Modernize to survive - Michel Clement, Wiceprezes na region Europy Środkowej, Oracle


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Oracle Day 2013

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  • Oracle’s strategy has always been about making IT simpler so you can focus on innovationWe have built the broadest and deepest portfolio of best in class products in the industry We engineer these products to work together and deliver fully integrated solutions -- from cloud applications with native social, mobile, and analytics technology to engineered systems We have invested in the most complete cloud in the industry, making it possible to bypass IT complexity altogetherFinally, we offer customer experience, operational excellence and analytic solutions for different industries>> CLICK<<
  • Oracle’s strategy has always been about making IT simpler so you can focus on innovationWe have built the broadest and deepest portfolio of best in class products in the industry We engineer these products to work together and deliver fully integrated solutions -- from cloud applications with native social, mobile, and analytics technology to engineered systems We have invested in the most complete cloud in the industry, making it possible to bypass IT complexity altogetherFinally, we offer customer experience, operational excellence and analytic solutions for different industries>> CLICK<<
  • The next section of the presentation focus on 3 modernisation initiativesDatabase as a serviceBig Data & AnalyticsCloud
  • If you look at the traditional performance improvements of Chips, you see that each new generation brings between 30 to 50% performance gains.Oracle followed that path for a while but recently broke out of the pack and we are now on a ramp of 100% performance improvements between generation
  • And this is not a one off. It is a clear trend well into the next generations that are currently running in simulation mode in our LABS. How is that possible? How can Oracle suddenly do a better job than Intel who has been in this business for over 40 years?
  • The Answer is simple. Intel and IBM develop CPU that are for generic usage only. With Software into Silicon we are now optimizing Oracle workloads to the next level.We embed the most frequently used instructions directly into silicon because this is where it is the fastest. We optimized our Software to the Hardware with our Engineered Systems approach 5 years ago and now we are taking it to the next level. You need this king of radical innovation if you want to be able to tackle the problem of the next decade.
  • Lets have a look at the CPU economics and their current limitations Looking at the cost per Unit of performance we clearly realize that the more you go into SMP the more expensive it become. If you buy a 32 socket machine in one SMP machine from IBM it will be 4 time more expensive that taking 16 * 2 sockets blades ($1’616 vs $ 6’491). That why people for reducing cost buy 2 sockets server and virtualizes them. Looking at our benchmark we are near linear. With Oracle is only 1.1 more expensive
  • There is another problem with virtualized Servers. They are not optimized for Database workloadsYou may have a server Farm that is perfectly virtualized but the bottleneck is not at CPU level it is at I/O.And making the processors go faster will be of no usage as they sit idle (CPU utilization at 15% on DB workloads)On Deutsche Bank for Example we were capable of consolidating 70 Databases on 1 single Exadata Node
  • Database as a service is now ready for prime time because of a combination of several technologies that is now making the Economics unbeatable. I’ll take you through each of those bullets to show you their impact on the overall eco systemExadata; The Best Machine for OLTP, Data Warehouse, and ConsolidationMultiTenant Database: With 12c we introduced a Container that will allow you to plug in all your Databases and manage them as one single database. Hence massively reducing the Opex around DB management Database in-Memory.: to run real-time, ad-hoc, analytic queries on your business data as it existsright at this moment and receive the results in sub-seconds. No re-programming, No need for re-achitecture, No increase in database space, No need for Indexes anymore.
  • Reduce from 1000DB servers running on Multiple OS and storage to 176 DB servers running on 22 racks (9 dev/testing. 1One Production + Disaster recovery) with 1 OS and 1 storage solutions
  • Reducing 3300 physical servers with 187 servers
  • What we have discussed with database as a Service is an extremely powerful cost saving strategy, with improved performance and Improved SLA. We have optimized every single piece of inefficiency in that stack. You have all the metering and the charge backs mechanism in place to allocate the cost to the different departments. You can permission an instance in a matter of minutes through a self service portal.If you are still running 12 C on a virtualized blade environment you are deliberately throwing money out of the window.
  • During Open world we had the best illustration of Big Data at work and that was during the Americas cup final. We were losing 8:1 and Team New Zealand needed one more point to win the cup. But with a lot of Data Analysis we managed to adjust the settings on the boat, changed a few parameters and then we became unbeatable. We moved to losing 8:1 to wining 9:8. In the press conference they Asked Larry what was the reason and he Said: We finally broke the code. (you can listen to the press conference on Youtube) For each race we used to collect 1 to 2 GB of real time data from over 300 sensors on the boat plus 100GB of Video footage (crew position, Staff movements on the boat etc..) and with a lot of Data mining we cracked the code.The amount of technology embarked on this boat is second to none. But it gives you an idea of how to solve critical problems in today’s world.
