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oqros sawmisi oqros sawmisi Presentation Transcript

  • miTi Tu realoba Ggeografia-inglisuri Lluiza xalaZe-marika melaZe 2009 w
  • miTi argonavtebis Sesaxeb
  • ra aris oqros sawmisi?
  • Mmogzaurobis marSruti
  • Soreuli mogzaurobis detalebi
  • Aaietis kolxeTi
  • iazoni Ees ki gadagrevs da SegSlis qals, sabralo medea!
  • Cemi siyvaruli mdinare ar aris,rom gadascuro da gaxvide gaRma medea - kolxeTis mefe aietis grZneuli umcrosi asuli., romelsac saberZneTidan movlenili Wabuki iasoni xilvisTanave TavdaviwyebiT Seuyvarda. iasonma, medeas SemweobiT, moitaca oqros sawmisi da medeac Tan waiyvana saberZneTSi. (am ambavs eZRvneba Tqmuleba argonavtebis Sesaxeb) . oqros sawmisTan erTad, aietma mefobac dakarga. misma naxevar Zmam perses III misi adgili daikava
  • aTi weliwadi cxovrobdnen medea da iasoni erTad. hqo ndaT ojaxi, hyavdaT Svilebi... da uecrad…medeam Seityo saSineli ambavi: iasoni mis meuRleobaze xels iRebda da colad irTavda korinTos mefis asuls. maSin medeam moRalate qmars sacole moukla. mokluli sadedoflos naTesavebma Suri iZies - medeas Svilebi dauxoces. ( am saSineli ambidan gaivlis daaxloebiT aTasi weliwadi da didi berZeni mwerali evripide dawers saqveynod cnobil tragedias ”medea”, sadac man kolxi qali sakuTari Svilebis mkvlelad warmosaxa ).
  • Cemi siyvaruli zRapari ar aris Sen rom daasrulo lamazad axla!
  • Tanamedrove iazoni-ingliseli tim severini
  • 1984 weli
    • The saga begins with Phrixus and Helle , the children of King Athamas of Boeotia . Their stepmother, Ino , disliked them a great deal and threatened to do away with them. They decided quite wisely to flee, and were bestowed a gift of a charmed ram by Hermes , in order to aid them in their journey. This ram could think, he could speak, he could fly, and was covered in a fleece of pure gold.
    • The Origin of the Golden Fleece
    • On their journey, Helle suffered an unfortunate demise, falling into the sea. Phrixus carried on, and made it to Colchis, where he sacrificed his ram to Zeus . He also offered the Golden Fleece to Aeetes , the king of Colchis . The king positioned a powerful and never-sleeping dragon at the tree from which the Fleece was hung, in order to guard it perpetually.
    • Read more: http://ancienthistory.suite101.com/article.cfm/jason_and_the_golden_fleece#ixzz0U1ex9wLI
    • The Story of Jason
    • In the land of Iolcus , King Aeson was usurped by his own brother, Pelias . Aeson had a son, Jason, who was promptly hidden away, under the care of a centaur named Chiron . When Jason grew up, he decided that he should retake what was rightfully his, and returned to his homeland. Pelias, conscious of a prophecy told to him that he should beware of a man wearing one sandal, decided that his nephew, who came to him with only one sandal, should only get his way if he was able to perform a seemingly impossible task for a mortal man, retrieve the Golden Fleece. Pelias, it seems, thought he was outsmarting the gods. Not a wise choice.
    • Next, the adventures of Jason and his famed crew, the Argonauts.
    • Read more: http://ancienthistory.suite101.com/article.cfm/jason_and_the_golden_fleece#ixzz0U1fKyVJp
  • Aargonavtebi – albaT realobaa
    • A
    • ambavi ar sruldeba