide introduces the customer, summarizes the benefits that they have got so far and project out until 2015. And there’s also a quick summary of what they were looking to do: boost student attendance, reduce dropout and do it cost effectively.One key thing to note. Schools naturally want to increase attendance and reduce dropout: it’s hard to educate children that aren’t in the classroom. But there’s a bigger incentive here. Funding is linked to attendance. So keeping in kids in school is not just the right thing to do. It also increases the budget or “revenue” for the school district. And that’s where the $4.4M net benefit comes from.
  • To achieve this goal here’s what they needed to do. 4 key problems.They needed on-demand rather than quarterly or monthly. A lot can happen attendance-wise in 3 months.Note the self-service requirement. It’s no good the data being available. It has to be really easy for people to access it or they simply don’t access it. And note the numbers involved here from the previous slide. They are planning for 45,000 users when you add up all those categories.Teachers and principals also need to understand where they are with their budgets so they can plan effectively.Finally, all this needs to happen even when business analysts, who would otherwise have provided this data, are busy during critical times like finalizing budgets, etc. This point ties back to the self service issue
  • They did lots of things, but here’s a key innovation that helped them increase attendance 1% (this is mentioned in the video but not in the written report). All attendance was tracked in dashboards that were available as appropriate to administrative staff including the principals, teachers as well as the families. First it ensures accuracy – if a student is incorrectly marked absent for the whole day, but comes in late from a Drappt, that kind of error is much more easily caught. And even catching a partial day helps with revenue.Education is a partnership between parents and the school district. Parental involvement is show to be key to everything from attendance to grades. So making all this data available in a timely fashion to parents who need it is important. Now a parent can more easily tell if their child is absent and track their progress if needed.
  • Few people in the audience will be part of a school district. But the principle is a broader one. What could you do in your organization if you could dramatically expand the pool of users with access to key information?
  • This section shows were the business value comes from, measured in $. The bulk comes from increasing attendance which increases revenue which we already covered. But look at the other two areas.First, despite a massive increase in the number of users, they were able to gain some operational savings. Basically their IT people and business analysts spend less time and effort on this new system.Second, note the hardware savings. Basically Exalytics was much cheaper than their other options (including maintaining and building on their existing environment. We’ll come to TCO again at the end of the presentation.
  • That first story was about a customer who was just using Oracle Exalytics. This next section covers some examples where the customer is using both Exadata and Exalytics. They do complement each other.
  • Exalytics shares the same infiniband network infrastructure, which leads to faster data transfer between the two engineered systems. Users will then experience quicker queries. Although these next stories focus more on Exadata customers, don’t forget that Exalytics can connect to a wide variety of different input sources, which is essential to help you form a full picture of your business.
  • As before the customer video is optional, but available and useful to show. Just edit the slide to remove the URL or delete the slide altogether if you don’t use it.
  • Spdexo is one of the largest employers in the world. A quick summary of the core of their business is that they do food and facilities management. Everything from managing apartment complexes to cutting grass and running or supplying cafeterias. They may well be the only company with a presence at both the north pole and the south pole (where they feed scientists and other visitors).What they were looking for in their deployments of both Exadata and Exalytics was to improve the performance of their environment, while increasing the number of people able to take advantage of it. See that quote on the right. That’s a major change in working model for an analyst. For the first time, it’s the machine waiting for the human being, not the other way around.But increased performance is a somewhat abstract concept. We want to tie that to some concrete business benefits, because increased performance is not just about saving every analyst a few seconds each time they have a query. It’s much bigger than that. Let’s take a look
  • That subtitle tells a good story. If your analysts hate their tools, are they really going to use them to the best possible effect? Will they get more out of the data as we saw is the #1 priority for 2/3 of C level execs in that survey at the beginning?Let’s look at what they achieved with that performance increase. And as you describe each benefit, ask if that kind of benefit would help you (meaning the audience).First, they reduced their reporting time down by a total of 9 hours (6 hours with Exadata, 3 additional hours with Exalytics). IT now are able to get data ready for the CFO’s meeting on time, which eliminated the need to do projections or estimate potential results. Aside from the work saved, imagine the benefit in getting such important information ready in time. What would that mean for your company (of your boss) if you could make a deadline for data that you can’t make today?Analysts have much more data available, and can run many more scenarios. They understand their business as well as the performance of their supply chain much better. For a company like Sodexo who relies on so many suppliers, that’s a big deal. Does your company have a lot of suppliers?When they do their analysis, they now have online access to much more historical data. They can do this because even with double the data, it’s still faster. More data means more insight, as long as you get access to it quickly. Would that help you?Finally they were able to expand access. Remember how 93% of execs feel they are losing revenue because they are not using the data they have? Aside from improving things for existing users, being able to expand usage is key for Sodexo as it was for SDUSD. How about your business?