  • More People generating data – always connected to others, always talking to each others lot of conversations and a lot of digital support email, blog, social. Pictures, videos, chat, phonesThings, all the things are measured sensors are in every object , car, medical devices, traffic lights, human body, boats, oil pipes, etc… generating tons of dataProcesses, enterprises are driven by end to end processes generating dataThe challenge is how to stream those data, how to store petabyte of data, query and analyze (pattern dectection, predictive analysis, forward looking, what if, etc…)
  • While a complete Big data solution is complex to assembleOracle is providing a complete integrated scalable platform1/ Complex Event Processing for streaming and injecting large volume of data from various devices (ie Mobile phones, cameras, medical devices, etc...)2/ Oracle Big Data appliances to store and to process large volume of the unstructured data Fastest, Pre-Configured Hadoop Appliance with Pre-integrated SoftwareLinux, Java VM, Cloudera Distribution of HadoopOracle R Distribution & NoSQL Databaseenterprise-class security capabilities for Hadoop.3/ Loading unstructured data into Oracle Database for integration with structured dataSuperfast connectivity to Exadata: 15TB/Hour Easy to integrate structured and unstructured data with big data connector4/ variety of tool to analyze an to queryAdvanced Analytics a DBO option Using Full Power of Oracle SQL and R on all data (hadoop and SQL)Oracle BI Entreprise Edition Support different styles of analysis – Query and Analysis, Data Discovery with Endeca, Predictive analysis and decision tool (Real Time Decision Server5/OBIEE access data resident on Hadoop and on Oracle Database, so can combine analysis with structured and unstructured data.customers can easily and cost-effectively integrate Hadoop and NoSQL platforms with their data warehousing and business analytics solutions
  • Using Complex Event Processing for location based marketing1/ to stream data from mobile subscribers 2/ datamining the stream 3/ providing a real time view of the customer location4/ allowing to target advertising messagesFuture plans to sophisticated analysis of customer movement pattern Ex: Which subscriber(s) firstly visited location A then location B and then location C in last 15 minutes?
  • Oracle Cloud Application Services include enterprise resource planning (ERP) services, human capital management (HCM) services, talent management services, sales and marketing services, customer experience services, planning and budgeting services, and financial reporting services. In addition, the application services are now integrated with Oracle Cloud Social Services, allowing organizations to transform their corporate business processes and systems using social capabilities.Oracle Cloud Social Services portfolio includes Oracle Social Marketing Services, Oracle Social Engagement and Monitoring Services, Oracle Social Network, Oracle Social Sites, and Oracle Data & Insight Services.Oracle Cloud Platform Services portfolio includes Database Service, Java Service, and Developer Server and will include Mobile Services, Collaboration Services, Analytics Services and Application Store. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Services portfolio includes Oracle Storage Service and Oracle Messaging Service.
  • Oracle proposes now an entire Eco SystemEngineered system has moved from being an optimized platform for a single task to an entire architecture.We have 10 different systems today in the Engineered Systems family. Each of them is optimized for a specific task but they are all part of a single and coherent architecture allowing you to look at your datacenter in a very different way. First with 12c, I demonstrated you that putting it on anything else than Exadata was an economical non Sense. So as you build your Database private cloud with DBaaS, you can gradually phase out those virtualized blades. In Addition to Exadata We have now also introduced a M6-32 Big memory machine 1 Trillion Rows in memory. That’s MassiveWe also Introduced the Oracle Database backup and recovery Appliance which allows you to keep you databases backup in real time. You can do a recovery at any point in time you desire. We have Exalogic with Virtualization software so that you can consolidate multiple Oracle Java Workloads on an infrastructure totally optimized with the DB layer.An for those who still have non Oracle workloads and want to benefit from the same architecture we have Introduced the Virtual Compute Appliance That’s how a modern datacenter of the 21st century should look like.
  • I’d like to finish coming back to this Archiving vision that we have about IT Our objective, our aim is to simplify IT so as to enable you innovate more and optimize We do this delivering a complete, open and integrated stack. The very same stack that you will run on the cloud or on premises. Thanks to this we make IT more predictable, simpler, safer, more secure and more agile. It is our local team mission to accompany Be assured of our full belief that we have the right strategy and full dedication to excel in it’s implementation to make you more successful.
