Senior Project Research Paper


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Senior Project Research Paper

  1. 1. Lukas 1Cassie LukasSusan LesterAdvanced Composition4 October 2011 Music Industry Issue Statistics show that sales of music via internet have dropped from $14 billion to $10billion since 2000 (MacMillian 3).The illegal download of music via internet has been a hugeissue for a decade now. Although it is very unfair and music companies are very against it, they will neverchange the illegal download of music via internet. Leading to a huge profit loss in musiccompanies, the purchase of music via iTunes or Amazon MP3 is where they make a bigpercentage of their money and that’s how musicians know whether their product is successful ornot. The illegal download of music via the internet has single-handedly transformed the musicindustry. First of all, the illegal download of music has been one of the biggest issues in the musicindustry, because the industry has lost so much money.People downloading music illegally andnot buying it from iTunes or Amazon MP3 will cause recording companies, song writers, artistsand producers to lose money.The more people that download illegal music via the internet, themore profits will drop in the music industry. This leads to radio stations not playing an artist’s orsong writer’s music which has an economic impact as well because music sales via the internetwill gives radio stations a good idea of the most recent popular songs.Thus, radio play makeslisteners want to listen to their stations more, so this could have an economic impact for radiostations also. The only thing that can happen to get people to stop downloading music illegally
  2. 2. Lukas 2via the internet is educating them as to how many people it affects.Also, radio stations make theirmoney from the songs that they play per day, so in reality if artists, songwriters, producers andrecord companies lose their motivation to work hard and create music, then the radio stationswill not have any new music to play. It’s bad enough that this has been a huge issue in the musicindustry for over a decade now, but if the radio stations go out of business, then the world’smusical talent will fade away and, music is what defines someone and her personality andcharacter. Once record labels and radio stations start going out of business because of the illegaldownload of music via the internet then people will start to realize that it’s fading and peopledon’t want that because many people claim that music helps them through their lives. Lastly,when an artist like Taylor Swift comes out with a new album and sells it in stores like Target orBest Buy, she and her whole management team want people to go to the store and buy thatalbum because that’s where they make their money and, not to mention, receive most of theirawards based off of album sales. None of that will happen if everyone decides to downloadTaylor Swift’s new album illegally off of the internet. This specific problem is one of the mosttragic problems because, if the economy drops, then the whole industry drops. The mostencouraging plan to end this issue is to keep trying to block the illegal downloadingwebsites.Without a doubt, over time record labels must find a way to fix this issue throughout themusic industry. In fact, for years recording companies have been working hard to make it possible toblock illegal downloading website on the internet.Firstly, the illegal download of music viainternet has been an issue in the music industry for over a decade now and anyone who isinvolved in the music industry has been working hard to find a solution to this problem. Thespecific problems are the illegal downloading websites called FrostWire and LimeWire;these are
  3. 3. Lukas 3the most popular downloading websites and are also the music industry’s biggest enemy.Theonly thing that the music industry can keep doing is to figure out a way to block the illegaldownloading websites from everyone and, of course, encourage it to stop.Producers and recordcompanies knew ten years ago that the illegal download of music was going to be a huge issueand tried to prevent it back then but didnt have the right technologies to do so. Recordcompanies have to experience new and improved online services and protect their music to thefullest.Recording companies have experienced new and improved online services to protect theirmusic rights to the fullest, but the issue here is pursuing the new technologies.The music industryhas to keep surfing the internet and come up with new technologies to finally prevent the illegaldownload of music via the internet.The illegal download of music is the biggest issue throughoutthe music industry, and will take a very long time to resolve this issue and block every singledownloading website.The music industry may never come up with a new technology to preventpeople from downloading music illegally via the internet.Perhaps, in order to fix this huge issuein the music industry that sparked over a decade ago, recording companieshave to stop makingmusic temporarily to prove a point to the outside world. Clearly, websites such as LimeWire andFrostWire are a curse to the music industry and may be a lasting issue and will be almostimpossible to solve. In addition, the process of downloading music illegally via internet takes away from thehard work from professions such as song writers, producers, artists and record labels.In order tosell sheet music, you have to travel worldwide and be expected to work hard and sell the musicthat people want to hear, as in live music. That is part of the issue today; people aren’t workinghard enough for what they want not only in any career pathway but, specifically, the musicindustry.In order for people want to buy music, artists have to travel worldwide and pursue their
  4. 4. Lukas 4music. The more artists travel the world to pursue their music, the more their fans will want tosupport them and actually go to the store and buy their albums or go to iTunes and buy theirmusic off of there.Furthermore, an artist could work so hard and put her full efforts and herwhole heart into being a musician and be very successful at it, and then have her profits be stolenby illegal downloaders. It all depends on the specific genre she sings, how much shetoursworldwide, who her producer is, and how well her music sells on a regular daily basis.Nomatter what her profession is, she is always going to go through hard times in her job at whichshe will learn multiple valuable lessons. However, the download of illegal music via the internettakes away a lot of hard work from the artist, songwriter etc. This causes an artist to experience a“hard time” in their profession.In order to fix this specific issue in the music industry, peopleneed to start actually buying music and spending money on concert tickets and supporting eachand every artist. The sales of online music have drastically dropped about $4 billion on the pastten years, and this has a lot to do with downloading music illegally. As time may go on, saleswill keep drastically dropping and soon enough everyone will be illegally downloading music.Various people are still using digital download services such as iTunes and Amazon MP3, butthose people will soon move to FrostWire or Video to MP3.This statistic of the music industry,artists such as Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift, Kenny Chesney, Sugarland, Keith Urban, BradPaisley, etc, put their heart and soul into their music each and every day and to see that the salesof online music has dropped $4billion in the past ten years is a huge issue. This means that moreand more people are downloading music illegally which effects any artists motivation to keepproducing more music for the entire world to hear. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, artists,record labels, etc, have to stop making new music temporarily to teach the world a lesson to stopdownloading music illegally via the internet. In Conclusion, motivation is the key when it comes
  5. 5. Lukas 5to artists or any profession in the music industry, and I personally don’t want any artist to losethat because music defines anyone’s life and of course helps anyone through the thick and thethin. As you can see, the illegal download of music via the internet definitely and absolutelyhas single handedly corrupted the music industry in multiple ways. The solution to these issueswill take a very long time and could be almost impossible to do.