  • An optional slide, but here is a sample of performance speedups that they got using Essbasevs their baseline configuration.
  • This company is a much smaller one, and their performance numbers are even better. But the underlying benefits are similar. With better data and more timely access to it, they are able to make better business decisions.
  • Now to the third customer. Again, optional video if youwant to show it. Edit the slide or delete.
  • In contrast to Sodexo with 420,000 plus employees, Immonet have around 250. But they still use both Exadata and Exalytics. Most companies are going to fall within that range of 250 to 420,000 so nobody should be ruling either product out because they are too big or too small!Immonet market to real estate agents in Germany. They want them to list their properties with Immonet and pay a subscription for services including hosting and lead gen.They use Exalytics to optimize they way they target these agents. By analyzing a number of different attributes they can target their marketing, their programs, offers, pricing and so on. That in part leads to them getting increasing requests from those agents, which aids with the sales relationship.In addition they have a lot of people on the road who need access to those reports. Being able to do that via iPads when they are in a remote hotel room preparing for a meeting is critical for them.
  • Finally a quote highlighting their value. Note the short implementation timeframe for two new engineered systems as well as RTD (which they also used successfully). Background on RTD use since it’s not covered elsewhere. Recall that Immonet use Exalytics to understand and segment their customers (real estate agents). They use RTD to automate the delivery of leads from the website to the right agents. By applying what they learn from the segmentation to lead delivery, they get the optimal distribution of leads to their customers and as a result they reduce churn (always easier to keep a customer than find a new one).
  • Now we’ve looked at the business benefits those customers got, let’s look at how Exalytics helps to deliver. Even here, the goal is to present strengths more in terms of the business (which should appeal to the LoB people in the audience) rather than in terms that appeal to IT (though we can’t completely avoid some technical details).
  • We’re going to focus on three areas. Supporting more users, with business-changing performance, and at lower cost.
  • Here’s the first one. Exalytics really is cost effective. This quote comes from the first customer we covered and you can read more about why they say this in a report on There’s an assumption sometimes that an engineered system must be more expensive. In fact the opposite becomes true. By being able to integrate, optimize and tune the whole system together Oracle can actually deliver a product that is better, faster and cheaper to own. And remember that quote a few slides ago about the speed of deployment for Immonet. Also helps with TCO.
  • How do you quantify performance? Think of it this way. When you’re running queries, you’re really trying to have a conversation with your data. True, there’s some hardware and software in the middle, but it’s the data you care about. Contrast what you can get done in a quick call with an email, or even a letter in the regular mail. It takes time for that letter to reach its destination and then come back to you. Sure you can work that way, but it’s not efficient. That performance speed up is like the difference between a letter or email and a phone call. Which would you rather do?How does Exalytics do that? Basically the data you’re talking to is in RAM. At least it is most of the time. So in general you get a quick reply. And the system learns from your queries and puts new data into RAM to keep up. So as much as possible of your data is in RAM and super fast to access.
  • And here’s some of the proof. We compared an Exalytics system against a baseline of equivalent hardware. Of course Exalytics is all about the software optimizations that take advantage of that hardware. Just storing data in RAM gives a speed up of 8XWhen you switch on the learning process so that Exalytics constantly adapts to you changing queries we got up to 18X.And when we added Exadata on the back end (which speeds up the transfer of new data from DW into RAM) that speedup goes to 23X.That’s the value of an optimized engineered system.
  • Finally we talked several times about increasing access to analytics. This chart shows what happens to that same baseline config as the last slide when you start adding more load. At the gray vertical line, you see that as load increases, the transaction rate starts going down. That’s total transaction rate – so double the users and half the total transaction rate actually means that each user would get ¼ the performance. So there’s a practical limit on standard hardware as represented by that vertical gray line.On Exalytics hardware, though, you can increase that load by more than 3X and the transaction rate still climbs (albeit more slowly). At 3X the load we also get 3X the total transaction rate. Which means 3X the # of users on a comparable hardware platform. This highlights what can be done when hardware and software are integrated and optimized.
  • The idea on this slide is really to tell a story about each one of the customers. What the attendees will remember is the positive things that those customers experienced. So remind them once again that Exalytics delivered realy business value to these three customers.Increasing attendance is good for revenue, but it’s also good for those kids and for society in general.Those happy analysts now don’t have to wait for a system that they used to hate. How much more productive does that make them? And how much more productive would it make you?Finally, think of those managers out on the road, in a hotel room, getting access to critical data to make sure they are more productive. Would that help your employees?
  • Oracle Exalytics

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