  • Modernize to survive - Michel Clement, Wiceprezes na region Europy Środkowej, Oracle

    1. 1. RUN TRANSFORM YOUR BUSINESS Modernize to Survive Michel Clement YOUR BUSINESS Central Eastern Europe Vice President
    2. 2. Oracle Strategy: Making IT simpler Best In Class Integrated Solutions Cloud Industries
    3. 3. Oracle Strategy: Making IT simpler Best In Class Integrated Solutions Cloud Industries
    4. 4. Key Modernization Initiatives Database Private Cloud DBaaS Big Data & Analytics Cloud / SaaS
    5. 5. Investing in Silicon Leadership ACQUIRE FOCUS COMPETE ACCELERATE Oracle 100% performance each generation SPARC x86 SPARC IBM IBM Power & x86 30–50% performance each generation SPARC SPARC T-Series 2010 2011 2012 2013 OPTIMIZE X86 & IBM: incremental Next improvements Generation Oracle SPARC Oracle doubling Processors performance every 2 years FUTURE
    6. 6. Investing in Silicon Leadership ACQUIRE FOCUS COMPETE ACCELERATE OPTIMIZE Oracle M8/T8 100% performance each generation SPARC M7/T7  M7/T7 SPARC – Running in lab now – Deep Software in Silicon x86 – Step function in SPARC SPARC x86 IBM IBM performance IBM Power & x86 30–50% performance each generation SPARC SPARC SPARC T-Series 2010 2011 2012 2013  M8/T8 – New core FUTURE
    7. 7. The Ultimate Software Optimization: Hardware Moving Oracle Database & Java Software Functions into Hardware Software in Silicon  Database query acceleration  Java acceleration  Application data protection  Data decompression
    8. 8. Oracle: Re-engineering the Economics of SMP Historical Economics of SMP IBM Power 795 POWER7 $6,491,183 IBM Power 780 POWER7+ $2,101,370 IBM Power 750 POWER7+ $204,982 2 Socket Better IBM Power 740 POWER7+ $101,571 T5-2 $67,042 Worse $/Unit of Performance Near Linear Pricing Key Building block for Virtualization T5-4 $147,992 T5-8 $268,314 M6-32 $1,209,943 4 Socket 8 Socket 32 Socket
    9. 9. The Limitation of Virtualized Server Blades Cost savings do not materialize in the desired state Average Number of DBs on a x86 Server 2 cores… 35 21 (61%) All Consolidation Servers … and corresponding average CPU utilization 50% Actual 15% All Consolidation Servers Memory demand of the databases and I/O performance are the main bottleneck to further consolidation – faster CPU will not help.
    10. 10. DBaaS Technology Enablers Database In-Memory Multitenant Database Exadata Sales PDB Assets PDB Billing PDB Parts PDB Single Physical Container Database Single O/S, No VMs Needed Opex Reduction Performance Improvement Opex Reduction Performance Improvement
    11. 11. A few Customer Data points DBaaS in action at Big Oil Company
    12. 12. A few Customer Data points DBaaS in action at very large bank Engineered Systems Solution Challenges 736 database 'stack' variants across all DB Physical Servers types as a result of unique processes and tools by division Current -94% USD 80m annual DB TCO. 30% annual Proposed growth in storage and 5% annual growth in compute 9’600 DB Instances for 90’000 employee. 2/3 of estate running non-critical workloads 14 weeks to provision a DB server and 2 weeks for a DB through manually intensive processes 3,300 187 Total Cores DBaaS Current 36,388 -71% Proposed 10,640
    13. 13. Combines the Best of On-Premise and Cloud IT Gets  Consolidate, standardize, simplify  Deploy 90x quicker  Reduce cost by 40%  Put Idle CPU resource at work Enterprise DBaaS  Increase spending on innovation Users Get  Pay per use  Better performance and service levels
    14. 14. Big Data & Analytics
    15. 15. Oracle’s Big Data at Work •300 sensors on the boat •Generating 2 GB of raw data per race •100 GB of video
    16. 16. Big Data Drivers People Things Ingest Store Query Analyze Processes
    17. 17. Oracle’s Big Data Solution Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation Oracle Exalytics <<<<<<<<<<< Oracle Advanced Analytics Oracle R distribution SQL Cloudera Hadoop Complex Event Processing Oracle No SQL Database Oracle Database Oracle Big Data Connectors Oracle Big Data Appliance Oracle Exadata
    18. 18. Turkcell Location-based Mobile Billboard on Oracle Event Processing 1.5B Events Per Day 800K Events per Second 50 Simultaneous Campaigns
    19. 19. Oracle Cloud / SaaS
    20. 20. Oracle Cloud Only Cloud with Applications, Platform, Infrastructure Platform Services Application Services Infrastructure Services Social Services
    21. 21. Oracle Cloud: Complete Suite of Integrated Services Application Services Global Human Resources Social Services Platform Services Database Infrastructure Services Talent Management Sales Social Marketing Database Backup Object Storage Marketing Social Engagement & Monitoring Java Compute Developer Enterprise Resource Planning Service Mobile Messaging Social Network Social Data & Insight Documents Cache Enterprise Performance Management Business Intelligence Identity Sync Cloud Marketplace
    22. 22. Complete Cloud Best in Class applications Practical Path for all customers
    23. 23. Optimized Data Center for the Cloud Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance Consolidation on Engineered Systems ZFS Storage Windows Apps Linux Apps 12 C Container Database Non Oracle Apps CRM DW Exalogic -T5 Super Cluster Supercluster Exadata Exalytics Virtualization ERP eBS ATG Siebel
    24. 24.  Complete End-to-End Solution  Best in Class Performance  Fast Time to Value Innovation  Extends Your Existing Investments